Thursday, June 25, 2020

I'm Not Crazy...Yet!

SHELTERING IN PLACE”….2020’s catch phrase!  In 10 years I wonder if we will still be using it.   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…no!!!!!  I love my “shelter”, my yellow house with the big front porch and a pond in the backyard…BUT!!!!  Sometimes now it feels almost like a prison.

One of the few things that has kept me somewhat sane, is PROJECTS!  I tend to have a certain degree of ADHD (without the A & the D…self-diagnosed), and I need to stay busy.  I have never liked being idle for too long at a time.  So….projects!

Since the “shutdown” I’ve done some:   reading, worked (a lot) on my genealogy files, cleaned & organized till I’m thinking of calling SOUTHERN LIVING for a magazine spread, organized tons of pictures, yard work, made scrapbooks…well, you get the picture.

So now I’m in need of a new PROJECT…and I’ve been looking for one on my favorite website PINTEREST.  You do use PINTEREST, don’t you?  If not, warning:  IT’S ADDICTIVE!

Two things that caught my eye are:


Now I can assure you:  I AM NOT AN ARTIST/PAINTER (unlike my 14-year old granddaughter…this was her very first landscape that she completed when she was 13….yes, her very first attempt!  But I digress!

I can’t draw or paint worth a toot…seriously, I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler and my stick figures look like aliens from outer space.  BUT!  I think I might could get into painting rocks and seashells.  They certainly wouldn’t be works of art, but I think they may be fun to try.

When my grandkids were little we painted rocks including HOT ROCKS.

Then a few years ago, my granddaughter and I taped inspirational quotes or Bible scriptures inside seashells; then we drove around the neighborhood on the golf cart leaving them in neighbors’ mailboxes or hiding them in the park for others to find.  (I try to do at least one RAK…Random Act of Kindness…with my grandkids each summer.)

Aren’t these shells beautiful?  Way beyond my talent, but still inspiration.

I could probably handle these…and so could your kids or grandkids.

And more inspiration:

These use puffy paint…sounds like fun!

Beautiful blue shells

And here is a great video showing 5 different ways to decorate shells.

Rocks are another great painting surface, especially if you can collect some smooth ones from a river bed.  But if not, LOWES usually has them.  And here are some rock painting ideas:

A lovely dragonfly…Pinterest

Cactus without the thorns!

Great for those RAKs…hiding is almost as much fun as finding them!

 We could all use a little more PEACE these days!

These might could be called THERAPY ROCKS

 Remember that old TV show:  

My “shelter in place” motto:  
(at least for the time being!)

Now where are my paints????

What projects are keeping you sane these days???


  1. Oh those shells and rocks are beautiful.
    I have LOTS of projects to do also!!
    Like you I have no talent for drawing or painting!
    Your granddaughters painting is very good!!

    Yes, I remember Have Gun Will Travel!

    1. I do so wish I could paint or at least draw!!! My granddaughter just has God-given formal lessons, just what she has learned watching those old BOB ROSS videos:)

  2. I painted rocks with my kids a few years ago. I've never painted shells, but I love the way they look. I may need to go to the beach this weekend and grab a few!! Be safe!

  3. Kim, did y'all hide the rocks? That was a real craze around here for awhile. People would hide them all over town for others to find. The kids all loved it...and I did too:)

  4. I am with you - I AM CRAZY! And it is still going strong in GA.
    Funny you mentioned the rock painting - I do one craft a year with the ladies from my church group - had all the rocks - had them primed - and we have sheltered in!

    1. I'm in GA, too! My little town has "reopened" for the most part but I'm still leery of going out too much. Thankfully we will have in-person church beginning tomorrow but only for a short service and outside...gnats, heat, and all!!! I found that painting the rocks with white paint first makes the colors so much more vivid.

  5. Well, I've not been sheltering in place since I have been working at the hospital and my projects are done on the fly! I have a little envy for the folks who are at home but I decided to retire on Aug. 1st and then I'll tackle the projects and I have a ton! I love the rock paintings and my Grandkiddos have done some and I find them in my garden from time to time! I think painting something nice on rocks and then leaving them for neighbors would be a nice thing to do. Have a good rest of the weekend!

    1. It sure won't be long before Aug. 1st!!! So Congrats a little early. It will be here quicker than you think:)

  6. Those seashells are soooooo pretty. I have lots of seashells from beach trips that I can't seem to get rid of, perhaps they were just waiting to get painted. Thanks for the idea. I gifted my grandchildren a rock painting set recently. Hmmm, never saw if they painted them. Enjoy your day dear friend, I look forward to better days ahead. HUGS!

    1. Oh me too!!! I pick up shells, bring them home, then wonder why!!! I also have LOTS of really nice shells that my MIL gave me when we downsized her. She often went serious shelling in FL, then used the shells for various crafts. I keep wondering what in the world I should do with them!!!

  7. Oh wow!!!! Such cute ideas!!!!
    Thanks so much for your sweet anniversary wishes...and same to you! Who’d a thought we’d make it to this many yrs???
    Just realized I never sent u that recipe. Will do later today. Have 4 grandkids coming to help pick garden today...wish me luck!!!!

  8. Grandkids and Gardens....sounds like fun!!!


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