Sunday, May 14, 2023



Hello, friends…long time no hear from me.  I just can’t seem to find the motivation to write and lately no time to write either.  But I think my life is about to wind down (here comes boredom), so maybe I will get back into more blog writing.  I really do love it.   Anywho….here’s my latest thoughts.

I’ve been working on a Sunday School lesson on Chapter 7 of Mark Batterson’s book WHISPER.

The book is about the 7 love languages of God…or ways in which God speaks to us.  One way is through DOORS.

As Batterson states:  ”One of the most mysterious and miraculous ways in which God reveals his sovereignty is by opening and closing doors.” I’m sure if we take time to think about it, each of us could probably recall more than a few doors that God has opened in our lives as well as a few that He has closed. 

To give a personal example: 

my parents separated at the end of my 8th grade year (and soon after got a divorce) but as a result SO many doors in my life weren’t just closed…they were slammed shut!  My mother, little brother, and I moved to a nearby town where my mother worked…my big brother stayed with my father in the town I had lived in all my life and where my grandparents and most of the rest of my extended family lived.  All in one 12 mile trip down the road, I lost my family, my friends, my home, my school (which I loved) and my church (which I loved.)  The door was literally shut on everything I had ever known and it was HARD, VERY HARD.   

But at the time, I had no idea how many BETTER doors God was going to open for me.  I made new friends…7 of which I am still very close to today (my VALLEY GIRLS that I’ve written about here), I was able to graduate from a much better high school that had many more activities to be involved in, and I met the love of my life who eventually became my husband.    

 We all have our own stories. If each of us wrote out our stories about open doors and closed doors and put them together, that would make a very, very heavy book!


   Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers

   Remember when you’re talking to the man upstairs

   And just because He doesn’t answer

  Doesn’t mean He don’t care

  'Cause some of God’s greatest gifts are

     Unanswered prayers.


And it’s the same with doors.  

We love it when God opens doors for us, especially to things or circumstances that we’ve been wanting…and we thank God for these opened doors….but I know there are times God has closed a door on me and I just kept banging on it, wanting God to open it.  That’s how I felt when my parents divorced and my world was turned upside down.  But for one thing, banging didn’t help then and it never will because God has a plan for all of us and it definitely includes both open and closed doors. 

I encourage you this week to think back over your life and look for those opened and closed doors…and maybe even write them down so your grandchildren can read them someday.  And if God closes a door on you in the future, just remember…it may be so He can open a BETTER one.


Maybe the ol’ country boy needs to write a new song:

         Thank God for OPEN and CLOSED doors.

Saturday, April 1, 2023


God sure blessed me with a wonderful husband.  I adore (almost) everything about him!  I mean, no man is perfect!

He is my fixer-upper…if he can’t really “repair” it, he can sure “rig” it up.

The neighbor's limb hubby to the rescue.

He is my yard man…I help, but the guy is mighty particular about how his grass is cut and such.  When a hurricane hit us (yes, a hurricane here in south GA), he was outside soon as possible surveying the damage to his yard!

He is a good Christian man, but I do have to “remind” him every now and then that the words that just came out of his mouth might not be so pleasing to God.  

He is my total opposite…he sees the cup as half full (always!) and I have a tendency to see it as half empty (but I’m working on that).  He never gets flustered and calms me down when I’m having a hissy fit.

But one of the greatest things about him is his sense of humor and how he can come up with the craziest things to say.  But today he came up with the best one yet.  Long story short….I had sold some of my teddy bear collection on Poshmark (My Closet Link), but as I began to pack them up I couldn’t find one of them.  I kept them all in the same place so I couldn’t imagine where this one was.  Y’all I looked EVERYWHERE…I mean EVERYWHERE.  In every drawer, cabinet, closet, bin…literally every nook and corner.  I spent ALL AFTERNOON.  I never did find that bear…and I was quite upset about it.  I don’t remember doing anything with it, and I’m just flabbergasted!

At one point I really lost my cool, and the tears came.  My husband then went up in the attic with me to look…I had already looked there 4 or 5 times!  Well, we sometimes get squirrels in our attic, and without missing a beat, my hoot of a husband says…. 

“I think a squirrel got it and sold it into teddy bear sex slavery!”  Of course, that stopped the tears and I laughed…still don’t know where that bear went but I sure love my funny husband!   (And by no means, do I normally think anything to do with sex slavery is funny...I pray for these people often.)

We’ve been together since 12th grade…married almost 53 years!  I love him beyond measure and hope he’s still making me laugh for many years to come.

Other tidbits:

*My granddaughter painted this for me last year to put in my memory garden (for our daughter that we lost in 1986).  We finally got it put up this year…I love it.  The garden has a ways to go.

*Her prom was earlier this month…she melts my heart.

 *I teach GAs at my church each week.  My girls recently did a paper plate weaving project.  I did one too!  It was so much fun and the girls just loved it.  The project went along with lessons on ENDURANCE & PATIENCE😊  I think they learned a little of both.

*Sending LOTS OF LOVE & BUNCHES OF HUGS to my friend LOIS in KS.  She’s in her 90s and was still going strong until recently she fell and fractured her pelvis.  She reads my blog so….Lois, I hope you heal quickly and your pain will be manageable.  Mind what they say in rehab…they’re gonna love you😊

And LOVE & HUGS to all my few readers…hope all is well in your world.

Monday, March 6, 2023

HIT or MISS???


Seems like everything from gas to groceries to toilet paper is going up in price!  I went to Wal-Mart today and spent almost $200 and didn’t even have a full buggy!  My checkbook is still squealing!!!  I don’t know about you, but I am trying to watch every penny these days.  I am also trying to spend my money wisely, but sometimes what you hoped would be a great buy turns out to be a dud

I thought I’d share a few recent purchases with you and let you know if I think they were a HIT or a MISS!

Let’s talk make-up.  I have used many foundations over the years, but still trying to find the perfect one for “aging skin” (you know, the skin you start getting when you turn 40 and know the clock ain’t a gonna turn back!)  I am not one to spend mega bucks on make-up but recently I decided to splurge on this…


 I paid $44…yikes!  I was hoping for the Holy Grail but it wasn’t.  I had a “consultant” at Belk to choose the color for me, but I’m not convinced she chose the right one.  The stuff has some good qualities like SPF 25 and Hyaluronic Acid (which I understand is a good thing); full-coverage matte finish.  But the price!!!  For that alone, I give it 7 out of 10.

I had heard a lot of hype on youtube about this Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation, so decided to try it and WOW!!!

Comparing the color I got (which I chose on my own) with the Clinique I can barely tell a difference.  I can’t tell the difference in the feel or the coverage and…(drum roll please)…it was only $4.99 at Walgreens!  I’m not wild about the wand thingie but you can also put it on your finger or right onto a brush or sponge.  I don’t think it has SPF…so overall I give it 8 out of 10.

If God ever told me I could have a one-thing DO-OVER, I’d say MY HAIR!  Ever since I first became pregnant (over 50 years ago now), all the body and natural curl in my hair went on vacation and never came back!  It is now very fine and limp and there’s not a lot of it.  I have tried a bazillion different products for VOLUME…and I’m still looking and I’m willing to pay whatever price.  But for now I am using and liking these by Pantene:

I paid about $6 each at Wal-Mart and give them a 7 out of 10.  If you have any FABULOUS volumizing products, PLEASE let me know.

Now here is another splurge...way too expensive for my "frugal" ways...but I absolutely love them...SNS Dip Nails!!!

They really began as a necessity a few months ago...seriously!  My nails (which have always been weak pitiful) began to break and peel something terrible.  My sister suggested SNS which doesn't damage your nails like gel nails but give your nails a chance to strength and grow...and they have!  I have never had nails this long or this pretty.  They cost $50 plus tip (ouch!), and although some ladies get them every 2 to 3 weeks I try to go at least a month (or more!)  If they weren't so expensive I'd give them 10/10, but due to price I'll give 9/10.  (Word of advice:  get a good nail technician who knows what he/she is doing and be sure to have them "soak" the old polish off, not file it off!)

I kept hearing about this next product on youtube and seeing it in magazines.  It had 4/5 stars on Wal-Mart site and 4.5/5 on Amazon.

Well, I wasn’t impressed.  It’s a pink paste that you apply with a dry cloth, buff in, then rinse with hot water.  I tried it on my worst cleaning job…our shower.  It did clean the shower (but so do a lot of other products although not great), but it took A LOT of paste and a LOT of ELBOW GREASE.  Have you used THE PINK STUFF?  If so, do you like it?  I paid right at $6 at Wal-Mart and give it a 7 out of 10…too much hard work!!!

And this was even worse...

Again, it took a lot of product and it didn’t completely erase the hard water stains in my toilet bowl.  In fact, it stained the porcelain until I scrubbed and scrubbed it away!  I paid about $6 and give it a 2 out of 10!

Here are a few other products that get my GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Cheri's Seal of Approval:

This makes baking homemade biscuits sooo much easier and faster.  Be sure it’s FORMULA L.  9 out of 10...only because I still have to go through the biscuit-making process, although it's much easier.

This is great for a quick weekend meal.  My hubby loves it!  I bake a couple chicken fingers, shred them, and add in the pan after the pasta cooks.  Yummy and cheap! And sooo easy!  10 out of 10...whoop! whoop!

These are the last…I promise!

Of course, I’m gonna love me some LIPTON GEORGIA PEACH TEA…after all I’m a GEORGIA PEACH myself😊  I still make homemade sweet tea, but this is really good.    10/10


And I just discovered PINEAPPLE FANTA.  It was recommended to me at the gastro dr.’s office…told me to mix it with my upcoming colonoscopy prep…I know, TMI!!!  They told me it makes the yucky stuff go down much easier.  We shall see!!!  But for now it tastes good on it’s own!    9 out of 10…only because I can’t let it beat out GA tea!!!


So…have you tried any of these products?  Or what new products have you tried, and were they a HIT or a MISS? 


Wishing you many more HITS than MISSES!

Friday, February 24, 2023



When my granddaughter (now almost 17) was 14 or 15, she and her buddies taught me the art of THRIFTING.  None of them could drive then, so I was often asked to be their chauffeur.  We would hit up the only THRIFT STORE in our small town, then head 30 miles away to a GOODWILL.  Those girls would just crack me up going through all the clothes as if they were looking for the Golden Egg at an Easter Egg Hunt.  And they would always come away with a bag full of tee shirts and other items and their pocketbooks still holding some change.  (Yes, I’m old-fashioned and still say pocketbook!)

Well, you guessed it…I caught the bug, and I’ve been thrifting ever since.  I don’t mind wearing “slightly used” clothing since I grew up wearing my cousin’s hand-me-downs.  And although I do love getting good bargains and saving myself money, I am also happy that I am helping the environment.

“Shopping at thrift stores is a simple & easy way to go green.  Manufacturing, producing, packaging, & distributing new clothing takes a lot of energy & water.  Disposing of unwanted clothing also takes a toll on the environment.  In the U.S., individuals throw out 60  to 80 pounds of textile waste each year.  It can take months & even years for these materials to fully break down in landfills.  By choosing to buy secondhand clothing instead of brand new, you reduce waste & help the planet.  In this way, thrift shopping is the ultimate way to live out the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ motto.”


 I recently visited our local BROTHER CHARLIE'S THRIFT STORE which helps drug-affected and homeless men in the community.  You can get some great deals for only $2 or $3.  For example, this is a GAP jacket I recently bought and it’s like new.  I absolutely  love it…and I got it for the grand price of $3!  I snatched that thing off the rack so fast it made my head spin.  

And look at this sweet jacket by EMMA JAMES that will be perfect for spring that I got for only $2!!!


 And this is the prettiest sweater by CHICO'S that I also swept up for $2.

I don’t find too much at Goodwill…the nearest one is just not very good.  But occasionally my husband and I make a trip to SAM’S CLUB for supplies and we’ll do a little thrifting there.  I’ve even got my husband hooked after he got these ORVIS pair of pants that normally sale for about $119 for $15!

My favorite place to thrift, however, is online.  Although I’ve only found a couple of sites I like my favorite is POSHMARK.  It is sort of an “upscale” thrift store with prices from very low to very high.  I even have my own “closet” on there which I’ll tell you about in a moment.  Here are some recent goodies I scored at (to me) great prices:

 $7 + shipping

 $10 + shipping

 $16 + shipping

 $10 + shipping

(Yes, I’m a shoeaholic!)

 $17 + shipping

  POSHMARK is amazing but can be a little overwhelming at first because there is SO MUCH at all different price points.  It takes awhile to get the hang of it whether you are buying or selling but I think it’s worth it.  One good thing is that if you don’t like the price shown, you can make the seller a lower offer and every time I have done that (and I always do that), the seller has given me a better price.  The down side of POSHMARK is the shipping…$7.97...unless the seller is nice enough to give you discounted shipping.  There are some good youtube videos to better explain POSHMARK.

 Another online thrift store I have had luck with is THRED-UP.  With this one you have to look through a lot of duds before you find that diamond in the rough.  To make it a little easier, you can search for what you want and you can set your size, preferences, etc.  You can also save your favorites (can do in Poshmark also) and go back to them later.  THRED-UP has good sales often so that’s a plus.

 Both pieces $29

If you like a good bargain, don’t mind hand-me-downs, and want to help the environment, I highly recommend THRIFTING.  (By the way, I do wash/clean each piece when I receive it...just in case!) And to get started, I’d love to have you check out my POSHMARK CLOSET at:



Try just might like it and the environment will thank you!

PS:  This lady on youtube (LITTLE POET) does a lot of thrifting and finds the neatest things.  There are also lots of other youtube videos about thrifting and about Poshmark.

Friday, February 10, 2023

Hello, Blog...Long Time No See!

 UPDATE:  After posting this for some reason I cannot now reply to my readers' comments which I usually like to do.  It keeps telling me to sign in to my Google Account but I am signed in!!!!  Oh the frustration!  If anyone knows how to fix this please leave a comment.  I would greatly appreciate it.

My poor, poor blog…it has been SO very neglected.  I love writing so I don’t know why I keep shutting my blog down for months and months at a time.  Oh, wait a minute…yes, I do know…… takes LOTS of time and work plus BLOGGER can be so aggravating at times!!!  I am RETIRED though so you’d think I’d have lots of time.  I do stay rather busy, but I really do have time so I need to see if I can get myself back into the habit!!!  If nothing else, it will give me memories to look back on!


So what have I been up to since I last wrote in September, 2022????  Well, the MRI I had showed nothing…I was both glad and somewhat disappointed.  I had hoped they would find a tiny little something causing my problem so we would know what all the hurting was about.  HOWEVER, as of now (knock on wood), I am not hurting.  Hopefully whatever it was is long gone never to return.

My college boy (grandson) made Dean’s List his first semester and also was initiated into his dad’s and Papa’s fraternity…Kappa Sigma.  I don’t know which of the 3 was the proudest!  The boy is absolutely loving college life!


My beautiful granddaughter still has her boyfriend which has definitely cut into my “girl time” with her, and she is still using her God-given talent to paint.  She has also been bitten by the acting bug since taking theater in school this year.  She will have one of the leading roles in an upcoming play…her grand debut!!!

My Valley Girls along with husbands and MANY other high school and college friends recently attended another reunion with our high school “boy band” giving us a chance to once again “shake a tail feather”….even though the average age of the band players is 75😊  We had a fabulous weekend.  Our Class of ’67 had a mini-reunion the night before.  Little compares to going back in time with your old friends, some I hadn’t seen in more years than I can count.  A wonderful time was had by all.

 I am still tutoring 3 kiddos every Tuesday morning and teaching my Girls in Action group at church on Wednesdays.  Also teach an adult Sunday School class every 4 weeks.  I try to get in my walking as many days a week as possible.  My life is soooo exciting (cough, cough!)

Hopefully my next post will be more exciting than this one and that I will come up with ideas for future posts!!!  Happy 2023 to everyone…hope it will be a blessed one for all of us.