Sunday, January 31, 2021


I am a collector of memories…I have boxes and boxes of memorabilia from my childhood, my high school years, college years, and our marriage.  I do try to be selective and not keep “everything” but I’m sure there are things I keep that many would discard. 


There are some things that seem to instantly bring back memories.  Maybe it’s the smell of fresh baked bread or chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.  Or maybe it’s certain ornaments placed on the Christmas tree or a certain song that we hear.

One thing that instantly brings back many memories from my childhood is the sight of needle and thread.  You see, both my mother and grandmother were very accomplished seamstresses who didn’t go many days without picking up a dress pattern or a button or a basket of scraps and begin to stitch away.  My mother worked full time, but she also sewed for the public to help make ends meet, as well as make just about all hers and my clothes.  She also spent many, many hours making dance costumes for me and other girls in my dance group.  I honestly don’t know how she managed it all because each and every sequin and seed pearl were sewn on by hand!

My grandmother in her latter years mostly sewed quilts.  She made MANY through the years and never once did she use a sewing machine…everything was hand stitched.  I was recently going through some stored-away linens and came across the last quilt I believe my Granny ever made…and it was made especially for me.  It’s what would be called a CRAZY QUILT since there is no real pattern.  Granny wasn’t much on patterned quilts…she just sewed together what she had.  She would use leftover scraps from my mother’s many sewing projects as well as scraps from old clothes.  This quilt is not the prettiest Granny ever made…after all she was in her 90s at the time…but so many patches I recognize and could tell you the stories behind them.

My Sweet Granny

As I was looking at my Crazy Quilt and thinking about my Granny, I couldn’t help but think that life is really a lot like a patchwork quilt.  Each quilt is made up of a kaleidoscope of brightly colored fabric patches sewn together in a special way, just like our life is sewn together with our individual experiences, dreams, and memories.  And just like each patch is a unique part of the whole, each of our lives also has a special place in the scheme of God’s creation.  One patch can’t make a quilt…it takes all the patches together to make something beautiful.  If only all lives could come together in a beautiful pattern….all colors, all patterns, all shapes…working together to make a beautiful quilt of love and kindness.  Oh how beautiful the world would be!

Another memory brought to mind by quilts is also from my childhood.  Since my mother worked, I would often stay with my other grandmother (also called Granny).  She lived in a very old house that was heated with gas space heaters.  Not the best source of heat in the world!  My mother would drop me off early in the morning and on cold days Granny would quickly tuck me into her still unmade bed that she had waiting for me.  She would then smother me in homemade quilts.  Sometimes I could barely move there were so many, but oh how very warm and cozy!  I guess it’s not surprising that whenever I see a quilt I think of Grannies and love.

I’m sure some people still decorate with handmade quilts, but probably not as many as in years past.  Instead we buy lovely bedspreads or comforters that were stitched by a machine in a factory by a worker who probably was only trying to meet a quota.  Those bedcoverings might be beautiful and every stitch might be perfect, but one thing they are lacking…love in every stitch.  Snuggling with a quilt made by your Granny from scraps sometimes precious to come by and knowing that every stitch was painstakingly placed is priceless.  I no longer have my Grannies but I do have their quilts.  In fact, I think I’ll go find one now and snuggle for awhile and let the memories warm my heart and soul.  


Sunday, January 24, 2021


 Faux fur, faux leather, faux flowers.  I even have faux grandchildren!  Yes, I really do.  The parents of these sweet twins (now 20) adopted us as an extra set of grandparents when they were born, so I've always called them my faux grandchildren, but we love them like the real thing:) 

Yes, we've all heard of faux fur & faux leather (and now faux grandchildren) but have you heard of a FAUXBONICHI?  

A what???  It's a journal that is a "fake" HOBONICHI?  A what???

OK, I'll try to explain.  The HOBONICHI is a type of planner/diary that was developed in Japan about 2002.  At first you could only get them from Japan (written in Japanese), but now you can actually order them from various places online.  However!  They can be quite expensive.

This one is $65!!!

So...some bright, creative woman person (these days I need to be sure to be politically correct) came up with a DIY or "faux" HOBONICHI and named it FAUXBONICHI. (Nobody seems to know exactly who this person was.)  There are many youtube videos and blog posts about this, so you can search to find more info (if you even care to).

Most journalers who use this type of journal create their own.  Many, if not most, use those hardback composition notebooks that you can get for $1 most places.  The covers are altered according to the DIY-ers choice of materials and style.  I am no artist (like some), but here are some I have created:

Anywho!  I began one last year, but with all the craziness I got way behind.  I did go back though & summarize the last few months of 2020.  Now I've begun once again for 2021.  And so far, I'm really enjoying it.  Many FAUXBONICHI-ers use their own artwork to decorate the pages, but since I can't even draw a decent stick figure I use clipart, magazine clippings, & photos.  I love to write & create with paper, so making my own journal & designing my pages is a creative outlet for me.

Some journal every single day, but I don't...for 2 reasons:

1.  there is not enough going on in my life to write about

2.  I just don't want to!

So I write about the most important things or whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

recent pages

I have journaled off & on for years, and now that I am getting "more mature" I really wish I had written much, much more.  Going back & reading what I did write brings back many memories, but I am also hoping that someday (when I've gained my heavenly wings...and I do plan on going UP & not DOWN...Lord willing) that my grandchildren will read my journals & learn more about their CHERI as well as see what was going on in my life at the time.  I would love to be able to read journals written by my grandmother & mother.

 Another type of journal I have worked on in recent months is a QUESTION & ANSWER journal.  I found some lists of questions (via internet), printed them out, and glued them in my journal.  And I've answered each one as truthfully as I can...some are quite personal & thought provoking.  Again, I hope my grands will read it and see into the heart of their grandmother...and maybe even laugh a little:)

One of my favorite possessions (that I wrote about H E R E) is a scrapbook made by my Aunt Katy who died very young before I was even born.

I think I must have inherited her gene for wanting to preserve the past & present for the future since I love making scrapbooks, taking photos, and now writing in my FAUXBONICHI.  It also scratches my itch for the cut & paste activities I did as a child and also used in my primary classroom for over 30 years!  There's just something about paper and glue that makes me do a happy dance.

Do you journal?  If so, how often do you write & what type of journal do you use?  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had all kept a journal from childhood until now!  Oh the memories!

Sunday, January 17, 2021



Winter has now begun to settle in.  Although it doesn’t get nearly as cold here in south GA as many places, it is still a time of shortened days with a chill in the air…time for nature to go into rest…and time for those like me to nestle into the comforts of home.  I used to not like wintertime so very much, but over the years I’ve decided it has its place in my life.  Now in my “more mature” years, I am learning to embrace the thoughts of a time to slow down, a time to reflect, a time to plan for the coming spring when life will burst forth once again.

My days are lonelier now since I am retired, my grandchildren are older and friends have either moved away, died, are going through health issues or have just drifted away…as friendships often can do.  Thankfully there is email and texting so that I can still connect with my high school VALLEY GIRLS.  Thankfully my husband now works only 3 days a week.  But…still there are hours of loneliness; hours when I find myself being bored and longing for new adventures…or old adventures from my past.

I’ve decided though to try to embrace all this “me time” and find ways to celebrate it, ways to snuggle into these winter months and savor all the blessings that are mine.  Here are some things that I will utilize to bring warmth to my soul and peace to my mind…some things that will help me smile and embrace the joy of each day no matter the season.


Nothing says COZY WINTER to me more than this stuff.  I posted about it in SING IT, JULIE (my last post).  My sweet husband knows how much I love it and gifts some to me every Christmas.  It may not be the nectar of the gods, but it is so very delicious and just soothes my inner being.

order from Amazon

 Sipping it from a beautiful or whimsical mug makes it even sweeter.

both are Amazon products

And having this little beauty enables me to have my drink of choice much faster…the red just makes me smile (and matches other appliances in my kitchen).

Wal Mart or Amazon

 With mug in hand, now it’s time to really snuggle in with a soft throw and a good book…I just finished this one and I really enjoyed it.  Took me a short while to figure out what was going on, then I got hooked.  Now I’m on the hunt for the next good read.

ordered mine from

If there is a lovely fire roaring in the fireplace, the moment will be even more delightful.

And on the pretty days when it’s not too cold, I’ll throw on my scarf and boots and earmuffs and take a lovely walk in the neighborhood…but there will (sadly) be no snow.

I’ll make sure our feeders are always filled and ready for our winter cardinals…they bring me so much joy and in turn I keep their tummies filled…a fair exchange I’d say.

I will pull out my old journals and photo albums and scrapbooks and reminisce…maybe even open up those boxes of memorabilia from my much younger days.  I will read and think and reflect…I will smile and also probably shed a few tears.  But remembering is good from time to time. 

Then I will open up a brand new journal…all the pages blank…and I will begin to put pen to paper with thoughts and dreams and hopes and wishes and prayers to warm my heart and soul through the cold winter while I wait for the spring to come and bring with it newness of earth and life, sun and flowers…a time to unwrap myself from my winter warmth and bask in the sunshine that spring will bring.

Wishing you a warm, cozy, and comforting winter.

What special things help you to find your winter peace?



Don’t make a peep!

In her hide-away nest, mouse is asleep.

Cozily dozing while winter winds blow

And the forest around her fills up with snow.

She’s perfectly waiting for winter to pass,

for spring to bring some nice fresh grass.

Till then, tiptoe as you go through the snow,

knowing mouse is asleep in her nest below.


Sunday, January 10, 2021



When the dog bites,

When the bee stings,

When I'm feeling sad…

I simply remember my FAVORITE THINGS

And then I don't feel so bad.

          (My Favorite Things by Julie Andrews)

I didn’t get bitten by a dog or even stung by a bee, but still 2020 was a year that made us all feel pretty bad.  It was difficult to put on a happy face and feel positive; but it’s 2021 and maybe…just maybe…it will turn out to be a decent year.  One thing I am going to “try”  my very best to do is to be more POSITIVE and think more good thoughts.  So for this post I thought I would write about some of my favorite things…things that bring a smile to my face, things I enjoy, things that make life just a little sweeter.


This is a new favorite thing.  I was out looking for things to put in my tiered tray for Valentines, and I came across this beautiful mug.  It’s a good reminder to me as I drink my morning coffee that no matter what’s going on around me, LIFE is a blessing from God and so LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!  And would you believe this pretty little thang ("southern” for “thing”) cost only $1 at Dollar General!)

Speaking of my tiered tray…it’s become one of my favorite things.  Here it is all ready for Valentines Day. 


Every year for part of my Christmas, my husband gifts me with this.  Y’all!!!!  It is absolutely delicious.  He orders from Amazon; I’ve never seen it in a store.  Give me a cup of this, my soft PJs, and a good book and I’m happy as a pig in mud!


I don’t mind spending a little more on skin care, but I’m not one to spend a ton of money on my makeup…and this mascara (though cheap...$4.99) is a favorite.  I saw it recommended on several blogs and youtube channels and decided to try it and so glad I did.  I have had more expensive (and good) mascaras, but this one works as well or better, and what a bargain.  Again, Amazon!

 I just happened to pick up a box of these one day awhile back as I was grocery shopping.  So glad I did because they are absolutely yummy.  If you want a salty snack, I highly suggest these.

 I love to read although I take it in spurts.  Before Christmas I read both of these and if you like to read I think you will enjoy them.  You can read about them along with reviews on Amazon (where else?)  They are both a little sad but turn out fine in the end.  They are both stories of how resilient the human spirit can be if we don’t give up.


 I’ve developed a real relationship with YOUTUBE!  I don’t watch much TV (especially these days when there’s nothing but sad news and reruns).  My husband watches lots of hunting, fishing, and sports shows along with a few other shows I don’t care for…and he’s the King of the Remote!  I want to be with him in the evenings, so while he watches TV, I watch youtube videos and have developed quite a list of those I’ve subscribed to.  One of my favorites is THE COTTAGE FAIRY.  (Be sure to click on that for the link.)  Her soothing voice and the lovely music are just so lovely and calming.  

Here is a description:

Paola Merrill is an artist, teacher and YouTube creator known as The Cottage Fairy. Merrill shares glimpses of her rural idyll in Northeastern Washington State  and chronicles the simple things: her bunny Mr. Darcy, drying wild flowers and catching the sun rising over the mountains.  In her words her channel is about “lessons on living with abundance while living simply.”  

So “these are a few of my favorite things” …things that add a little joy to my life.  If you drop by to “chat”, please tell me one or two (or more) of your  favorite things.  And if you want to read about some more of my favorites, you can read this earlier blog post.

Here’s to 2021 and hoping this year you will get to enjoy many of your favorites…and maybe we’ll find new ones to add to our list.  Life is just too short not to find things to enjoy!


Now to try and get that song out of my head so I can go to sleep!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2021



HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear readers!  I’m so thankful 2020 is behind us, and I’m hoping, wishing, and PRAYING that 2021 will be a much better year…only time will tell but I’m really “trying” to be positive!


As I explained in this past post, I don’t do NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS.  They just don’t work for me, but this year I really do want to focus on some things in my life.  And one way I am going to “attempt” to do that is by choosing a WORD FOR THE YEAR.  Have you heard of it?

In case you haven’t, there are MANY articles & posts about it…just ask Mr. Google.  Here is a quick definition that I found (here)

It is a word, or phrase, that encompasses the thing you will focus on for the year.  Your word is something that resonates deeply with you and will help you achieve the goals you set and become who you envision for the end of the year.  It is the filter you run every decision through, the word that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

I’m not sure who started this idea…I’ve read different people…but I think the idea does have merit.  Plus I just think it’s kind of fun.  I will admit though that my last word of the year didn’t go as well as I had planned.  My word was JOY  but 2020 didn’t bring a whole lot of that!


So what word have I chosen for 2021????

That may seem like a strange choice, so let me explain. 

I am 71 years old (a young 71 in my opinion😊), retired, somewhat bored with the way my life has been going, and (thanks to the COVID pandemic) realizing that the ability to participate in adventures can be taken away in an instant.  I want to do my best to make the most of each and every future day that God chooses to bless me with. 


So what is an ADVENTURE?  I like this definition:

          An  adventure is something challenging; something that                               takes us out of our ordinary lives.  An adventure usually involves                challenging ourselves or trying out something new.

An ADVENTURE could be as exciting as climbing a mountain or

traveling to some exotic place, but it could also be:

          *trying new recipes or new foods

          *taking up a new hobby

          *learning a new language

          *eating at a new restaurant

          *trying something new (like yoga or crochet)

          *meeting new people

          *reading a different type of genre than usual

          *trying a new hairstyle

          *saying “yes” to new opportunities that come your way

 An ADVENTURE is something different for everyone.

 I know that with the pandemic still going on some adventures will have to be put on hold, but just doing some things differently or stepping outside my comfort zone will (I think) make life a little more interesting and exciting.  I want to wake up each morning and think to myself, “What ADVENTURE can I have today?”  It might be as simple as taking my daily walk in a different area…or it might be something a little more “out there” like packing our bags and just taking off, destination unknown, for a quick road trip.  (We did that years ago and it was loads of fun!)

 There is a quote I love and I want it to be my mantra from this day forward:

So…do you choose a WORD FOR THE YEAR?  If so, what is it?

If you don’t but are interested, here is an article with tips on

how to choose your word.


Here’s hoping all of us have a wonderful year filled with love,

laughter, healing, happiness, and lots of ADVENTURE  !

         PS:  Sorry if this has some weird spacing!  Blogger is at it again!!!