Thursday, January 20, 2011


In south GA we seldom get snow.  It did snow last year but it was the first time in many years.  Since snow comes so rarely, you can imagine how excited the children get when they do get to play in the soft, fluffy white stuff.  Fortunately, our wonderful local PreK has SNOW DAY every year...with faux snow. 

Parents and grandparents are invited to watch their child’s class romp and play, throw snowballs, and make snow angels.  The smiles are brighter than sunshine and the squeals just warm your heart.  This year the day was exceptionally cold for our parts but the children didn’t seem to mind at all.

Granddaughter M had been planning her “wardrobe” since she heard there was going to be a SNOW DAY! 

I’ve never heard a snow angel giggle so much!

Daddy & Daughter having some snowy fun!

Red cheeks, cold nose, warm smile!

Our snow may be faux, but it’s fun all the same!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pajama Day!!!! Yeah!!!

Today is a beautiful day in south GA.  It’s just a little chilly with a slight wind and some gorgeous sunshine.   A good day to be alive!  It’s 12:47 and I’m still in my pajamas....

That’s all you get to see ‘cause taking a self-portrait is out of my level of know-how.  I will tell you that these are the absolute softest and warmest pjs that I got last year from Macy’s.  Nothing like a PAJAMA DAY especially since all the guys in the family are out on a day of hunting so I’m HOME ALONE!

I went back to work this week...met all 16 of my new student teachers and some of their mentors.  It will be a busy semester and I pray that I will be able to guide and teach these future teachers to the best of my ability. 

Have a great day!  Come back to visit can even wear your pajamas:)
*Now why didn't I notice that little speck of lint BEFORE I posted this????

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Most of us in the SOUTH call our evening meal SUPPER…and there’s nothing so delicious & filling as a bowl of homemade VEGETABLE SOUP and some good ole’ southern CORNBREAD or CORN MUFFINS.  And one of the easiest & quickest ways of stirring up some muffins is….

                                         JIFFY  MIX

All you need are three ingredients: 

the mix, one egg, and 1/3 cup milk.  In about 20 minutes you have some southern-baked yumminess...

Every few weeks I make a big ole’ pot of what I call my DUMP SOUP ‘cause I just “dump” everything in and freeze it in individual containers.  Then it can be easily thawed when wanted.

There’s nothing like a hot meal cooked up in a “jiffy” on a cold winter night…and like that old coffee commercial used to say:

             “It’s good to the last drop”….and crumb!