Monday, March 22, 2021


No, I’m not lying under some huge boulder being crushed to smithereens...but I am CRUSHING on some new things I thought I’d share with you.  Life can sometimes grow dull and so it’s fun and maybe even “necessary” to make some new discoveries now and then.                                                                                               
This is a youtube channel I discovered not long ago, and I absolutely adore it.  The young woman who is the creator is simply lovely.   “Paola Merrill is an artist, teacher and YouTube creator known as The Cottage Fairy. Merrill shares glimpses of her rural idyll in Northeastern Washington State  and chronicles the simple things: her bunny Mr. Darcy, drying wild flowers and catching the sun rising over the mountains.”  You can read more about her and her amazing move from the city to a very rural area  HERE   and, of course, you can search for her on youtube.  The scenery and music along with her captivating voice are so soothing and almost magical.



Yes, Cover Girl!  I haven’t worn their foundation since high school but decided to try this one after watching yet another youtube need to watch this one: RISA DOES MAKEUP

The creator of this channel is a veteran make-up artist who has taught me a good many beauty tricks (thank you, Risa, I need all the help I can get!)  She has used just about every makeup brand out there and yet she loves this foundation.  I decided to try it, and I am sooo glad I did.  I got mine at Wal-Mart for $10.49.


Now if you are squeamish or turned off by wearing second-hand clothes, you can skip this one.  My 14 yr. old granddaughter has turned me onto the idea of thrift shopping for clothes.  She and all her buddies say it’s the new way to shop.  You not only save money but you help the environment.  Thredup takes a little patience as there is SO VERY MUCH to look at, but you can narrow down your search.  I have also tried their Goody Boxes.  I’ve had a little luck with that, but it’s just plain fun.  Go to the site and read about it or try this youtube video.


This is a jewelry subscription.  I never knew there were so many BOX SUBSCRIPTIONS.  I subscribed to this one for 3 months and so far I have really loved the jewelry I’ve received.  You can watch this video to find out more. This youtube channel is called GEORGIA SUNSHINE and she unveils many different box subscriptions.  Wish I could afford all of them.  It’s just fun to receive a SURPRISE box now and then.  I also subscribed for a short time to SELFY-BOX which is makeup and skincare.  I really like it too, but it’s a little expensive and I used only about half the things I received.


Do you like the Girl Scout THIN MINT COOKIES?  If you do, then trot on over (well, maybe you should drive) to your nearest DOLLAR TREE and look for their Fundge Mint cookies.  Y’all, they taste the same!  And they are only $1 for 2 sleeves.  I put them in the freezer and nibble on a couple when I hear them calling.  (Your goodies do call to you, don’t they?)


I know...doesn't sound good but IT IS!  I'm a Dr. Pepper girl but the shot of cream soda just adds some pizzazz!  


I love trying new things...and love it even more when I like them!  My “word of the year” is ADVENTURE and since I can’t seem to go on too many adventures quite yet, I guess making new discoveries will have to do. 


What are you CRUSHING on these days that you think I’d like to try?

Saturday, March 6, 2021


If you keep up with my blog, you may have read my post about my WORD OF THE YEAR.  I chose the word....ADVENTURE.  It was probably not the best word because...1.  we are still in the midst of a pandemic....and....2.  we really aren't the adventurous type.  But after 2020 I was determined that the hubby and I should spend more time having some fun...traveling, doing unusual things, enjoying life more while our old bones are still able to move!

Well, we finally went on our first ADVENTURE of the year!  Today is the Mr.’s birthday so yesterday we took off for SAVANNAH.  He had some gift cards from BASS PRO SHOP burning a hole in his pocket, plus we got to stay free using some of the hotel points he had saved up during his years of traveling for business.

 I love SAVANNAH!  However, I would not want to live there...too many people and too much traffic.  But wow!  Does it have the places to shop and to eat.  Also, some of the most beautiful architecture and beautiful streets lined with moss-draped trees.


We didn’t make it to downtown this trip but it’s fun to visit all the shops there.  My high school girlfriends and I have actually vacationed in SAVANNAH twice and had tons of fun!  The first time we actually (really...I’m telling the truth) danced in the streets!  It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had!


We ate hubby’s BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST at a small cafe called CLARY'S.  It’s sort of famous.  Part of the movie MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL was filmed there.  (I suggest you read the book, then watch the movie.)  The food is amazing, and the service was superb.  Our waitress was very tall and had the shortest haircut ever, but it looked great on her!


We did some shopping this trip, but the two malls were a big disappointment.  I don’t know what it is exactly, but the malls just aren’t what they used to be.  Some of the major retail stores have either gone out of business or the inventory is low and not appealing.  It seems years since I have found really cute clothes that I like! 

We happened upon a really nice THRIFT SHOP that I enjoyed browsing in.  It had more high-end clothing and household items.  I bought a pair of pants and a top...without trying on so I hope they fit!  Since I like thrift shopping, we also stopped at a GOODWILL on our way out.  I found a SCRABBLE game that I have been searching and searching for!  I wanted the tiles for craft projects...paid $1.99! 


After a 3 hour drive, we got home safely and SON & GRANDDAUGHTER came over with a birthday cake for Dad/Papa.

Now we are home sitting in our comfort zones in our warm pajamas...the weather decided to have another cold snap after much warmer weather the last several days.  I love a short getaway, but I’m always happy and thankful to be home.  

Wonder what our next ADVENTURE will be...hope it’s sooner than later!