Sunday, November 17, 2019


 I recently heard someone talking about another lady that we both know and the comment was, “___ (she) sure has gotten FRUMPY in her old age.”  Later I got to thinking about that word…FRUMPY…and I thought, “exactly what does that mean?”  So…off to I went, and this is what I found:

FRUMPY…a word describing a dull old-fashioned woman….I was highly offended it didn’t mention “man”.  Can’t a man be FRUMPY????  Other words related to FRUMPY include:  baggy, dowdy, drab, dull, homely, old-fashioned, outdated, plain…oh my!  I sure hope I never get to the point anyone calls me this because I would be highly offended!  And, personally, I don’t think you have to be OLD to look FRUMPY!!!

But then I got to thinking…in the really old days (you know, the days before Noah built the Ark or before Moses crossed the Red Sea) women were “supposed” to be drab, dull, homely, and plain.  In fact, they were probably frowned upon if they weren’t…maybe even run out of town!    

But in today’s world there really isn’t much reason for any woman of any age to have these very unpleasant adjectives attached to them.  Looking attractive, looking put-together, and showing pride in yourself doesn’t have to take a lot of money, a lot of makeup, a lot of expensive clothes, or the perfectly salon-styled hairdo.  What it does take is some pride in yourself, a little bit of time, and a little bit of know-how.  And there are plenty of magazine articles, blog posts, and youtube videos to help.

I don’t mean to talk badly about anyone, but when I see a woman (no matter her age) at WalMart or in the grocery store or just walking down the street looking as if she just crawled out of bed and is still wearing her flannel pajama pants….

or if she is wearing a pear of leggings or polyester pants with a crop top and she looks like it took the last hour for someone to stuff her into them...

then I am appalled and saddened because I know that with just a little bit of pride and effort that same lady could be a much better version of herself.

True story:  about a year ago I was in a local butcher shop and a lady comes into shop wearing her pajamas, robe, fluffy slippers, and hair in curlers!  Guess she was either getting a late start...or getting ready for an early bedtime!

As "we" age (and yes, that includes me), I do think some women begin to think they have to dress "older", more matronly.  And to some extent I agree with that...well, not the "matronly" part!  I mean, at 60 or 70 I don't think I need to be wearing a thong bikini at the beach (NOBODY would want to see that, I assure you!) nor should I be wearing a neckline that plunges to my belly get the picture.  But there is NO part of me that believes "more mature" ladies can't dress young and stylish!

Look at these silver-haired beauties.  Definitely over 50, possibly over 60, but oh so stylish!

And look at these 3 lovely ladies.  They may be “more mature” but definitely not FRUMPY!

Even younger gals can look FRUMPY.  It's not always the clothes, but rather how you wear them!

We all like to dress comfortably, but this is just sloppy.  Clothes should fit your body and not look baggy.  Baggy = bigger looking…and who wants to look bigger???  Unless you are like Twiggy!!!  Remember her???

 This outtfit has NO style and the loose fitting top with the skirt is not flattering.  With a different top and shoes the skirt could look completely different.

And P-L-E-A-S-E don't wear clothes that date you back decades!!!

And then there are those clothes that “more mature” women should maybe, perhaps, possibly think twice about…this is just my opinion, you don’t have to agree with me.

It’s not that more mature women can’t wear tank tops, but they really should be covered by a jacket or cardigan.  Most of us after about age 50ish don’t have the arms we once did.  But if you work out at the gym and have killer biceps…then go for it!!!

Again, I don’t mean to be ugly (therefore, crossing out faces), but let’s face it…once you pass a certain age, cut-off jeans probably should be relegated to car-washing or a retro Halloween costume!

If you still have the legs for them, then by all means wear (longer-length) shorts…no Daisy Dukes, please.  I don’t wear shorts too often anymore but this lady looks fabulous!

So, take a look at your closet.  Are there clothes that no longer fit well (too small, too large) and no longer compliment the shape of your body?  If so, they are FRUMPY!  Are there clothes (like bell bottom pants or mini skirts) that are really outdated or things that just don't look good on anybody (like maxi length denim skirts)?  If so, they are FRUMPY!  Are there items that are just old, faded, and basically worn out, even though you still love them?  If so, they are probably FRUMPY!  Ladies...get to work and toss or donate!!!

Not sure what look she's going for, but personally I think it's time to go shopping!

Just because we get older, it shouldn't mean that we don't aim to be well-put-together, stylish, updated, comfortable, & secure in our "older" looks.  In fact, I think once we ladies hit 50, we need to think about the way we dress more than ever.  After all, when you are young you can get away with a lot that just doesn't fly well in your later years!  Our later years are when we have our children out of the nest, when we retire from our jobs, and finally (hopefully) have some time for ourselves.  I love the sayings like:  Fabulous at Fifty, Sensuous at Sixty, or Sassy & Sexy at Seventy, etc., etc., etc.!!!  I mean, why not???
   Well, let's not go toooo far!!!

If you like fashion like I do and you are interested in learning more about how to dress in a more mature, yet stylish & beautiful way, I very much recommend the following blogs.  These ladies know what they are talking about and always look just sooo put-together and lovely. 

I truly hope I haven't offended anyone by anything I've said in this post.  I love fashion and I love seeing women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin (and clothes).  I think it makes them not only look better, but feel better and more confident when they look in the mirror and like what they see.  So,'s to LOOKING GOOD.  Make life (and yourself) beautiful, because God made only one YOU and only one ME and GOD DON'T MAKE NO JUNK!

So...are you FIGHTING THE FRUMP or are you working on CLASSY & SASSY?  If FRUMPY is what makes you happy, then by all means FRUMP away:) 

And if you REALLY want to be a CLASSY & SASSY GRANDMOTHER, this might be for you:) 

Friday, November 8, 2019

I’m Seeing STARS…I mean DOTS!


Yes, I do!  I love, love, love POLKA DOTS!  Today I was pulling out some winter clothes (we have cold weather coming this weekend), and there was my favorite POLKA DOT sweater๐Ÿ˜Š  And that got me to seeing stars dots.

Also got me to wondering about how POLKA DOTS came to be.  Well, seems they have their origin based on the dance, the POLKA.  I know…weird!  I won’t go into a long explanation but you can read more about this at this blog.

It seems the women’s magazine GODEY’S LADY’S BOOK was the first to use the term “POLKA DOTS” in regards to a scarf in its 1857 issue.  But this photo of Miss America 1926 seems to get the credit for making the loveable dots popular in the USA.  (Wow!  How “bathing suits” have changed over the decades!!!)

I’m sure Marilyn helped popularize this pattern too!

Seeing my POLKA DOT sweater gave me the idea to visit Mr. Google and see what new DOTTED DELIGHTS I could find.  And just in case you like this often-adored pattern, I thought I would share with you what I found…and drooled over:)

This black & white POLKA DOT sweater is very much like the sweater I purchased last year from OLD NAVY…except mine is navy.  Black & White POLKA DOTS are probably my favorite.

Here is a similar one only with bigger dots

And look who’s wearing a similar one (probably a LOT more expensive!)
Getty Images
My second favorite combination is probably RED & WHITE.  Isn’t this purse just the cutest?  It’s on ebay…used but seems to be in good shape and it’s a good brand.

My favorite way to wear POLKA DOTS is….SHOES!  Oh, how I love shoes….and  POLKA DOTTEones just make my feet want to do a happy dance! 

I love these heels.  I have similar ones…of course, I do๐Ÿ˜Š

My granddaughter is a great fan of VANS…me, not so much.  But these I could probably live with.

And if you and your daughter are into dressing alike, wouldn’t these be just too cute…and comfortable!

I love rain boots!  Hubby gave me some awhile back that have CHERRIES on them and I love them so much I don’t even mind a rainy day!  But I would also be very happy with these….

Or these…

Although this maxi dress is much too young for this old body, it is really cute and on sale for only $14…I do love a bargain!

These would make traveling an even happier experience…

And!  If you have a sweet doggie that needs something to wear on a cold winter day, then she (or he) really needs this!!!

 Speaking of cold winter days, who wouldn’t enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in one of these adorable cups????

Well, I guess that’s enough POLKA DOTTED goodness for now.  Except I can’t end this post without sharing probably one of my all-time favorite POLKA DOTTED outfits seen in one of my all-time favorite movies…PRETTY WOMAN.  Who doesn’t swoon over a Cinderella story?

So…are you a lover of POLKA DOTS like me?   Even the QUEEN likes them...just sayin'!