Monday, April 22, 2019


*clean sheets on the bed
*a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning
*a bubble bath after a long, hard week

*getting a letter from a long-lost friend
*driving down a pretty road with the windows down on a sunny day
*waking up remembering a sweet dream
*laughing with a friend
*playing with a puppy on a freshly mown lawn
*holding a newborn baby
*sipping on a glass of sweet iced tea on a hot summer day

*a hot shower
*chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven
*swinging as high as you can go
*attending a class reunion and realizing you haven’t aged any more than anyone else
*a walk on the beach and finding a pretty shell or piece of sea glass

*finding no one ahead of you in line when you are in a hurry
*hearing your favorite “oldie but goldie” on the radio
*curling up in the window seat with a good book on a rainy day
*listening to the thunder during a gentle summer rainfall
*playing in mudpuddles after the rain

*enjoying your favorite milkshake or ice cream sundae
*finding something you lost and never thought you'd see again
*laughing at yourself when no one is watching

*watching your favorite chic flic
*having someone notice you’ve lost weight
*completing a difficult crossword puzzle (without cheating)
*finding just-the-right outfit for that special occasion
*wrapping up in a soft blanket & drinking a cup of hot tea when you’re feeling lousy
*the smell of a new car…or a new baby
*enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset

*thinking about all the things you have to be grateful for
*blowing out the candles on your birthday cake
*seeing the first daffodils of spring
*jumping in a pile of freshly raked autumn leaves
*sharing time with those you love

My grandbabies😊
who are no longer “little” things

It’s  the  little  things😊

What are the "little things" in your life?

Monday, April 8, 2019

I'm Feeling........BLUE!


There are so many shades of BLUE;
Different tones & different hues.
Not all of them are sad
Though blue’s reputation is rather bad.
The ocean is BLUE and the sky is too.
Brides carry something BLUE when they say “I do.”
Some eyes are BLUE, robins' eggs are too...
What does BLUE mean to you?

I’ve been wanting a new hairdo…maybe this one???

And what drug were taking when you dreamed this up???


This is what’s called “strutting your BLUE stuff”😊

BLUE deliciousness!

Wonder if he held his breath until he turned BLUE…hmmm.

Bet she can talk a BLUE streak…

"I wish to stay drenched

in those rain-BLUE eyes"

Who found the BLUE spray paint???

Dandelion in my hand I’ve come to set you free…
In return won’t you please grant this wish to me?

Wishing you BLUE skies and sunny days:)

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Spring has sprung in south GAalthough the weather is still a little chilly on some days (like today).  I have a love/hate relationship with spring!!!  I love the loveliness of spring with all the flowers & budding trees, but oh how I HATE THE POLLEN!!!

 Plus, I know that our spring quickly turns into a very hot summerand I hate HOT!!! 

Spring also brings with it a LOT of projects.  So here are some of the ones I’ve been tackling recently.  The yard still has a way to gopine straw for the flower beds is next on the list.  Probably ought to transplant some more HOSTAs but OH MY GOSHthat’s a very difficult & tiring job!!!  Here are a few photos showing what I’ve been up to.

 LOTS OF PAINTING!  I love birdcages & metal pieces for our yard and porch.  Also included were 2 glass-topped tables and 2 chairs for the deck.  Thank goodness for SPRAY PAINT, but it’s still not my favorite thing to do!

Another “un”-favorite is CLEANING!  Between the winter weather and the spring pollen, there’s a lot of scrubbing going on

LOTS OF PLANTING GOING ON!😊  I love Gerber Daisies! 

The HOSTAs are beginning to wake up and reach for the sun.  I really need to transplant some, but it is definitely one of the most difficult of garden choresin my opinion!  I like to put hostas in potsI’ve had luck with that so far.

We have a large wrap-around porch on 3 sides of our house plus a medium-sized deck.  I love to DECORATE them both.  Got 2 cute bird pillows from Wal-Mart the other day$5 each.  Got the 2 beautiful pillows on our swing last year from Dollar General$6 each.  (I love a bargain!)

RED is definitely the color I go with for our deck.  The kitchen color scheme is yellow with red & blue accents, and we have large windows that look right onto the deck and the backyard pond.

 Love my Chicken Planter:) 

And, of course, a little EASTER decorating! 

As the cooler weather goes by the wayside, and the days of spring encourage us more and more outside (once the pollen has gone!), hopefully my yard will show the results of all my hard work.  (Photos from previous years!)

Sowhat have you been doing to WELCOME SPRING in your neck of the woods?