Monday, December 26, 2011


Hi, Blogger Friends.  I've been away for quite some time.  I just seemed to lose steam with my blog and felt I had nothing to say.  I also seem to stay busy with one thing or another and so have really neglected all of you.  I'm so sorryJ  I don't want to give up CHERI'S  CHATTER quite yet, so please hang in there with me and come back to visit when you can.

Needless to say, I (like all of you) have had Christmas on my mind.  I think I somewhat "overdid" it this year with spending, cooking, and rushing from place to place…but I always try to remember to be mindful of the REASON for the SEASON.

The grandkids are growing and, of course, they were very excited about that "special visitor" who brought them lots of new toys…along with two over-indulgent grandparents! 

My  SPECIAL  SANTA  was very generous this year, too.  He gave me an

ipad and I definitely wasn't expecting that!  It will definitely take me awhile to figure it all out.  I tried reading the MANUAL….but have you ever looked at a manual for any electronic gadget these days?  Those techi-people must not understand that there are technology-challenged people like me that need directions written in plain English versus tech-ese!  I've just started experimenting and clicking on my own and have already learned a few things.  I know I will enjoy it…once I get the hang of it.
Santa also gave me lots of other goodies, including these…..

As some of you may remember, my "grandmother name" is  CHERI.  I wonder if I'm the only  CHERI  with  CHERRY  rainboots? 

Another favorite gift was....

They will be used with some upcoming SCRAPBOOKING projects.  I absolutely
l-o-v-e gel pens!

Just like many of you, I had LOTS of PROJECTS going on during the holidays.  There was our annual  COOKIE BAKING DAY…..

and making GOODIE BAGS for classmates & friends…

There was decorating, party-going, visiting with our families, and more eating than I want to admit.  All in all it was a wonderful Christmas!  Now it's time to UNDECORATE (which I absolutely hate) and once again get back to "normal" living (whatever that is!)  I am looking forward to 2012 and am hoping it will be a wonderful year for all of us.  One of my GOALS (as you may remember from my last year's post…I don't do RESOLUTIONS) is to definitely get reacquainted with all of you and pay more attention to my blog.  So…..PLEASE come back to visit me

and visit as often as you can.  I hope to have some great posts which I think you might like.  Until then HAVE A VERY BLESSED NEW YEAR!