Saturday, February 5, 2022



I had such good INTENTIONS of writing more on my blog....but you know how that goes!  I have been one busy gal lately.  Remind me that I am retired and I should not have any more BIG IDEAS.  Why?  Because I was put in CHARGE of my BIG IDEA, that’s why.  And has it ever been      B-I-G!

Our church has been through several transitions over the last few years and to make a long story short, our church needs a big, big cleanup and decluttering!  I talked to our chairman of the Deacons about it, then he asked me to speak at the Deacon’s monthly meeting and....WHAM!!!!  They told me to come up with a plan and they would be right behind me!!!!

Well, I have been working on this plan...and doing a lot of cleaning out all by myself...for about two months and the big CLEANUP DAY is Feb. 26.  I have thrown away, donated, decluttered, and organized until I’m one tired puppy!  BUT....I’m not complaining because I’m DOING IT FOR THE LORD:)  Hopefully I’ll have lots of help to finish up on the 26th.  If not, I’m sending the devil after them!!!!

So what can I share with you that’s more interesting than dirt & clutter???  Well, here is something that made me do a happy dance.

I had been wanting some cute spice jars to put in my cabinet since I don’t have enough counter space for a spice rack.  I kept looking but didn’t want to pay the high prices.  Then I learned about AMAZON I the last to hear about this?  I checked it out not expecting much and would you believe one of the first things that popped up  was the exact jars (with printed labels) that I had wanted and the price....$13!!!!  I jumped on those cuties before I could blink.  I just love labels!!!

And before I go, how about a quick and easy husband loves it.  We have it on a Sat. or Sun. night when I don’t want to cook much.  And is it ever filling!!!!

To give it a little more oomph I bake a small chicken breast or two chicken tenders, chop them up, and add to the pot.


This last time we also enjoyed this with some yummy bread to dip in it.  This lovely Infused Sunflower Oil is produced in the next county and it was a gift from our son.  Really added some pizzazz to our simple meal.


I hope all of you are well and not dealing with Covid as many here are...good thing is few are going to the hospital and this strain is basically like a bad cold along with tiredness...I still don’t want it!

Hope those of you with snow are enjoying it...wish you’d send me a snowball or two!  In other words, I hope all is well in your world and that each day you count many blessings.