Tuesday, September 13, 2022



Wow…I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I posted on my blog!  I love writing my blog, but sometimes LIFE just gets in the way.


2020, of course, was the year THE WORLD STOPPED SPINNING…well, that is a slight exaggeration…but a lot of our lives did SHUT DOWN due to that awful monster COVID.  Many of us got used to living in our pjs or loungewear during that year, but sadly many of us (including me) lost a lot of people we loved and cared about.  Thankfully things are better.


I sailed (although not without complaints) through 2020 without my husband or myself getting Covid…he did get it a few months back but thankfully he just slept a lot!  However, my sailing came to a screeching halt with terrible stomach pain that lasted 7 months….7 very L-O-N-G months!  And the crazy thing was, none of the tests I went through showed a single thing….nothing, nada!!!!  My dr. told me he had tried every medicine he knew and nothing worked. 

Finally he did give me what is called a GI COCKTAIL.  Well, honey, let me tell you…it didn’t taste one bit like any cocktail!!!!  It tasted like you took every bad-tasting thing you could find, put it in a bottle, and shook it up altogether.  That stuff was V-I-L-E!!!  I think they should have called it THE DEVIL’S POISON.  However, once I “choked” the mess down, it did help….temporarily!!!  But let me tell you…it was a difficult decision between hurting like Hades or drinking that stuff!!!

Y’all, then the strangest thing happened…one day my pain simply went away!!!!  I am considering it MY MIRACLE because I had prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed!  I think the Lord got tired of hearing me wailing and crying.  For whatever reason, miracle or just my crazy body…I was so very grateful not to hurt anymore.  That was a L-O-N-G 7 months.


UPDATE:  After not hurting for months, my “discomfort” has returned.  I went to a 4th dr. this week and he is scheduling an MRI…so please say a prayer or send along some good vibes.  I can’t tell you how nice this guy was along with every single person in the office.  I didn’t even cry (this time) when my blood was taken!


A lot more has happened since I last wrote.  This young man…my one and only grandson that can just make my heart melt with a hug and a smile…graduated high school.  He has now finished his third week of college (with a short break to deal with covid!). The day he left I started crying and didn’t stop for 3 days…literally!  I think I took it harder than his Mama & Daddy!!!  But he’s all settled in now and seems happy as a bug in a rug…and I pray he stays that way…and that he makes good grades.


This sweet girl had a rough year last year with a lot going on, but she hung in there and pulled through.  Someone recently asked my husband what would happen when this one went off to college.  My husband’s reply:  “We’ll have to put her in the hospital!”  I can’t even begin to think of it!!!

She now has her first real boyfriend…son of a preacher man!!!  He’s also a favorite teacher.  He’s a mighty talented boy…sings, plays several instruments, paints, plays baseball pretty well, and makes friends with anybody who walks by!  He makes my girl happy…so I like him😊


So what have I been doing?  Nothing much really…small town living doesn’t offer a whole lot, but I’ve been:


*tutoring one day a week during the school year

*teaching a girl’s group (1st-5th) at church

*teaching Sunday School

*pairing down and organizing for an eventual downsizing  (update:  we had a yard sale and got rid of lots of "stuff")

*going on a girls’ trip to Savannah this summer...my high school girlfriends are the absolute BEST!

*selling (a little) on Poshmark which I decided to try…and I’ve done OK…made about $200…but it does take some time

*working on reading the Bible straight through…boy, is some of that Old Testament stuff rough!!!  Some mighty bad people lived back in those days.  (Guess nothing much has changed!!!)

I try to stay busy…can’t stand being idle or not having a project on hand.  I’ve decided I must have developed ADHD in my old age…or maybe I’ve always had it?????

I feel sure this is boring to anyone reading it, but I just needed to jump back in and see if I want to continue this blog.  If anyone has an idea of an interesting theme I could use, PLEASE let me know…some people have a cooking blog or a decorating blog or a raising kids blog…but I don’t cook as much as I once did, my house is about as decorated as it’s going to get, and my grandkids are about grown up.  I NEED SOMETHING NEW IN MY LIFE!!!!!!  Any ideas of how to keep an old lady bright-eyed and bushy-tailed???


Hope all is well with you and yours.  I need to catch up with my favorite bloggers.  Sending love & hugs!!!!


And a special THANK YOU to the Little Pirate who recently sent me a note saying she missed me…that meant so much.  I hope to write more in the days to come…hopefully it will be more interesting than this post!!!