Thursday, October 4, 2018


Is it really already OCTOBER???  Where has this year gone?  Seems like only yesterday I was watching that glittery ball drop to welcome in the NEW YEAR!  I honestly don’t know how I made it all those years of working.   RETIREMENT seems to keep me very busy.
So what have I been doing lately?  (Definitely not writing much on my blog…because there just hasn’t been time!)            I have been…

*GOING TO CHEER COMPETITIONS with our granddaughter (3 Saturdays in a row)

*GOING TO THE GYM (I finally lost another 2 lbs. after being stuck at a brick wall for awhile😊

*RUNNING TAXI SERVICE for the two grands!

*TEACHING SUNDAY SCHOOL while our usual teacher is out of town.


*REORGANIZING my CRAFT AREA…that’s been a chore and a half!

*FALL CLEANING…going through every closet, drawer, & cabinet & decluttering. 

*HELPING A FRIEND who is going through a difficult time.


*And for my hubby...COOKING & LAUNDRY...he likes to eat & have clean clothes:) 

Life, please slow down!  My grandbabies are growing up so fast (now 15 and 12)…AND I still have a lot I want to accomplish in this lifetime!!!  Why is it that when you are a child a year seems like an eternity but the older you get the faster time seems to fly by? 

So...what have you been doing with your time?  Hope you are enjoying life!

Saturday, September 22, 2018


That’s what F A L L  is made of😊

At least to me, it’s not F A L L without the taste of pumpkin and the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, & cloves.  And how I do love a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!  (Of course, right now in my neck of the woods it’s still in the high 90s and the last thing I’m thinking of is drinking something hot!)

However, I have “visions of sugarplums (pumpkins, colored leaves, scarecrows, long-sleeves, cowboy boots, & plowed-up peanut fields) dancing in my head.  I am SOOOO over summer and wishing I would wake up one morning soon with the smell & feel of 
F A L L in the air!  F A L L is definitely my favorite time of year, even though it doesn’t really get cool here until later.  But the sights & smells and just the feeling of a new FALL season sure can set my heart aflutter. 

Since I can’t really “experience” any of my autumn joys right yet, I thought I would share some things I’ve found around the net that have me drooling.  Plus…all these ideas look so easy that I think even I can pull them off! 

Mums are beginning to pop up on porches and steps around here…although I do fear the awful heat wave we’ve been having will dampen their spirits.  I plan to wait awhile before purchasing mine, but isn’t this plastic hanging-basket makeover just adorable.  It looks rather simple to make but just adds a punch and certainly looks better than plain plastic!

I’m also thinking of FINALLY trying my hand at chalk painting Mason Jars.  And I love, love BURLAP.  Wouldn’t these be so “FALLish” on a mantle or entryway table?

I like to decorate my (big) porch for the seasons, and these pillows would really dress up our swing.  In fact, I have some cheap inexpensive green pillows I bought at Wal-Mart awhile back, already have the burlap ribbon & leaves…so I’m set to go with this one!

I also have most of the makings for this idea…at least as soon as I go to our church and pick up a bunch of acorns.  So easy, but again so FALLish!  And if it’s inspired by POTTERY BARN you know the original was e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e!

And this idea is very similar…you can buy really nice looking glass containers at the DOLLAR TREE.

“Rustic” decorating just seems (to me) to go along with F A L L and this old chair with the pumpkin would be so inviting on my side porch.  There’s nothing that says “Fall Y'all” more than PUMPKINS😊   

I went for my yearly mammo (don’t forget to get yours😊) last week and “just happened” to drop by HOBBY LOBBY.  Their candlesticks and lanterns were on half-price (yes!!!), so of course, I couldn’t pass up a good sale. I plan to use this idea (but my lantern is waaayyy cuter!) It will look great alongside the wooden candlesticks on my mantle.

I could share LOTS more but don’t want this post to get too long.  Hopefully cool weather will grace us very soon and I can use all these ideas I’ve been collecting.  In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the anticipation of things to come….

falling leaves
yellow mums
apple cider
cool, crisp air
fall festivals
simmering spices
the smell of turned-up peanuts
& (of course)...

What is your favorite thing about FALL?

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Sunday Gleanings

 I taught my Sunday School class today…I’m the alternate teacher for when our regular teacher can’t be there.  Our lesson was on FAITH vs WORKS.  When I saw that this was what our lesson was about, my first thought was, “Oh, golly!  They’ve heard this a thousand times…what more can I say about it?”  (As a classroom teacher for over 30 years, it always bothered me if I thought a student was bored because he already knew what I was teaching!)
At any rate, I read many resources & commentaries and ended up being surprised that my way of thinking evidently is in the minority.  I have always been taught (and therefore believed) that SALVATION comes from our faith.  When we ask Jesus into our hearts, He grants us grace; and our salvation is our free & unequivocal gift from Him...and I still believe this.  I also thought that all Christians believed the same thing, but after much studying I found out that I seem to be in the minority instead of the majority.  I won’t go into too much length, but let me share with you this fact that has been gleaned through various research projects…..

 When surveyed, 53% of those adults surveyed (including Christians and non-Christians) said that they believed that if they were generally good and did enough good things during their life, they would “earn” a place in heaven. 
Now I don’t really want to get into a long theological discussion, but in my faith (Baptist) we are taught that what gets you into heaven is your FAITH and not your WORKS .  And that’s all I’m going to say about that; but there were a couple of vital points about FAITH that I made in our lesson today that I want to share because they really resonated with me and touched my heart.  These are not MY words…I gleaned them from my study.

 FAITH is like a 3-legged stool….and you know what happens if one of those legs is missing or broken!                                      
The 1st leg is:  FAITH BELIEVES SOMETHING. The beginning of any relationship with God is a belief in Him and in His son Jesus.

The 2nd leg is:  FAITH FEELS SOMETHING.  There is (or should be) an emotional component to our faith….when we accept Christ, when we truly believe in Him and all He stands for, when we really want to lead a good Christian life….we are going to be changed...our heart is changed.

And the 3rd leg is:  FAITH DOES SOMETHING.  If we believe all the right things & feel all the right emotions, then all of that should be manifested in tangible ways.  That’s where our WORKS come in.

FAITH & WORKS are also like a REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUP😊  The peanut butter & chocolate go hand-in-hand and if either ingredient is missing you don’t have a true Reese’s!  Our FAITH & WORKS are the same!

Soooo… my belief we have to have FAITH first, and when we are filled with FAITH our  WORKS will follow….or at least they should.

I left my class with this question and I leave it for you as well…
If God came to you today and asked, “What have you done for me lately?” what would your answer be?

REMEMBER:  “Christianity” is a noun; but it should also be a verb!

Hoping & praying you have a lovely week and that you will be filled with the love, grace, and FAITH overflowing.

Sunday, August 26, 2018


Writer’s Block….how I hate it!  But it’s real and it’s been plaguing me since my last post.  When you are retired, live in a small town, and two of your best friends have moved away, it can be difficult to find something to write about.  And….this week has been one of those “if it weren’t for bad news, I wouldn’t have had any news at all”!  So much sickness among friends & family.  BUT!!!  I have many things for which to be grateful.  Now with that said, let me begin a new post…..

“My name is Cheri and I am a….WORRIER.”  (Isn’t that how they begin at AA meetings?)  I was raised by a mother who worried A LOT, so I guess she passed the gene on to me.  (Wish she had passed on her genes for her beautiful fingernails instead.)  My husband says if I don’t have something to worry about, I will find something!  And as much a I hate to admit it, he’s exactly right.

Our Sunday School lesson today was on WORRYING and I had high hopes my teacher would give me the antidote to a malady that has plagued me all my life, but sadly that wasn’t the case…even though it was a really good lesson.  One thing that was brought out, however, is that WORRY  IS NOT A SIN, but an EMOTION.  (If it were a sin, I’d be doomed!)  Even my pastor’s wife who is in our class admitted that although she doesn’t worry about the future, she worries about things that have happened in the past…why did she do such & such, did I do such & such right, that sort of thing.  I don’t worry about the past but I guess I do FRET about certain past things.  My problem is WORRYING about “what might happen.”  I’m better than I used to be though!

After our lesson I got to reading some online articles about WORRYING & STRESSING and came across one that gave me some food for thought, so I decided to share some of it with you in case you (or someone you care about) is a WORRIER.  The article discussed some things you can do to replace your WORRY and it can be found , HERE but this is the long & short of it......

1.  Remind yourself:  this isn’t happening right now.
Whatever you are worried about either happened in the past or you fear it will happen in the future.  You can’t change the past and….what you are afraid of may never come to pass. 
          advice of Shantideva, an 8th century Buddhist monk:  If the problem can be solved why worry?  If the problem cannot be solved, worrying will do you no good.   
I sure do need to take that advice!

2.  Change the channel:  in other words, when the worry pops into your head try to divert your thoughts to something else.    (note to self…don’t stew in  your worry juices!)

3.  Use an affirmation:  come up with a short positive statement such as “I will not be afraid”, “God and I’ve got this”, “I won’t let this rob me of my joy”, etc.  Something you can repeat to yourself when the worrisome thoughts enter your head.     (Example:  twice I have had to drive alone to St. Simons Island to visit with friends.  However, between SSI and me there is this HUMONGOUS & HIGH bridge….which I do NOT like to cross, let alone drive!  I have now driven over the bridge a total of 4 times and all the way I have repeated over & over….”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”   Bet those people passing me, since I wasn't  in any hurry, wondered who in the world I was talking to!)

4.  Love yourself, worry and all…not sure I quite get this one but my thought is that if you are a WORRIER you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it.  I mean, we all have our flaws😊 Some of us just can’t help that we live & fight with WORRY, but what’s important is that we do our best not to let it consume us.
5.  Set aside time to worry…research says there is something to this one.  Set aside 20 or so minutes (maybe first thing in the a.m.) and think about what it is that is WORRYING you, think of any possible solutions or something you can do to help the matter, then let it go for the rest of the day.  I might try this one….I’ll have my WORRY TIME, followed by my devotional time, and do my best to 

The article ended with this statement and I really like it:
  Be patient.  Some people acquire a stronger tendency to  worry  in childhood, as a result of experiences as an adult, or due to genetics or a combination of all three.  It will take commitment & practice to dispel  worry, but you can do this.  Celebrate every time you let go of a  worry  thought and enjoy the sense of relief you feel instead.
         Are you a worrier?  If not, I’m so happy for you.  If you are, how do you deal with it?  I’m open to any suggestions!

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Well, I’m finally going to break down and get on board with a MEME!  So many bloggers have “been there, done that” but I never have.  However, I came across this one today and (for whatever crazy reason) it appealed to me.  In case you are interested in delving into my brain & learning a little bit more about my (out-of-the-ordinary) way of thinking, then PLEASE do read on.  But if not, that’s understandable & you can just come back to  "chat" another day.  I’m really doing this to tap my own brain & see what it comes up with.  You know, at my age you’ve got to work on your brain health as much as possible!!!  So here goes with the 'I  MEME'

*I am:     (it would start off with a really hard one!)   still learning how to “age gracefully”
*I live:    in a yellow two-story house in a small rural southern town
*I think:    too much about things that don’t really matter or things I can’t change anyway
*I know:    I am very blessed to have my wonderful family

*I want:    to be remembered as a teacher who gave it her all & made a positive difference in children’s lives
*I wish:    I could win the lottery (I’d share😊)
*I pray:    every day for those I love & care about….and sometimes for the world in general
*I sometimes:    cry for no good reason
*I hurt when:    someone I love hurts
*I fear:    the loss of loved ones...and going to the dentist
*I miss:    my daughter & teaching
*I hoard:    paper!  especially pretty paper!
*I take:    blood pressure medicine
*I believe:    in God, Jesus, & the American flag
*I crave:    SUGAR (especially if it’s combined with chocolate!)
*I love to:    dance (get down & boogie)

*I look for:    bargains (my husband says I’m cheap; I say I’m frugal)
*I never:    swim underwater  (nearly drowned as a child)
*I spend:    too much time on the computer
*I write:    epistles when I email friends & family  (guess I’m long-winded!)
*I had:       a dog that had a mental breakdown (when our son went off to college)

*I am passionate about:    my grandchildren!
*I cry:  at the drop of a hat
*I am impatient when:  I have to wait a long time unnecessarilyπŸ™
*I need to:  stop worrying so much 
*I cherish:    my husband (he’s so good to me😊)

OK….enough already!  If you have made it this far BLESS YOUR HEART!  Thanks for reading….now we both know a little bit more about me!  Everybody needs to get a little introspective at times.  What about you?