Friday, September 3, 2010


I recently took part in a PUMPKIN KITCHEN SWAP organized by my friend Cindy @ Rick-Rack & Gingham.  I was partnered with Debbie from Missouri who is an avid Raggedy Ann & Andy collector.  She doesn't have a blog but does enjoy the blogging world.  Today I received my package and it was like Christmas in September.  I especially like the cute tag she made.  And can you believe she found that can...cherries AND a Raggedy???  Thanks, Debbie, for everything.  It makes me know that FALL is on its way! 

I love vintage embroidery.  I always wonder who made it....who were they, how old were they, why was it created, etc.  I recently was fortunate enough to find these pretties.  I also got this cute pink wire basket.  I'm not a really "pink" kind of girl but this one spoke to me and told me to bring it home...and I did!

The grands were here recently and wanted something "new" to do so we painted rocks and shells.  They had fun and the results were quite least to a grandmother's eyes.

Summer is officially coming to an end in more ways than here begins next week.  My son and DIL took the grands for one last bit of summer fun at BUILD  A  BEAR...or in this case, HELLO KITTY and

Three weeks ago I took a slight rather nasty tumble down our stairs and badly sprained my ankle.  OUCH!!!  I am still limping around.  My doctor (who is also related) basically told me I was no longer a spring chicken and wouldn't bounce back as fast.  Gee thanks!  I can also feel my butt rear end getting wider and wider due to lack of daily exercise.

A friend recently took this photo of my two guys...husband & son...and me.  I am very blessed to have them both in my life.  I also think they are quite handsome!

Well, that's all folks.  Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend.


  1. Love the kitchen shots. Very fall-esque.

    Those are some well painted rocks.

    In the southern hemisphere, it's winter that's just ended.

    I'm going to miss the cold, even if it is still bucketing down outside.

  2. What a wonderful gift you received! It is kinda like Christmas to get all of those goodies in the mail! Love the embroidered pretty! I love finding such beautiful hand made items! They are just so special!

    Now, those grandkids are precious! Mine love Build-a-bear too and hardly ever get a bear:)

    Hope your ankle feels better! You stay off of it as much as possible! Easier said than done, right?

    Handsome and your Son are both HANDSOME! You are looking quite gorgeous too! Enjoy your evening my friend! Big Hugs!

  3. What fun items you received! Love all the family pictures. Best thing ever is good memories with kiddos.

  4. You seem to do well in sending and receiving items. but nothing beats the grandkids and family, whatever they are doing. The rocks are quite artistic!

  5. Hi, I was just checking out my sister's blog and found yours! I think the grands are adorable and I am glad they enjoy making pretty things for you! I, also, am not a basket sort of person, but the pink one is different enough to tempt me. The embroidery pieces remind me of my mother somehow. Your family is attractive "in spades" and you do not look old enough to be retired! I am certain I shall enjoy following your blog! I like what I have read so far and look forward to more. By the way, learning to draw is far simpler than you really is!

  6. Hi Cheri,
    I wanted to stop by and thank you for the compliments about my blog...if you click on this link, it will tell you about my cherry table! :) Thanks again! Sandy

  7. Hi Cheri~
    What a cute place you have here. Love your background and header. I chuckled about "it spoke to me and told me to bring it home". That often happens with me, too. :D
    Aren't Grandkids the best...yours are so cute and they were so intent on their painting..
    Happy Day!

  8. Hi Cheri,

    Love all the fall gifts you received! I'm so ready for fall weathernow! Your grandkids are precious..and yes I must say your family is very handsome! Thanks for your sweet visit and have a wonderful Labor Day holiday!

    Miss Bloomers

  9. Hi Cheri~ what a fun post! You have such cute grandkids and your son and husband ARE very handsome! SO sorry to hear about your ankle- it's such a pain- I did that exact same thing summer before last, tore out my whole foot, and spent two months in a boot! Hope you heal fast! OH! I love your wonderful trade items, too~ and what a great can label!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by. The grands did a great job on their rocks. Being a pink girl I love the towel with the embroidery, I too always wonder about the original owners. The healing of your ankle, sometimes a sprain is worse than a break...Fire that Dr. LOL! Your guy's are gorgeous!


  11. The painted rocks and shells are my favorite "this and thats" :-)

  12. You lucky gal to receive those gifts. Hope you are recovering quickly too. Thank you so much for your input, it means a lot. I wonder if we are missing one of our same fellow bloggers (one is Leann) I really liked her, and miss seeing her out here. Thanks again.

  13. Charming post, Cheri! You are indeed blessed with your beautiful grandchildren and your two very handsome men! Love the projects the kids made..the photos of them are so cute.

    Sorry to hear about your sprain, though! Hope that heals quickly for you. Enjoy your kitchen trade goodies and your embroidered pieces...lovely to have all those treats. And thank you for your sweet comments on my's always a pleasure when you stop by...:)


  14. What a lovely post full of wonderful things! She really put some thought into that package! I love Fall - can feel it coming! I loved it when my little ones did projects like that and hope that when my children have little ones they'll love to do things like that at my house! I hope you're recovering! I tell my husband I forget I am not a kid and do things to hurt myself! Very nice picture of you and your men! You are blessed,
    Hope you have a fantastic week!

  15. I love fall too! That package is does put one in the mood...I love vintage linens, mostly tablecloths are what I collect. So sorry about your foot. I hate it when Docs say the old "you're not 21 anymore" diagnosis. Sprains always take longer to heal that a fracture! I love the pic of you and your guys. You are just as cute as they come and so are they! Happy Labor Day!

  16. What a warm and really fun post. That vintage embroidery really takes me back, I love it!


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