Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Special Memories

My sweet cousin Lori sent me this picture today of her parents....and ME.  Dick and Macy have always been my favorite aunt and uncle, although I also had many other aunts and uncles that I loved dearly.  Macy is my mother's youngest (and only living) sibling.  She is definitely a good judge of character because she married my uncle Dick who is truly a man of very high moral character, a wonderful Christian, and just a genuinely nice guy.  They have had the kind of marriage all of us should pray for and they are dedicated to each other more than any couple I've ever known.              

When I was little Dick and Macy often babysat me.  I think they would sometimes just come get me and play with me like a baby doll.  In other words, they spoiled me rotten...and I loved it.  I was the "apple of their eye" for several years until they ruined everything by having their own child...and a boy on top of that!  His name was TIMOTHY and he was an absolutely beautiful baby boy.  I remember many people commenting on how beautiful he was.  I loved him...but I was very jealous!  A few years later Lori was born...thankfully a girl this time!  Lori loved all things creepy and would pick up every lizard, frog, toad, or other creepy-crawly that she saw.  That was definitely not my thing!  My sweet cousin Timothy died a few years ago and it has been hard on my aunt and uncle.  There have also been some health issues with Dick, but together they have made it through.  They are just so dedicated to each other.

I love Macy dearly, but I have to admit that Dick is my "rock."  I was estranged from my real father after my parents' divorce when I was about 12 and Dick has just been sort of my "father figure" for many years.  I have always wished that he could have been my real father but I couldn't love him any more if he was.  I know that both he and Macy love me dearly and that means more to me than I could ever tell them.  I am so very blessed to have them both in my lives.  They are wonderful role models for me personally as well as a model of how I want my own marriage to always be.  Thank you, Macy & Dick...for your love and for being the special people that you are.


  1. They sound like wonderful people, and how nice of your cousin to send you the photo! Everyone needs people like this in their lives, who love them just because, and who are so easy to love in return.

  2. Awww..thanks for sharing this!! I am glad you had them in your life!!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. What a touching post, Cheri! Divorce must have been difficult on you at the age of twelve. When I was 12 (and I'm 52 now), it was very "unusual" for a couple to get a divorce. It couldn't have been easy. You are indeed blessed to have had Macy and Dick in your life. It's funny that they use to come and get you just so that they would have a baby doll to play with. Then they spoiled it all by having their own, huh? That's so sweet!

  4. Cheri,
    What a sweet post. Isn't it wonderful to be around people like Dick and Macy? So glad you had them in your life. I've been estranged from my father for the past several years and it is painful sometimes and I'm an adult. Can't imagine what it must have been like as a child.

    By the way , what a cute baby you were!

    Elizabeth Ann

  5. A wonderful tribute to your aunt and uncle.

  6. What a precious picture and it sounds like a precious couple! I love it when someone means so much to you and you let them know it!

    YOU are TOO CUTE!

    Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  7. What a wonderful photo to receive and an equally wonderful tribute to your aunt and uncle. A few years back I started working on my family tree at I've had so much fun with it and reconnected with family members I had not seen since I was a child and others that I never knew. I've received a wealth of photos from them and heard stories I never knew.

    I also read your hunting post. While I don't personally hunt, I have many family members who do. My cousin Benny owns Gopher Plantation over in Millwood.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my upcoming move, I think this is going to be much better for me. And your MILs shells? I'd love to see those one day, maybe I can help you do something with them in her honor. I'm assuming it was some of those that your grands had such fun painting. Cute!

  8. Love Macy's dress. I also has an aunt and uncle I loved dearly, I think of them often. Aunt Dolly taught me to knit.

  9. What a sweet photo of you! It's a beautiful tribute to your Aunt and Uncle's wonderful how God puts special people and family in our lives to be there when we need them during difficult times. They were blessed as well as you!

  10. Interesting how an old picture can evoke so many nostalgic memories.


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