Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Little FALL Decorating & Photo Op

The weather here just is not cooperating!  It's still in the 90's although we are all wishing for cooler temps with that autumn nip in the air.  The leaves are falling but most are just dry and brown due to lack of rain...not red, yellow, orange, & gold.  To try and "fool" myself into thinking that FALL is really here, I did a little decorating...

                              Our side porch, leading into the kitchen.
          This is where I often sit to talk on the phone...or to read and contemplate.

A not-so-scary scarecrow to greet side-door guests

Another cute Scarecrow on the other side of the door

A cute first "she" Scarecrow!  Wonder why it took so long for someone to think of this?

A Scarecrow at the front door

Another place to sit and think

The ivy is real but I cheated on the sunflowers...they're silk but I think they add a cheerfulness to the front entrance.

A centerpiece for the table...I'm not a "florist" by any means.  I just threw together what I had along with a ceramic quail made by my daughter for her daddy many years ago.

I'm still playing around with my new camera trying to learn just what all it can do.  If I keep reading the manual, I'll probably work through it in a couple of years!  Why oh why do they make instructions so complicated???  Now if I can just figure out Picasa...(I need "Picasa for Dummies")!


Sweet Bee is having a giveaway....if you win can I have the cute little "cherry" creamer???


  1. Your fall decorating looks wonderful Cheri!
    I love all the pretty and charming touches!
    We were only in the mid-sixties today so our Autumn is very here.
    Take Care,

  2. Cheryl..I love your porches..I could see us sitting there and chatting!! I sold my wicker last year at a garage sale..when we were putting everything in storage..I dooo miss it!So I will enjoy yours. I love the she scarecrows..they are so cute!

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Happy Fall to you too! A couple of things that you have... I HAVE ALSO! The little He and She scarecrows and the sign that says "come sit on my porch"!\

    LOVE the sunflowers and all of the bright colors! You have a wonderful place to sit and chat or contemplate!

    Have a blessed evening my friend! HUGS!

  4. Happy Fall! I love your scarecrows, but adore your lovely places to sit on the porch. I am dreaming of a porch like that one day!

  5. Cheri, I love your porch! Your wicker furniture is so pretty and what gorgeous autumn decorations! Your centerpiece is just perfect, too!

  6. Your porches look great - so welcoming. I like where you're going with your photos. Keep up the good work.

  7. Your fall decorating looks pretty cool, but once again you crazy Americans have got it all backwards.

    It's spring now. It's not fall for another 6 months.

  8. Hi Cheri...your porch and scarecrows are so ready for the season. They look adorable and so happy.

  9. you are progressing through the camera manual. I have tried to capture a butterfly with open wings all summer but patience is not my forte.

    Also there is a hummingbird pecking on my windowbox which has a fake red rose in a vase. Still have not caught it. but kinda a dumb hummingbird. Hope he does not flit around a red Camaro whjzzing down tghe road.

  10. I think your pics look wonderful! I can't figure out Picasa either. Try Picnik. It's free and to me much easier. I need to make myself a scarecrow. I've been saying that for years and yours are so cute I'm just gonna do it.

  11. Love all your shots. I'm looking forward to fall also. It's been in the 90's since April. We missed Spring and now we're missing Fall. Autumn is a state of mind and I love your decorations. Keep working with that camera. I had mine for over a year before I figured out that it took black and white and sepia tone photos. Hang in there, it will all be second nature before you know it!

  12. Your decorations are so cute...maybe I'll get out and gussy up the deck! It's been fairly cool here (60's) but it will warm up this week. As soon as our county fair is over this week I feel fall has truly come! My fav time of year!

  13. How pretty for fall Cheri! Your scarecrows are all just precious. *Smiles* ~Melissa

  14. Hi Sheri...

    Your place looks ready to go for autumn, my friend! I really enjoyed all of your darling fun and festive! I think my favorite is the girl and boy scarecrow in that awesome green watering that! Ohhh...and I love your autumn table centerpiece as well! So very pretty!

    I certainly enjoyed your photos! I just ordered a new camera...hoping that it will be here tomorrow! I know that I'm going to be "neck deep" with the instructions as well! Hehe! I'm excited though! It's funny...I began blogging because I really enjoyed the interior design...and now I am really enjoying the photography part more. Well my friend, best wishes to you and your new camera! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a peek at my autumn decor! I really enjoyed your visit and sweet note! Thank you, Sheri!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  15. Oops...just lil' ol' me again. I just realized that I misspelled your name twice! I'm so sorry! You would think that I could have gotten that right...especially since it is spelled nearly like mine!


  16. Beautiful Fall porch!

    I love the photo of the tracks. I want to do that too. You are doing great with your new camera.

  17. What gorgeous scarecrows. Came to visit you via BJ! Yours porch looks so pretty and cosy..
    Warm South African Blessings!

  18. I love all your fallness...I need to get started decorating a little for fall. I never do very much. I always wait for...CHRISTMAS!!:)

    You should give
    a look-at. I couldn't survive another day without it. I use it every single day on every single photo. It is sooo easy and you can do almost ANYthing there. I think you would love it. I surely do. I love to crop my photos for the best look..lighten, darken, focus, all the special's just a fabulous place.
    If you try it and have any questions, I'll be glad to try and help. It is such an easy site, tho.

  19. Thanks for sharing you beautiful fall decorations! It has been so hot here it is har to believe it is fall.

  20. thanks for your comment on my post re my houses's history you are right old houses are expensive. i love your fall decorations. they say "WECOME". take care rose

  21. thanks for your comment about Berry. the college keeps adding more buildings and it's very ntcable. rose

  22. Hi Cheri,
    Thanks for your visit. I am getting my cigar box project together, it gives me something to think of besides baby stuff. lol
    It's storming like crazy here right now, weird weather were having.

  23. Hi Cheri,
    I love your porch and I also love your pretty fall decorations. I haven't done much. I did put a wreath out on my front porch and then decided it was too bright! LOL!

    Your photography is looking good. I finally got the Picasa thing, but it's tricky.


  24. Hi Cheri. I have you signed up for the Christmas Swap. Just a few so far but that's okay. I love your fall decorations. We just had our 40th weddiing anniversary as well. Your grandchildren are adorable. I will be back in touch. Thanks.

  25. Hi Cheri,
    What wonderful ways to welcome fall! I love the scarecrows and the sunflowers. I would love to sit and read on your porch, looks so cozy! Thanks for sharing and dropping by to visit.

  26. Cheri,
    Looking at the picture of the railroad tracks I'm guessing you are in south Georgia. I'm a south Georgia girl myself but have been away many years now. Met my husband at UGA and he took me north.

    Those camera directions are hopeless. With my new Christmas camera I just started taking pictures and looked up the details when I needed to know what the buttons do.


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