Friday, September 24, 2010

My Inbox is Full

Once again I have over-extended myself!  My INBOX is full! 
I realized yesterday that I have a boat load of projects, events, work, trips, etc. that I need to get accomplished within the next two weeks.  Here is my Laundry List of Things to Do....

*participating in a CIGAR BOX first; not sure why I decided to do this since I'm not all that creative!
*participating in a BOOK SWAP...that, at least, got done today
*out-of-town meeting next Tuesday
*observations of my new teachers that I mentor
*two baby showers to attend
*a bridal shower at my house in two weeks and another shower to attend...gotta get this house cleaned up!
*shower invitations...that one's checked off!
*complete a special gift I'm making for the honoree
*a party to attend for a friend's daughter who is getting married
*class reunion next weekend....gotta find SOMETHING to wear!!!!
*get manicure & pedicure before reunion
*pick up grandkids many afternoons & keep them Wed. & Fri. each week
*catch up on email which I'm very behind on
*try to find time to cook a few meals for the hubby
*did I mention S-L-E-E-P????

I'm trying hard not to stress over all this. I know I will get it all done; in fact, I work better with time constraints.  But I hope I remember next time to make sure my OUTBOX is more in balance with my INBOX!  After it's all done, I think I'll have this...
and this...
or maybe I'll just pack my bags and hide for awhile!
But I truly am thankful to have a busy life filled with family & friends and work to do.  As an old principal I used to have would say....

  I'm  too  blessed  to  be  stressed!

Hope all of you have a wonderful, unstressed weekend...forget the can get it done next week!           
P.S.:  One more thing I'm gonna take the time to do is go over to and register to win an awesome charm bracelet.  Shhh...don't tell anybody cause I don't want a lot of competition.  I LOVE charm bracelets!


  1. Oh Cheri -- I've read through your list several times trying to figure out what you can just let go and I don't see anything, except cooking meals for your husband (and I doubt that he would agree -- haha). God is certainly doing quite a job of keeping your occupied. The more capable you are, the more you end up with on your plate! Doesn't that make you feel great? You can do this, girl! (Can you hire a girl Friday for a couple of weeks?) You can do this!

  2. I know the feeling. It seems lately I have so many things to do and not enough time.. but I try to take at least one day every weekend and just sit and watch TV and surf the internet and forget about the list.

  3. I'm worn out just reading it, Cheri LOL! There are just those times for all of us...just get help where you can, and try to enjoy it!

  4. Oh my friend, I'm too blessed to be stressed too:) I love having a list and I do so love being busy! You will get it all done and feel good about it!

    I wanted to do the cigar box swap but decided not to add that pressure on top of everything I have going on!

    Have a blessed day and I pray you mark a lot of things off that list of yours!


  5. I don't even want to know what a "cigar box swap" is...I might want to add it to my list! Your list is lengthy for sure and like burdens, we really wouldn't want each others! So I'll keep mine and you keep yours and I know we can get them done..have a super, blessed weekend!

  6. Know the feeling....I would love to have a day 'just at home'. However, it will be a sorry day when no one asks us anywhere, or we are not interested in life and it rich pickings.

  7. Oh my you are busy Cheri!
    Please don't fret over the cigar project at all, you have enough on your platter!
    Thanks for your sweet note too.

  8. Hey girl..somehow I missed this post. You are staying busy thats for sure.Just try to breathe and enjoy it..or why do it! Right?

    Hugs.. Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  9. the immortal words of one of my favorite characters...."just keep swimming, keep on swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming.....just keep skimming......

  10. Hi Cheri, I've been meaning to come over and say hi and thank you for the comments you've left on my Sneak-Peek Saturdays, but... I guess I've been blessed with stress lately. (Does it work to rearrange the words that way?) I hope you're getting through your list without a hitch and that you're also enjoying some downtime!

  11. alot to do but, you will handle this. Just remember you are breathing and have the power. thanks for your comment on my post re horses. i'm waiting for husband decide what to do. he wants to help, but. the horses got back into our yard last night. rose

  12. Good luck.... it is a blessing to be wanted and needed!!

  13. I get this! I am so tired from VACATION, I need a vacation!

  14. I know you can do this...just keep checking things off and you'll gather more steam to complete the next item. Remember the "Little Engine that Could!"

  15. i think i had read your post and my mind is cooked but no comment. It sounds like you need to slow down. I need to do something to get my mind working. take care rose

  16. Thanks for stopping by- yes the 62 Shasta Compact was mine, recently sold it and now have a 63 Silver Streak ... in the process of a remodel on her.. almost done.. I am a sister on the "sister on the fly" sister #1446 .. we all have vintage trailers, and have a blast.. get you a trailer and come along!

  17. Sounds like you really do have your plate very full. Take a deep breath and then just start running. Personally, the thought of the spa appeals to me. lol Thanks for your visits and your gracius comments. I really appreciate them. Hugs, Marty


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