Thursday, September 16, 2010


I want to thank everyone that commented on my last post.  I've talked to Lois twice since she left for KS and also heard from her granddaughter.  I miss her very much but I've kept busy with work this week and have begun to accept that she's no longer next door.  She's happy and excited to be with her family...and that makes me happy too.

Isn't this a cute picture?  Grandson R. has been on two dove shoots this season with his daddy and Papa.  Here he is enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Believe me...this is something because he is a very picky eater!  He enjoyed 4 doves along with cheese grits....that's some good eating!!!
He is enjoying first grade which started last week and Granddaughter M. is loving PreK.  All of her best little girlfriends are in her class and she has the most awesome teacher and parapro.  Grandson R. has a young, energetic teacher who I've heard wonderful things about.  I am so thankful they both are happy and have great teachers.

Earlier this summer I remember remarking to someone what good health I was in.  Shouldn'ta done that!  Since my fall 5 weeks ago my body has gone to pot!  Remember this...

well, last weekend this same foot experienced GOUT in my big toe!!!  At first we couldn't figure out what in the world was going on, but the pain was horrendous!  Our family doctor (who is also a cousin) made a house call and gave me the diagnosis.  I was shocked!  Fortunately, the pain only lasted that day.  The toe is still sore but no real pain.  Women don't often get GOUT plus I didn't fit any of the criteria that usually goes along with it:  male over 30, overweight, diabetes, overuse of alcohol, inactivity, etc. I googled GOUT and found this and it is very appropriate:

 On top of all this I am now having trouble with my legs, probably because of how I've been walking due to my sore ankle and GOUTy toe!  Old age is "the devil"!!!!  Lately, if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.  I know it could be worse though so I'll stop complaining now!

Now that the school year has started I'm back at work with my part time job.  I mentor new teachers at our primary and elementary schools.  I LOVE MY JOB!  This year I have several to work with and so far they are all doing a great job and are very open to my advice and suggestions.  I am passionate about education and thankful that I can still be a part of it.  I love the beginning of a new school year...there's nothing like the smell of a new box of CRAYOLA crayons!

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  1. The grandkids look very excited to be heading back to school.

    I hope your streak of bad luck healthwise ends soon.

  2. Those are some happy looking grandchildren! So sorry about the toe. My brother-in-law has gout issues every now and again. Not fun.

    I'm so happy to hear Lois is enjoying her new spot. As for Crayolas - I keep a box handy for days that I need to color my world!

  3. Oh dear, the gout is bad pain! I don't know this first hand but a friend of my Dad's had it! I hope it won't visit you again!

    Those kids are just too cute, I love the hairbow:)

    Happy you are getting to mentor those nice teachers! They are lucky to have you!

    Enjoy your day! HUGS!

  4. Great pictures. The kids are just adorable. My handsome hubby has gout. Diet keeps his under control most of the time. The two things that cause a flare up are turkey and tuna. As long as he stays away from those foods he's ok. Also he takes lots of vitamins and other supplements. Hang in there and enjoy smelling that sweet Crayola aroma.

  5. Goodness, sounds like the health issues are rearing their ugly heads. Hopefully all will be under control soon. The pics of your grands are adorable. Thanks also for your gracious comments on the cloche party post. I really appreciate it. You asked about the large one that I have on the wooden cakestand. I actually found that one at Goodwill, however I do see them at Home Goods. They usually have the same one in their glass container section. Almost always it is on sale for $20 so that's not bad. Good luck I hope you find one. Hugs, Marty

  6. First, I am so sorry that your next door neighbor and dear friend has moved. I know how that tears at your heart. What part of KS did she move to? We border the state line (MO) where I am! :)

    Your grand kiddos are adorable....and so lucky to have great teachers!! My little gr. girl will start K next year....I can't believe it.

    How great that you have a part time job that you love....I'm sure the new teachers are so happy to have you as their mentor. When I started in educ., way back in the dark ages, we were just tossed into our assignment and we hoped for the best....especially those of us in sp. ed. It was so new no one knew what was going on! :)

    Sorry about your toe and ankle. I worry that with my new "jogging" efforts I will soon be showing photos similar to yours. I try to not overdo stretch, etc. Ya never know! My friend's hubby had gout, too, and they found out his was because of the BP med he was taking. He's OK now, but he was miserable for a while.

    Have a great weekend!! dana

  7. sorry re the health issue. it's great you mentor to teachers. teachers have gotten so much criticism so mentoring should be good. great photo of the children. take care get better. rose

  8. You were really blessed to have Lois. I moved and left behind a dear friend and it is hard.

    I hope the toe is better. Some days things just hurt! Thanks for being a follower of Porch Days!


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