Monday, September 6, 2010

Opening Day

Saturday was opening day...of DOVE hunting!  Yes, we are a hunting least my guys are.  I do go deer hunting with my hubby from time to time and sit in the stand with him.  We eat lots of vension (it's healthier for you than beef) and we love dove and quail.  My favorite is doves.  My three guys spent a grand day together along with cousins and friends.  They grilled burgers for lunch, then waited in the field for the doves to come in.  Grandson R. and one of his friends ended up with Papa 'cause his stand was in the shade.  While Papa used his shotgun, R. got in lots of practice with his BB gun.  Evidently he was a rather good shooter because his daddy (our son) was really bragging on him.  If you've never eaten fried doves, you don't know what you are missing.  Although I usually prefer "white meat" I absolutely love the dark-meated doves.  We soak them in salt water a day or two before cooking or freezing them.  I fry them up and serve with homemade biscuits and cheese grits.  As we say in the south:  It just don't get no better than that

**While the boys were having their brand of fun, my friend Jean and I went shopping!  We found some really cute things and some rather good bargains and we ate a delicious CAROLINA CHICKEN SALAD from RUBY TUESDAY' the day was good for the whole family!


  1. I'm thinking that you're a country girl, Cheri. I wouldn't have any idea how to prepare anything brought home to me if it didn't come wrapped in plastic. I always did think that hunting and fishing were great bonding experiences. No one in my family hunts and I'm the only one that fishes, so I get to "bond" with nature (haha). A couple of handsome dudes in that picture!

  2. We don't really do hunting in Australia.

    I think that's because most of our animals are dangerous, and if you start shooting them they'll get angry and kill you.

  3. Well, growing up on a farm I have eaten just about everything but not dove. I am game (hehe) to try most anything!

    I don't hunt but MANY years ago (perhaps 40 years ago), sat in a deer stand on a cool morning! It is a good memory:)

    Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  4. I'm a town girl, but know lots of hunters. If it isn't packed in a Styrofoam tray and already boned, I don't know how to cook it. It's good you live in the country, cause the folks in the city would be protesting and calling you a wingnut. Enjoy and save some grits for me. I love 'em.

  5. What great pictures! My hunter didn't do so well, so we had nothing to show for the entire weekend. I'd love to try doves with your suggestions, hopefully next time I will have something to cook! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by to visit.

  6. My boys love to target shoot, but they don't hunt. Fish? Sometimes...but I love to shoot with a bow and arrow. I'm pretty good too. One day the guys talked me into trying out the guns. I picked one up, shot at the target and hit the bulls eye repeatedly...then handed it back and walked Dirty Harry! They stood there with their mouths open and needless to say they love to tell the tale of their gun toten' Mamma! But I don't think I could kill anything. Does everyone get their own dove? They are pretty small after all.


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