Saturday, September 11, 2010

Broken Hearted

I have always known this day would probably come and now it is here and I am heart-broken.  My wonderful and beautiful and dearest friend and next-door neighbor LOIS has moved to Kansas.  Lois has been my neighbor for 28 years and during those years she came to mean more to me than I can find words to express.  She has been my friend, neighbor, the big sister I always wanted, my mother-figure, nurturer, confidant, role model...and so much more.  She was there with me 24 years ago during the most difficult experience of my life, and we were there for her when she lost her beloved husband BILL several years ago. She has told me she loved me more than any person in my life other than my husband.  She has listened to my secrets and shared my joys.  Her spunk, her positive outlook on life, her charitable heart, her courage, her love for God & country, and her strength have shown me what all of us should strive to be.  

       Now it is time for Lois to move closer to one of her sons and his family; our loss is their gain.  Because I love Lois so dearly, I am happy for her that she is going to be close to family, but it will take awhile for my heart to mend.  It will take awhile before I will be able to walk across our little bridge between her house and ours to welcome the new neighbors.  It will take awhile before I will think of her and not cry.  But each day of the rest of my life I will be thankful for the tremendous blessing God gave me when he sent her to me.  And, hopefully, we will see each other again...but until that day, I will hold her in my heart and pray each day that she is happy, healthy, and enjoying time with her new friends and family.       

I love you, Lois!


  1. Oh my friend! I am so sorry that you are sad! It sounds like Lois is a life-long friend and will still be a friend from Kansas!

    What you have to do is connect her to your blog! She will be able to keep up with what you are doing!

    Friendship is a real blessing! I am happy you have such a friend in Lois! HUGS and prayers for both of you!

  2. Friends are such a blessing! What a beautiful friendship and tribute to your friend. With technology what it is I'm sure you'll be able to keep in touch - I know it won't be the same. Good picture - Two pretty ladies!

  3. But thank goodness for electronics and programs such as Skype! My husband is Lebanese and when we married back in 1980, it could sometimes take us days to get a call through to family. Now we can Skype them and actually see them too!!!

    I'm sorry that Lois is moving but I'm happy for you to have had such a wonderful neighbor and friend in your life for so long.


  4. Hey Cheryl..what a beautiful friendship and sisterhood you two had and still have! I know that there is quite a bit of distance between you two now..but not where it your heart and in your mind..she is still there,as close as ever.
    Now here goes the other side of the coin..the new neighbors..
    God has placed them into a new neighborhood and now new neighbors! I bet it won't be long till you will be visiting her..and helping her out. You are now the wise one in the relationship..She must need you!!I know for a fact you will be an awesome neighbor and a do I know that? Because you ARE that way in blogland.
    I love visiting you..I love chatting with you on the phone..I love sharing prayer request..and thoughts with are my back yard neighbor..and like Lois we are many many miles apart.It can be done!!
    I will be praying for you my friend..I read your pain..I feel your loss..but know that I care!!

    Hugs ..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. Oh, I am so sorry your friend moved away..I had a neighbor that did the same and, after 10 years, I still see her house and tears start coming. Guess we never get over it but with your sweet attitude, you will be just fine. You realize the blessing of her friendship and that makes me know what a sweet spirit you have. Bet the next one that moves in there will just love you to death. :))
    Oh, and my name is bj...

  6. Prayers for you and Lois today, Cheri. You both look so happy together. You've been blessed to have such a wonderful friend in your life.

  7. Why is it the good neighbours that always move away?

    Okay, sometimes it takes them 28 years before they move.. but still..

  8. I'm so sorry sweetie!!! How blessed you have been to have such a special relationship - I envy you your wonderful friend - sounds like you're going to be getting more familiar with Kansas in the near future :-D

  9. OMGosh, sister sounds like you have your blog load time down pat. It loaded really quick this morning. Now, I also realize a lot depends on the time of day we are blogging. Early mornings, late nights are wonderful...during the day, with so many using their computers, I guess it can get pretty slow.

    Regarding the background widget...if you move the widget down to the very bottom of your page..down there, in the middle (very bottom), you can see that there's a place to add gadgets. Just put it there. Not sure why it makes a difference but I am told that...IT DOES. :)
    I'm not too swift on all this blogging stuff but I have some great people I can if you need any help, please let ME know, I'll let THEM know...and we'll all be...IN the know.
    :))) Have a great day.

  10. oops, not through yet...:)
    If you are interested, I can tell you how to resize your photos in a FLASH and then you won't have trouble with them being too big.

  11. Hi Cheri,

    Good friends are a treasure and it sounds like you have been blessed with a true friend.

    Thank you for stopping by and entering my giveaway.
    I am now following your blog.

    big hugs,

  12. What an incredible friendship Cheri. Lovely post!

  13. Aw, I'm so sorry! I hope you'll be able to talk with her on the phone at least! And road trips are always fun.

  14. Awww...that is so special that you where both blessed with eachothers friendship. That is rare to have a neighbor you so love and become that close with. I bet you will visit with each other often. Just think a new place to go to. Hang in there, she is going to miss you too.

  15. How wonderful to have such a great and loving friend...someone who will still love you no matter how far away you two are. But saying that goodbye had to hurt. I hope the new neighbors are just awesome and help the loss heal a little quicker.

  16. Cheri~ you are so blessed to have such a wonderful friend! I know you will miss her terribly, and hopefully you are able to make special times to visit each other and still spend time together. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and for your sweet comments!

  17. This is the sweetest post! I know you are going to miss your friend. My best friend moved away when I was young, but we still manage to see each other often!

  18. Just wanted to tell you that a couple of grands spent the night with me this weekend and we watched DIRTY DANCING ...AGAIN....for about the 100th time...and guess what? It was just as good as the very first time I saw it so many years ago. I couldn't keep from watching Patrick S. more how young and HEALTHY he was. OOO, what a great movie..and I see that it is one of YOUR favorites, too. :))

  19. ypur words about your friend were beautiful. She is a treasure as you are also a treasure. God bless. rose

  20. What a loving tribute to a dear friend, Cheri! I also have a best friend who lives a distance away, but since we've both started blogging, the distance has become shorter as we share our days that way. Love will alway find a way to connect.

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my writing and photography..I do enjoy them, and hope to get better with time and practice, but am always plagued with self-doubt. I must say, your own skills are excellent..your writing has a wonderful honesty and tenderness to it...I always enjoy reading your posts! And your photos are lovely..hope the new camera is bringing you much pleasure...:)


  21. Cheri, this is Lois's granddaughter and I want you to know she's surviving out here in good ole Kansas! What a neat blog you wrote though. I know how special she thinks you and your family are. I am sad for you, but at the same time, excited for us. We will make sure that she gets her internet hooked up soon so not only can you all be in touch over phone, but also via e-mail. It's amazing what technology will do!
    The Lord has blessed many people with my grandma and I'm glad you expressed this on your blog. God bless!


  22. Friends moving away is the worst, when they are lifelong friends its only harder, so sorry. The good news is in this day and age, the world really does seem so much smaller.

  23. Hi Cheri,
    I got your e-mail and I will e-mail you back soon. I know how tough it is to loose a close friend to a move. I had that happen recently and it's been tough!
    I see I am already a follower but it's not coming through my blog feed so I will try again.

  24. Hi, just wanted to come by and say the boy that tore up our backyard DID go to jail. He was arrested that night, spent that night and all the next day and part of the next.
    Thanks for coming by...
    xo bj

  25. Life without a large-than-life friend can be depressing, especially when they move.Military wives are good at maintaining these relationships. I had one with a wife in SC, even visited her when we visited my husband's side of family. I mourned when ahe died o pancreatic cancer.

  26. I "lost" a good friend to Maine this year and felt the same way that you do. After all these years you just want to hold on to all the old friendships,...kind of a stability. It's great when we reconnect though,...hopefully you will again soon!!


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