Thursday, November 19, 2020


Well, it has happened.  I’ve been writing my blog on and off since 2010, and I finally got my first rude comment! 

I was told early on in my blogging experience that this would probably happen at some point.  When I first read it, I was upset.  Upset mainly because I just don’t like anyone being rude to me for no reason (but who does?).  Also, because I would never have thought I would get a rude comment on a post about KINDNESS and helping those in need!!!!  By the way, the comment was from ANONYMOUS.  Listen up, people…if you want to be rude to me at least be above board about it and let me know who you are!    

Anyway…I started to delete the comment and probably should have (maybe still will), but then I decided I wanted to respond.  I tried to figure out exactly what was upsetting this gal or guy, but I’m oblivious.  So I decided to take the route I think God would want me to take in my response.  (Confession:  I did, however, not let this person think he or she could just make me into their doormat and that I was going to shy away from sharing my opinion…I can be feisty like that!)

At any rate, PLEASE take a look at the comment and my response and let me know what you think.  I imagine any further comments from Anonymous will be deleted…I just don’t care to get into that sort of stuff on my blog!!!

Note: since writing this post some of my readers commented they have seen this same comment on other blogs.  Guess somebody is just trolling “baby boomers” and evidently doesn’t like us!  It’s sad that something in his/her life has led him/her to feel the need to do this. 


I am not going to get into a deep discussion of the recent election, but feel I am ready to say my peace.  I voted Republican, but if you voted Democrat I still like you and respect your opinion…and I hope you will feel the same toward me.  I have to say I am disappointed (not because I am in love with the person of Donald Trump) but because I fear the election was not a fair one.  I would imagine there was some wrongdoing on both sides of the fence.  I just would like to know that votes have been counted fairly, and the rightful winner should be named.  I also have to say I worry about the talk of socialism; the thought of our economy and schools being shut down again; the thoughts of total government control over my life and the lives of my family, and especially grandchildren.  It has happened in the past…we can read our history books to be reminded.  And as we can see, socialism has never worked; total government control has never worked but only hurt the people.  I pray, though, that the future holds nothing but good things for EVERYONE in our country.  And I pray that we all will turn back to God and let HIM be the one in control.  My peace is now said and done with!!!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

My son, DIL, and grands always get a head start!  They love their Christmas and so put it up as soon as they think possible😊  However, my son does take it down just about the day AFTER Christmas…for him, when it’s done it’s done.  I will probably start with ALL the decorations (4 trees and then some) next week since my grands are out of school and I will have the help of my very artistic granddaughter who loves her some Christmas decorating, especially my Gingerbread People Tree.  So I’ll be posting pictures.  I hope to visit your blogs and see some too.


And I’ll end with something my mama always taught us:

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!


  1. There is a setting that doesn't allow anonymous comments. That's what I use and yes I have seen some nasty comments on other blogs:( Just keep blogging and spreading cheer! I will start my decorating the day after Thanksgiving. Have a blessed and beautiful day dear friend, HUGS!

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the setting. I'm going to check into it now:)

  2. I am with you! But we are finding out that crooks are every where

  3. Oh so true...I almost got scammed recently by a fake Ambercrumbie & Fitch site. Thankfully I got my money back!!!

  4. I've received many rude comments on my blog over the years. This is my policy: ignore and delete. Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  5. My thoughts, if you can be nice, then just don't comment. That is what I tell folks on my fb page, if I put something there that you don't like, scroll on by. Respect my right to my thoughts, you can tell me you don't agree, but don't be rude. What you put here is your choice, no one needs to leave a nasty comment.


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