Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Trivia

There's nothing much going on in my little neck of the woods.  It was a very rainy day earlier but now the sun is shining and the skies are basically clear.  You would know... I had to get out and about during the wettest part of the day! 

Cute grandkid story:  I often pick up my grandson after school and take him to his sitter's house.  On our way he loves to play games and lately his favorite has been a guessing game.  So it was my turn and I gave him these clues:
     *it flies but it doesn't have wings
     *it's NOT alive but it does have a tail
He guesses: an airplane.  No, I say, because an airplane has wings.
He guesses again:  a flying squirrel.  No, I say, because a squirrel would be alive.
He guesses yet again: is it a "dead squirrel"? 
I got soooo tickled and he did too.  We laughed most of the way to the sitter's!     (Technically his answer was correct, but in case you haven't figured out the real answer....it's a KITE!)


DH & I went to another auction this weekend.  There wasn't too much there but we did manage to get an old oak spindle table for our son who loves to refinish antique furniture...he was thrilled.  Also, this:

I know....it looks terrible!  But I do have a plan and hopefully will share the finished project in a later post.  One thing I've learned from my son's antique projects is that there are definitely lots of diamonds in the rough if you are just willing to look for them.

I'm taking part in Cindy's Kitchie Swap at
Rick-Rack and Gingham.  This is my first blog swap so I'm looking forward to it.  Our small, rural town doesn't have much in the way of shopping but I hope to find some items my swap-partner will like...and I'm really excited to see what Cindy sends me (she drew my name)!  I'm really getting into the blogging world...probably way too much as it's keeping me from getting started on projects (like laundry and dusting) that need to get done.  But those things can wait at least one more day!

How was your Tuesday?

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