Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Granddaughter

Today is our granddaughter's 4th birthday.  My, how time has flown.  Seems like only yesterday she was a baby in my arms.  She is a sweet, but fiesty,  young lady who brings a smile to our faces quite often.  She is definitely a daddy's girl, likes to boss her big brother and keep him straight, quickly gives out hugs and kisses, loves her baby dolls and painting, can talk a blue streak, and has a delightful personality that makes us smile and laugh quite often.  Both she and her brother never seem to meet a stranger and when they do have been known to immediately begin a conversation.  They have brought us a lot of love and happiness in their few short years.  I pray for them each day and hope they will both grow up to be loving, kind, and compassionate and follow the path that God has planned for them with grace and courage.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl.  I hope you have many more years of happiness to come.

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