Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spending the Day with My Hubby

The hubby decided he wanted to go to the mall today in search of a new pair of khakis.  In order to visit any decent mall we have to drive at least 70 miles.  It was a nice trip though.  He likes to travel the back roads so we were able to see the countryside as we traveled through some neighboring little towns.  I always enjoy looking at other people's yards...some give me inspiration; others make me feel proud of my own!

We found his khakis and, of course, I got to do a little shopping too.  Wanna see?
I found a few things on sale such as this cute top...

I love black & looks better "on" than "off".  Wanna see what I paid for it?

I love bargains!  I almost never buy any apparell if it's not on sale.  Of course, I had to buy SHOES (my addiction).  I also got a bargain on these...BOGO (Buy One, Get One 1/2 off)! 
Which do you like best?
(I have UGLY feet!)

We also went by SAM'S and got this:
I love the green color!
And we got these....
Have you tried them?  If not, DON'T! 
They're addictive!

On the way home we stopped by a U-PICK Strawberry Patch.  It was closed but we noticed a sign that said "When closed, just fill up your bucket and leave the money in the drop box.  One gallon=$7.00"
So, even though hubby hadn't planned on picking his own, we did and don't they look yummy?

They are soooo sweet.  If we can keep our fingers out of them, maybe we'll make some homemade ice cream!

After sweating under the hot sun in the strawberry patch, we headed home.  And my sweet, darling guy fell sound asleep.  Isn't he cute?  He really is the greatest! 

Life is slow in our little part of the universe, but there's nothing like spending a day with the man I love.  I am blessed!

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