Saturday, April 17, 2010

What Will You Bid?

Hubby and I went to an estate auction today.  He loves auctions!  I, on the other hand, don't really care for them.  I like to walk through a place, look at the price tags, and if the price and my desire to have the item coincide, then I buy it.  I don't have patience enough for auctions.  However....I have to say that I actually enjoyed myself today and I came away with some great bargains.  Wanta see??

I eyed these two adorable guys immediately.  Had to outbid two other bunny lovers, but I got them for $18 and $20.  The concrete one is one fat and heavy fella, but isn't he just so cute?

I was the lone bidder for this large leaf plate.  I really like it and since I must have been the only one who did I got it for the grand total of $3.00!  Now that's the kind of deal I like!

Don't you love these pineapple statues?  We both saw these on the front steps of the home that was being auctioned and knew we would bid for them.  Had to bid against a friend who owns a local B&B, but I think he saw how much I wanted them so let me have the final bid.  I got them for $20.  Pineapples mean welcome and I put these at the front of our little garden to invite everyone in.

And finally green dishes.  I really only wanted the 9 salad plates but had to take the whole box lot.  I wasn't even sure what all was in the box until I got it home.  Would you believe I only paid $10 for everything?  And even better....I just found the plates on the internet and they are listed for $14.99 EACH!  I definitely got a grand bargain!

And while I'm sharing all my great finds, maybe you'll enjoy looking at some items I got at consignment shops when I was on my "girlfriend trip" last week. 

Two more cute little guys!

I saved the BEST for candelier.  Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?  Just have to tell you the story behind this!  About a week before I found this I had told my DH I wanted a candelier for our front porch.  "A what?" he asked.  So I explained that it was a cross between a candelabra and a chandelier.  Anyway....3 of my girlfriends and I walked into this shop and there it hung!  Exactly what I had pictured in my mind.  However, I knew we were traveling back home with 6 gals, plus luggage, in ONE vehicle.  I just didn't think I could ask them to find room for my treasure even though I wanted it sooooo badly.  Well, my friends told me "where there's a will, there's a way" but I was still waffling....UNTIL I looked on the tag and saw "C.L."   Those are MY initials!  Was it an omen?  Surely it was!  And on top of it the beautiful thing was on sale for $50 and the lady running the shop was willing to give it to me for $45!  As they say...the rest is history and it now is hanging on my front porch!  I love, love, love it.

I could definitely become a SHOPAHOLIC but lately I have tried to be more discerning and only buy things that I really love....and I do love ALL of the above!  Thanks for letting me share.

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