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In 1967 nine girlfriends graduated from Fort Valley High School and went their separate ways.  I was one of those girls!  For the next 39 years we saw each other as a group only twice at class reunions; other than that, we might see one or two at funerals and such or stay in touch with yearly Christmas cards.   Then in 2006 we decided to get together for a beach weekend.  I remember in the days before our rendevouz I became more and more nervous and wondered what in the world I would have to say to people I hadn't seen or talked to in years.  Would they still like me?  Would I still like them?  Would we have anything in common?  Well, my worries were all very unnecessary because within a matter of  MINUTES  it was as if we had never been apart.  During the next few days I laughed and giggled more than I had in was just like one of our teenage sleepovers!  Ever since then we have made it mandatory that we get together at least once or twice a year.  Last year we (along with our hubbies and some guy friends from high school) got together and had ourselves a great big 60th birthday party.

This past weekend VALLEY GIRLS '67 got together for another fun-filled time of up late....and did I say laughing? sunny Florida.  And now I've returned home tired, probably a couple of pounds heavier, and feeling blessed for time spent with such wonderful friends.  Let me share them with you:

Jackie....the "mother" of our crew; always makes sure we are wearing our seat belts and doing her best to keep us in line; and who can come up with the quickest comebacks of anyone I know; devoted grandmother and wife to her high-school sweetheart (a Valley Guy that we all love)!

Joan...she has more stories to tell than you can imagine and always keeps us entertained, especially with her dog-grooming escapades; she's the gutsy one of the group and the kind you want on your side when you need a friend...and a truer friend you'll never find.

Christy...our "great white hunter";  seriously, she has traveled all over and killed more big game than any female I've ever heard of and yet such a gentle and generous person.  Together with her hunter-hubby they travel the world in search of new adventures

Olivia...our TX gal who will hop on a plane in a skinny minute to spend time with us GA girls; she is so laid-back & doesn't get in a hurry or worry about anything, very methodical...a wonderfully dry sense of humor that always makes us smile...sure wish she'd move closer.

Nancy...our glamour gal, interior designer, sometimes KY girl--sometimes FL gal, who is just as comfortable in denim and an old tee as she would be in satin and lace...who loves to share the most wonderful stories about her beloved family...and so down-to-earth to boot.

Kaye...along with Jackie, she can make you laugh with just a simple phrase or sentence; she's the proverbial "perfect hostess" type who hosted our huge birthday party as if she were having a couple of people over for grilling burgers; a true "southern belle".

Jerri...our adventurer who is just as happy to wander off on her own as stick with the crowd...we're always having to look for her!  She remembers everything and everybody and will talk to anyone and everyone who's willing to partake of conversation!  Also our procrastinator when it comes to getting ready to go anywhere.  A true sweetie-pie...also my 'cuz!

Evelyn...last, but definitely NOT least!  She has the biggest (loudest) and most sincere laugh you'll ever hear...and you'll hear it quite often!  She is always jovial and tends to see the cup as half-full instead of half-empty.   If you don't laugh with her, there's just something wrong with you.  Don't try to out talk'll never succeed!  The party just wouldn't...couldn' the same without our Ev. 

And then there's me....blessed beyond words to have such dear, wonderful, forever friends.  Here's to my VALLEY GIRLS....thanks for the love and for the memories that we continue to make together.
left-right:  Jerri, Jackie, Joan, Evelyn,
Nancy, Christy, Kaye, me, Olivia

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