Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Fairy Garden

I am always looking for new ways to have fun with my grandkids....especially things that will encourage their creative juices to flow and get them away from the TV and video games.    Grandson R. recently discovered a hole at the base of one of our trees in the backyard which he found interesting and that eventually led to our Fairy Garden. 

We wondered if this was the hole that ALICE fell down!

Granddaughter M. got into it more than Grandson R. but they both ask to check on it when they come to visit. 

Notice the blue gardening gloves!

We hunted all around the house to find things we thought our fairy might like.

Our fairy is on the right.  She has gardening tools for keeping her garden neat and tidy and a watering can for the flowers we will plant. 

We also thought our fairy needed some friends for company.

Mrs. Bird is watching over her "eggs".  Grandson R. thought of this one.

Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit come for a visit.

Mr. Toad rests on a toadstool outside his house while another
cute bunny watches nearby.

And another bunny hides in a cabbage.

I love to watch my grandkids use their imagination and creativity.  Our world would be a much better place if children could once again believe in fairies and enjoy nature as God intended.

Nothing like a special shared moment that hopefully
she will remember in years to come.

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