Saturday, January 5, 2019


 Happy New Year to my blogger friends!  I hope your 2019 has begun on a happy and positive note.  It’s hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone and another year has passed.  I’m (as usual) asking the proverbial question:  Where does the time go??? 

Way back in 2010 (was that really 9 years ago??), I wrote a blog post about how I don’t make NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS. (You can read that here .)   Well, I still don’t!  I never kept the ones I made, so why make them?  I did write in that post about some PLANS I had for the New Year.  I just read back over that post and am glad to see that I did accomplish many of those:)  I do have to admit though that I didn’t complete them all in that year!  But, hey!  Better late than never, right?

So I thought I would put pen to paper (rather fingers to keyboard) once again and come up with some new (and maybe some old) PLANS to try and accomplish this year. 


I have done well with this over the past 2 years but there’s still more that I could do.  There are things in the attic that really need to go.  But WHAT DO YOU DO with the potty chair your mama used to potty train you or the crib in which yourself, your 3 siblings, and 2 cousins slept?  And what about all those softball and baseball trophies that belong to your husband and son from their glory days?  (I may just leave those behind for my son to deal with after I’m on my way to Heaven😊)


Do I really need all those pipe cleaners, jingle bells, and wiggly eyes?  And for some reason my stash of scrapbooking paper seems to be multiplying.  I’m thinking I see some projects on the horizon.


I have some friends and relatives that are going through hard times.  I’m fairly good at sending get-well & sympathy cards, but I know I could do better.  And I need to get out the cookie sheets and bake up some treats to take to those who could use some cheering up.

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest, BUT!!!!  I have waaaayyyyy too many pins on most of my boards, and with some of them I need to use them or lose them.  I mean, I pin things but then forget about them.  This will be a major undertaking!


I’ve had this on my To Do List for quite awhile.  Maybe this will be the year I finally delve into it.  I’ve been going to the gym since last April and have been pleased with my progress, but the stretching would probably add a lot to my exercise routine.


Lawsy…I have 100s, not even including all the cookbooks.  I did pair down the cookbooks a few years back, but I have several photo albums turned recipe keepers that I need to sort through.  I don’t need 14 different recipes for Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!


Our lives (hubby’s and mine) have really gotten into a rut.  We are sitting at home with him playing Candy Crush and me on my laptop much too much!  We need to find some new entertainment outlets!!!  Maybe we should go on that THRIFT STORE CIRCUIT in Alabama that my cousin recently told me about.  Looks like it might be fun.  (Of course, if I find a lot of stuff then I will have to go back to #1 on my list!)  You can read about it at this site

Well, there is lots more I need to put on my GET IT DONE LIST, but this is enough for starters.  It will be interesting to look back at the end of the year and see if I accomplished any of this!

So what are your PLANS for the New Year?  Let’s get motivated together!!!


  1. I don't make resolutions either but DE-cluttering is tops on my list of things to get done. I am off to a good start so far in 2019:) Craft supplies a plenty here at my house, I need to use some of those too. Have a blessed day and week ahead dear friend, HUGS!

  2. You have wonderful ideas for the new year some of which I can relate. I've tackled decluttering in my kitchen and in my storage room where I did in fact come across those old trophies. My sons golf trophies were in abundance and he had no interest in keeping them so in the garbage they went. It killed me to do it but I can't hang on to them when he doesn't even want them right?
    I also got rid of all the cookbooks I don't use. It's amazing how they accumulate so to the thrift store they went. Hopefully someone will appreciate them. I've also have the craft supplies but I hang on to them for when the grandsons visit, then I pull out the bin and they can go to town creating. My one and real resolution is not eating cakes, candy, cookies or confections. Its the only thing I took out of my daily diet. I've done it before and it's amazing how just cutting that stuff out the impact it has on your body. So I'm excited to give it another go.
    Happy New Year and enjoy being more adventurous! Theres a lot out there to do and see!!

    1. I soooo admire you for cutting out the goodies!!!! I have absolutely NO will power when it comes to my sweet tooth. I sometimes REALLy try...but always a failure!!! Thankfully I'm not "too" overweight even with being a sugar-aholic:)

  3. I made a list of "to dos" last year and accomplished some big ones. I'm continuing the list this year and hopefully will make a bigger dent in it! (I've added a few more, just don't tell Jack!) I love going to thrift stores! I'm not a big buyer but it's always fun to look. My sister's dream is to open one..I hope she does it! Have a good week!

    1. Yaya, if I ever opened a thrift store I would probably want to bring way too much home with me:)!!!

  4. A very worthy list for sure! I have a file for my recipes on my computers and it has been the best way for me to keep them. I get so many off of Facebook and the internet and it makes it so easy to keep them. I love decluttering adn do it on a regular basis and then take the stuff, that isn't trash, to the thrift store. Blessings abundant for 2019!

    1. Lea, I have recipes on the computer too, but ALAS I still have way too many on cards!!! If I started making each recipe today, it would take me at least a century (maybe more) to cook it all!!!:)

  5. These are the kinds of plans I make too! I do have to add the more exercise and eat better to my list but I'm already struggling with those. :)

    Each and every year I promise myself to send more cards and notes. Some years are better than others. Did you know Dollar Tree has Hallmark cards 2/$1.00 now? I stocked up awhile back so I'd have necessary cards on hand.

  6. Thanks so much for telling me about the Hallmark cards!!! They can be SO expensive at WalMart or the drug store. Good luck with your 2019 goals. I joined the gym last Apr. and (for once) have stuck to it, plus walking. Eating better is another subject altogether, however!!!!

  7. Hi Cheri, I've been part of Stacey's FB discussion and liked the sound of your blog -- and that you were blogging real-life so I thought I'd stop by! I did and am following! Meanwhile, I wish you a happy new year and best of luck with these goals/plans. I don't do resolutions either -- I just try to do my best. At whatever needs to be done. I hope if you have time you'll stop over at Marmelade Gypsy, my blog. Right now I'm into a series of travel posts on England but now and then I'll break from that to update art, cooking, crafting, whatever is happening in real-life at the time. All the best!


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