Sunday, July 21, 2019


One of my favorite blogs is NANA DIANA TAKES A BREAK.  Diana is such a sweetheart with a really witty personality; just the kind of person I would LOVE to have for my next-door neighbor (vs the people we never see!)  She recently had a post that I loved (yet another one) and I hope she won’t mind but I’m stealing borrowing her idea and sharing with you some of my VERY FAVORITE things. Please do read Diana’s post here.

Like Diana, there are certainly some of my favorite things that go without saying…my wonderful husband of 49 yrs., my son, DIL, and two GRAND grandchildren, my home, my career, church, etc. etc.  But this post is not about them, but rather about THINGS that really might not mean anything to anyone else but do mean an awful lot to me.

These boxes hold SO many memories.  There is one filled with childhood memories…report cards, dance recital programs, my autograph book (remember those?), and other reminders that I wasn’t always “this” age.  There is also one for my high school days…notes passed in class (and thankfully not confiscated by the teacher), photos, school play programs, a crushed prom corsage, and more of those things that high school girls just can’t seem to part with no matter how much dust they gather.  The next one is for my college days from back in the late 60s and early 70s…if you missed those days, you missed some really fun (and interesting) times😊  And the fourth box contains various mementoes from here and there that I just can’t part with.  I thought all these things deserved a pretty place to reside! 

Side note:  a few years ago I bought a more “masculine-looking” box and filled it with various memories from my son’s childhood and teenage years.  I gave it to my son for Christmas that year, and I’m pretty sure he thought it was a wonderful gift.  At least he sure did smile a lot as he sifted through everything😊

Now this is something you may not have ever seen before.  Do you know what it is???  It took me awhile with lots of research to find out that it is a Luxardo wine bottle from the 1960s.  It was a gift to me many years ago from a very prim and proper (but sweet) 80+year old lady in the Sunday School class that I taught!  You are probably wondering, therefore, why she gave it to me…sans the wine…right?  The bottle had belonged to her (deceased) husband and she gave it to me because she knew that “bunnies” were special to me and she thought it was a rabbit!  Turns out though it’s a squirrel.  It was a quandary to me for quite awhile…long ears, long tail.  Rabbits have long ears but short tail; squirrels have short ears and long tail!!!  I think perhaps the person who designed the bottle may have partaken of a little bit too much of the wine!  Anywho!  I love the bottle…heavy as lead, but the pink color is just lovely…and it reminds me of this lady who was always quick to correct me when I pronounced a name from the Bible incorrectly, but she did it in a very kind-hearted way!

Another one of my favorite things is this precious tea set.  One day 2 or 3 months after we lost our daughter, I was having a REALLY bad day and just got in my car and took off…anywhere to get out of the house and the walls closing in on me.  I ended up at an antique store (that I didn’t even know existed) in a nearby town.  I saw this tea set there and just fell in love with it so it came home with me (and at a good price I might add).

This lovely hat was also in the same shop and goodness gracious I don’t know why but it came home with me too.  I think it’s probably from the 1920s or about.  I had no idea I would ever wear it but it came in handy several years when we had HAT DAY at the primary school where I taught.  A reporter came by one of those days and took my picture along with one of my sweet students and put us in the local paper.  I think the Lord knew I needed a pick-me-up that day and that I needed my 5-minutes of fame down the road!

My almost 91 year old mother still lives in her home which holds many memories that my siblings and I will have to sort through one day, but years ago she presented this to me.  Oh, how I love it!  It’s a dresser set from her youth…a perfume bottle and powder box…the kind you filled when they were empty.  There was another bottle but sadly it was broken somewhere along the way.  When I look at this set I am reminded of the day when ladies were so feminine and would never leave the house without having tended to their daily toilette.  This will be my granddaughter’s some day. 

Sometimes I think I should have been born decades ago when there seemed to be more romance in life!  This gown belonged to my mother’s mother, my sweet Granny.  She made it herself “by hand”…even the buttonholes.  I don’t know when or where Granny wore this, but I like to dream that maybe she made it for her wedding night.  Yes, I am a terrible romantic.  We have lovely (sexy) lingerie these days, but this gown is absolutely beautiful to me.

Now you might be wondering why this old, tattered thing is one of my favorite things.  Well, it is a scrapbook that belonged to my Aunt Katie who died before I was ever born.  I wrote a post about my “eerie” connection to her; you can read it here.  The scrapbook pages are so yellowed and brittle now, but oh the memories she preserved…gum wrappers from a boyfriend, dance cards (yes, they really used those back when), school programs, etc.  I also have a book of her writings and guess what!  She was a romantic like me.  My post about her is one of my favorites.

And I couldn’t leave out my sweet teddy bears.  I collected them for years but decided I needed to bring a halt to that before they became an obsession.  When you are a primary school teacher and collect teddy bears (I was known as the “Teddy Bear Teacher), you get all sorts of “interesting” gifts at Christmas!!!  I finally did decide to part with some of my collection but these and a few others will be with me for awhile longer.

So that’s enough for now…although I do have other favorite things!  I am, however, trying to pair down our belongings now that we are over the hill beginning to age.  A few years ago we downsized my mother-in-law and I don’t think the lady had ever gotten rid of anything….literally!  It was a grueling experience for all of us, especially her, seeing many of her belongings and memories being thrown out or given away.  I honestly do not want my son to have to deal with that same situation.  I know he will have to someday, but I want to do what I can now and in the days to come so that he won’t have quite so much to deal with.  I mean, I don’t want the guy cussin’ his mama after she’s gone to heaven!!!

I’m sure we all have our favorite things…things that mean something special to us but perhaps won’t be so meaningful to our children when we are gone.  But hopefully my crew will keep at least some of these things to remind them  that I was a romantic who loved her family and loved the memories of her favorite things.  What are some of your favorite things?

And just in case you have Julie's tune in your head but can't remember the lyrics, here you go....


  1. Enjoyed hearing about your favorite things. Yes, we all have them, they may not mean anything to anyone else, but they are special to us and that's all that matters. Happy week!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Lea. Hope you have a happy week too!!!

  3. I enjoyed this post SO much! That gown is beautiful and I think much prettier than the skimpy things of today's times! The items you picked up at the shop when you were having tough times are not only precious but meaningful to your heart. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. A lovely post, full of lovely items and memories.

    Oh yes, please do par down, so that your son will not have to "go through H _ _ l" after you have gone. I, an only child, had to empty my 2 story family home, after my parents passed. It was.... awful...!!!

    I have made sure, my children, will not have to do that, for my things. My husband "Keeps More," but that is not my problem. I don't "keep" things.


    I have told my children, that they are to have _no_ guilt, about getting rid of any of my things. No guilt!!!!

    I have heard too many stories, about adult children, not being able to get rid of their parents/grand parents' things. Unable to deal with it. Keeping them in boxes. For years. -sigh- I think this is soooooo sad. And _unfair_ to the children.

    And after all, what will our precious things/furniture mean to us, after we have passed??????? -smile-

    Yes, I am a realist. :-) I guess I am only romantic, about life, while I am here. :-)))) And the world is made up, of all sorts of people.

    1. I love your comment about "no guilt." I need to tell my son that. We do have certain things that I have requested if he nor my grandkids want to first offer to other family members. But other than that he is free to do as he pleases:) As you said, these earthly things won't matter when I'm walking on streets of gold (at least I pray that's where I'm going:)

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  6. Great post. I however think I have way too many special things!! haha. I have a hard time letting go of things that I think and might actually have a DEEP meaning to me but things I might need to consider getting rid of. My mom also past a lot of family owned things down to me about a yr before she past. I just don't have the space to display some of that stuff but I can't part with any of it. Thanks for your stop at the blog and always leaving such nice comments. Everleigh, isn't that the prettiest name? She is the daughter of my daughters step son, making her in my heart since it is not a blood line, my great grand! Wow....I think I look hot for a great grandmom! haha

    1. Of course you look hot:) We Grandmas (and Great Grands) are looking younger & younger these!!! I too have some things I definitely don't need but can't get rid of!!! Would you believe I have my "potty chair"...the one that Mama trained me on????? Now how do you get rid of something like that???

  7. What a lovely assortment of things! I can see why they're some of your favorites!


    1. Thank you and thanks for dropping by to chat:)


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