Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hey, Y'all! It's Corn Shucking Time!

Two things you can count on in south GA at this time of year:

1.  it’s hot (and getting hotter) and
2.  the corn is ready!

CORN TIME is a yearly ritual at our house.  My husband grew up on a farm and each year he needs to get his “farming fix”…so we put up corn and other vegetables and have some fine eating all winter.

A few years back I posted about how we do this, but I wanted to share again all the hard work that goes into this southern tradition.  (For some reason Blogger deleted my previous corn post.)  Thankfully, my husband does a lot (really most) of the work😊

The first (and very important) thing you need to do is set up a corn-shucking place outside IN THE SHADE…and move it whenever needed until you are finished! 

Mr. Chatter does all the shucking, for which I am eternally grateful.  We do put up some on the cob, and we actually freeze it in the husks.

The next step is silking.  This is a step that we usually share.  I have to brag on my VERY SMART man for an “invention” he came up with several years ago…and it has made the silk removal SOOOO much easier and quicker. Maybe he should patent it!

This is a drill with an old baby bottle brush attached (part of the brush handle was cut off).  You just turn on the drill and the brush does the work.  

Start at the top of the ear and “brush” downward going against the way the silk grows.  Easy-Peasy!  But beware…you will get covered in corn silk.

The next step is solely left up to me.  I wash the ears under running water and use a stiff vegetable brush to remove any remaining silk.  Again, I work the brush going against the silk.

Mr. Chatter “insists” on doing the next step, and I NEVER argue😊  He uses this corn-scraper gadget (not sure of the correct name) and removes the kernels from the cob.  This will be our creamed corn.

This is delicious SILVER KING corn, our favorite.  But you can also get SILVER QUEEN (smaller in size) and AMBROSIA.  All are sweet versions of our state’s corn crop.

The next process is definitely one we share and it makes things go so much faster.  We blanch the creamed corn in the microwave.  Directions below.  I man the microwave and his job is to transfer the corn to a large stainless bowl sitting in a sink full of ice water to cool down the corn.  He then packages it in individual pint bags.

I wasn’t able to get pictures of the final product because I had to rush off to an appointment and the hubs finished up everything without me.  THANK YOU, Honey!

Oh…there’s one other thing you will definitely need if you are putting up corn in my neck of the woods, and it’s this:

Yep!  You GOTTA HAVE “gnat” repellant.  These wipes are awesome and do a good job at keeping those pesky critters out of your face and off your bare arms and legs.  (Why God created GNATS I will never understand!)  For those of you who live above what we down here call the GNAT LINE and don’t know what a gnat is…I’ll be glad to send you some😊

So…CORN TIME is finished once again.  It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to look in the freezer and see that we’ll be eating good for awhile.  I always thank God for my blessings, and good ‘ole South GA corn is definitely one of them.

Now on to peas and butterbeans next month! 

Directions for Microwave Blanching Corn:

1.  Put 4 cups of fresh creamed corn in a Corning Ware or other microwave-safe dish.
2.  Cook on HIGH for 2 minutes; then stir.
3.  Cook on HIGH for another 2 minutes.
4.  Immediately cool the corn by pouring it into a large bowl placed in ice cold water.  Stir corn a few minutes to cool it down.
5.  Place desired amount in labeled pint or quart freezer bags.

NOTE:  It’s a good idea to lay newspaper on freezer shelves and to also put a layer of it between layers of corn.  This way the bags won’t stick to the shelf or to each other.

How to Cook Creamed Corn in the Microwave:
Place corn in a microwave-safe dish (I use Corning Ware).  Add desired amount of butter.  Cook on about 80 for about 4 minutes.  Stir.  Cook on same temp. another 4 minutes.  (Vary time according to your microwave and amount of corn being cooked.  Watch it carefully so you won’t overcook.)

How to Cook Corn on Cob in the Microwave:
Shuck & silk the corn.  Wrap each cob in waxed paper.  Cook on HIGH 2 minutes per cob.

Of course, there are many different ways to COOK and to EAT delicious Georgia corn! So y'all just enjoy!

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