Saturday, June 2, 2018


I love my grandkids.  Let me rephrase that….I ADORE my grandkids and feel so blessed to have them both.  They are the only two I will ever have, and they fill my heart to overflowing!

R is 15…and DRIVING with his learner’s permit!!!  He is often seen DRIVING MISS CHERI😊  M is 12 and can talk the ears off a billy goat…and enjoy every minute of it.  They live only two blocks over and often drop by in the golf cart or on the 4-wheeler.  They are probably at my house about as much as at theirs since I have always picked them up after school.  Being a retired teacher, I’m the homework guru (much to their chagrin).

Honors Night - All A Honor Roll

This week they have been doing CHORES to earn spending money for Youth Camp.  They leave for Florida next week and both are so excited…especially M since it’s her first time going.

They both did their chores SO WELL….and without even once complaining!!!!  I was super impressed about that.

I taught M to iron and she ironed her Papa’s shirts and shorts and did a great job.

R tidied up on the outside then went to work on the inside.  He has gotten so tall and wiped down the upper cabinets with no problem.  I always have to get the step stool.  Hmmm….wonder if he will agree to do this chore on a regular basis???

And the cherry on top of getting all this work done….they both gave me a big hug and said THANK YOU when I presented them with their $$$$!

I think it is very important for kids to learn some responsibility.  Both R & M take care of their own laundry at home and their parents usually give them a weekly list of chores.  In my opinion a child is never too young to begin helping around the house and learning that hard work pays off.

Every single day I pray over my grandchildren and ask God to lead them down the right paths.  And every day I thank Him for sending us two very special young people who bless our lives in so many ways.


  1. How cute, two little helpers. I'll have to get mine on that track before long. They are 8,9,2 & 3 right now. Enjoyable post!

  2. OH MY, send them to my house:) I could sure use the help! Grands are truly the cherry on top of life's dessert:) Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS!

  3. Yes, so great for children to learn to do chores. Your grandchildren sound very special. I can't wait for some of my own!

    1. Deborah, grandchildren are one of God's greatest gifts!


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