Monday, April 16, 2018

CHECK This Out

I love me some gingham check…always have.  It’s one of those patterns that seems to pop up every spring and this year is no exception.  In fact, I think gingham is really “in” for 2018…or at least I sure have seen a lot of it in the stores and online.   And that makes me HAPPY HAPPY!  I really prefer winter clothes…love my sweaters, leggings, & boots…but I could probably wear gingham every day of spring & summer and be happy.

I did a little research and found out some interesting things about this type of fabric.  It seems that it was actually a “striped” fabric that originated in India and was eventually exported to England in the 17th century and later to colonial America.  The word “gingham” was first used in England in 1615, but it actually came from the Malaysian word genggang meaning ‘striped’.  (That’s probably more information than you wanted to know!)

Gingham is a woven cotton or linen cloth that has been described as “inexpensive to produce, easy to wash, durable and simple in design.”  It was interesting to learn that gingham actually has no right or wrong side due to something about the “warp” and the “weft” going against each other.  (Those of you into fabric may understand that but I don’t.)

Gingham is a lightweight, durable fabric that makes it perfect for our hot southern weather.  It has been known to be incorporated into simple kitchen aprons as well as Hollywood movies.  Remember Dorothy in THE WIZARD OF OZ?  Those red slippers were the perfect accessory for that blue gingham dress😊 

 For decades movie stars have sported gingham across the big screen….
Katherine Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe

And even the designer Ralph Lauren has used the simple gingham check in many of his preppy male fashions.  
My husband has this shirt & looks so handsome in it:) 

It was even sung about in a 1944 song My Heart’s Wrapped Up in Gingham.  (I bet that’s a catchy tune!) 

Of course, you can find the checked loveliness not only in clothes, but in shoes, purses, and household items from tablecloths to lamp shades.  If it’s gingham, I like it!

I was able to take off and do a little shopping one day this past week and some gingham found its way into my shopping bag.  I thought I would share my special finds with you. 

I bought these pants at Goody’s but you can find them now at TJMaxx (where they are a little cheaper less expensive).  I love pompoms too!  I just couldn’t resist these.
(Here is a link, but if you want them you better hurry…things online at TJM don’t always stay around for long.)

I got this top by Tommy Hilfiger at TJMaxx .  I don’t like to wear sleeveless too much these days but it will be cool in the hot July weather (and I plan to start using weights to help slim up my “batwings”!)  I couldn’t find this on line but I'm sure you could find something similar.      (I love TJMaxx...their prices are so reasonable...and no, I'm not being compensated by them.)

And these shoes!!!  I love ADORE shoes...add gingham to them, well my heart just flutters.  These are black & white & I got them at Belk…and they were on SALE!!!!  What more could I ask for?

I didn’t see these on line but here is another pair from Belk that may be even cuter!

I actually got these navy & white gingham ones a couple months ago at Stein Mart. 


In case you are as crazy about those cute little checks as I am, here are some other things I found online and REALLY like…

Here are more gingham check shoes from Talbots that I love, BUT….1.  they are much more expensive than the ones I already bought   and   2.  I probably don’t need anymore gingham shoes (although that fact has never stopped me when it comes to shoes!!!)

These are also from Talbot’s…loving the green!  (on sale right now)

                    If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!

I also like these a lot....cute and comfortable!  (Talbots)

And these  orange gingham loafers from TJMaxx also look comfortable and are reasonably priced.

Shorts from TJMaxx in black & white

A crossbody bag….again from TJMaxx
(Black & white is probably my favorite gingham combo…maybe that’s why I like crossword puzzles so much!)

 This is a cute scarf from Talbot's but I wouldn’t buy it because….1.  it’s too hot here in the summer to wrap your neck in a scarf   and   2.  it costs much more than I would pay for a scarf (yes, I’m cheap frugal).

 A cute cold-shoulder top from Belk

And this skirt (also from Belk) is sooo cute…although I don’t think it would look good on me

(I’m not compensated by Belk or TJMaxx…they are just the only two stores nearby!)

Yep!  I love me some gingham check, but some things can be taken a little too far!

How do you feel about gingham checks?


  1. I am visiting your blog for the first time, and sure did enjoy all the 'ginghams you posted. I am retired RN, live in Tennessee and enjoy retirement. Hope we might become friends here in blogland! Linda

    1. Linda, I have been trying to comment on your blog but so far it hasn't shown up. THANK YOU so much for coming over to my blog for a visit. Hope you will come again soon. I will be visiting you and maybe eventually I can comment on it. I've been having some issues with Blogger but I'm working on them:)

  2. OMG SO much cuteness in this post! I love gingham and have seen lots in the stores lately:) I never shop at TJMaxx on-line but am headed there to check them out now! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Hey girl, I added the chicken-pot-pie recipe to my blog for you:)

  4. I love gingham! I'm wearing a pink and white gingham blouse right now and it feels so springy! I tried on the TH blouse at TJMaxx yesterday. It's too similar to another that I have so it's still at the store. You are making me question my decision though. Enjoyed the history lesson. :)

    1. Stacey, thanks so much for visiting my blog. Hope you will come back again.

  5. Hi - Nice to meet you!! I also am a retired educator and LOVE gingham. Sadly your link to the orange gingham loafers didn't send me to the right place - I will have to look for those as I love them!! I'll be back!!

    1. Oh, dear. And I thought I had checked all those links. But I did look them up and have changed the link in my post. Hope it works now. And so happy you visited today. Please come back again.

  6. Gingham is so in! love the inspiration. In face, those black and white shoes match a blog I designed. Nice to meet you Cheri. Happy Blogging.

    1. I can't imagine designing blogs for others! It took me forever and a day to figure out how to do mine. Thanks so much for coming by and "checking" me out:) Come for a "chat" anytime.

  7. I am so happy you visited me at my blog. I got to visit your sweet, fun blog AND I got a new pair of gingham pants! As soon as I saw them I went right over and ordered them. I do love gingham checks but don't usually wear them! The shoes you showed are adorable too. So nice to find you and follow along for more fun posts.

    1. Oh, I'm sooo glad you liked my post and that you now have some gingham pants on the way:) I just couldn't resist them! And thank you so much for coming by for a "chat." Please come anytime:)

  8. I do love me some gingham, Cheri! I just bought a gingham Jean jacket from Talbot's outlet. I would love some gingham shoes.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Your comments aren't emailed to me, but I saw them on my post. I appreciate your comments about my sweet granddaughter.


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