Friday, August 27, 2010


Well, I think the consensus is that NO, THERE IS NO WAY TO RECTIFY MY H-U-G-E MISTAKE (see last post).  Thank you all, though, to those who have commented and either tried to help or at least said something to make me feel better!!!!  I'm trying to think positively about this:

1.  I could have deleted my whole blog--posts and all (but I didn't)

2.  I have read and enjoyed all the comments each and every person has sent so although they are no longer here, they are certainly recorded on my heart (thanks so much)
3.  I have learned a valuable lesson....don't mess with things I know nothing about

4.  I have lots of blogger friends who really care about well as some who have also made big blunders they were willing to share with me

5.  If there is anything I really really want to save, I should back it up somehow.

OK....I'm going to put this behind me and just look forward to all your NEW comments that I will try hard not to delete ever again!!!!


  1. I love your flashing cute!!Things in life can break..get lost...or get stolen. I have learned..what is in my heart and head...well those things I treasure..nothing can happen to them!! Now where are my

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Great way to look at making a mistake:) My Brother has a saying that I use quite frequently in situations like this...

    "You can't unring a bell"!

    Enjoy your day and we'll all be commenting while you get a fresh start!


  3. Hi Cheri,

    So sorry it did not turn out to retrieve
    your posts...Here is the first of three
    posts and to start a new page my dear!!

    Love and Hugs, Have a Super weekend!


  4. It's a shame you can't get them back, but as you said at least they had been read, so that's something =D

    Blogger can be strange some times with the things it does, so I guess this is an important lesson for all of us.

  5. Oh Sweet Cheri, I know how this must have frustrated you to no end.

    I can't help you retrieve you past comments, but I can help you avoid something like this in the future.

    BEFORE you make any changes click on "Design" in the upper right hand corner of your blog. On the left you'll see tabs marked — Page Elements - Edit HTML - Template Designer. Click on Edit HTML.

    There near the top it reads — Backup/Restore Template. Click on Download Full Template. Save this to your desktop or anywhere else you can easily find it. The file extension will be .xml

    Then, and only then, make the changes you would like to your blog. If you make a mistake, don't panic. Just go back to Backup/Restore Template as you did before and where it says — Upload a template from a file on your hard drive: Click on Choose File. Navigate to where you put the xml file, choose it and then click on upload. Voila! Fully restored with posts and comments and everything else!

    Another TIp: Now what I and others do is set up a Test Blog. Do this just like you were setting up another blog. Download that xml file from your original blog and upload it to this one. It will mirror your original blog. Then on the Settings tab where it ask if you want your blog added to our listings (meaning Google) select No. Do the same thing under Let search engines find your blog.

    This will hide if from everyone but you. Now you can play around in this Test Blog before you make any changes to your Real Blog. BUT always remember to save that xml file before you do anything serious.

    Hope this helps. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. You have a cute blog! I found you on Spiritual Sundays. Have a blessed week.

  7. Hi Cheri!

    Oh I am so technically challenged I sometimes worry about deleting life!

    Thank-you for your beautiful comments on the Miracle Makeover!

    love, kelee

  8. Hi Cheri! Don't beat yourself up. You wouldn't believe all the blogging bloopers I've made in the past year. I'll bet I make a ton more in the next year.

  9. :) Just keep on bloggin', girl.
    God loves you and so do we. Happpy Spiritual Sunday!

  10. I think that we all have made some sort of mistake while trying to do this blog thing. Your blog is beautiful,


  11. I feel badly about your comments all being gone. I accidentally deleted all of my emails once. The names were still there but the content of each one was gone. It's a bad feeling. I'm assuming your name is pronounced like the ones you eat. I have a cousin named Cherrie. I remember when she was born I told my mother when I grow up and have a baby I'm gonna name her Peachy. (I liked peaches). Well I did grow up and have a baby girl but I named her Carol. I'm sure she's glad she's not called Peachy. lol
    Thanks for sharing on this special Miracle Makeover weekend.

  12. Oh, bless your heart!
    Blogger can be a pain in the bu##, can't it?

    Hugs to you!

  13. You've been tagged!!! Check out my site when you have time - You're one of my favorite blogs and so I wanted to include you in the latest round of bloggy chase!!! Hope you have time to play!


  14. so sorry to hear. Shellbelle has some good advice there! I didn't know that. I have to say I am always learning things and other bloggers have been such a help to me too. Have a wonderful day!

  15. Hi Cheri
    Thank you so much for visiting over at my place and for your lovely comment.
    So f´glad you signed up for the giveaway too.
    Wishing you a lovely day
    ~ Tina


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