Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Blessed to GIVE than RECEIVE

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."
---Acts 20:35

I LOVE receiving gifts, winning prizes, opening Christmas gifts, etc. but I truly do enjoy seeing others open, appreciate, love, or get excited over a gift I've given them.  I tend to stress big time ponder quite a bit over the gifts I choose for others.  I try very hard to match the gift to the person that will be receiving it.  I'm sure I don't hit the mark every time, but hopefully my gifts are happily received.  If not they can always regift them!

Recently I participated in a 
                        FALL KITCHIE SWAP
                  sponsored by my sweet friend
                               over at

I was paired with another sweet gal named
                             who loves
but doesn't have a blog.  I have a feeling she'll have one before too long though.  Since she has already received her package from me I thought I would share what I sent her:
All wrapped up & ready to go!

Swap Rules stated we had to include PUMPKINS.
I was fortunate and found some on sale so got her 3!

Made a"southern-style" FALL tag!

Also included my favorite PUMPKIN recipes.

Wanted to get Raggedy Ann & Andy in there somewhere.
Included some of my favorite southern recipes.

Debbie collects blue & white plates.
Found this one at an antique store...isn't it precious?

She also collects vintage post cards.
I thought this one was so cute. 

I love old handwriting!  Did you notice the date...1912?  Sure wish stamps were still that cheap.

I got the sweetest email from Debbie and I think she r-e-a-l-l-y liked loved my FALL gifts.  Maybe it will help her feel a little cooler knowing that it won't be long before the leaves begin to turn those beautiful autumn colors of red, yellow, orange, & gold.  I'm ready to do some raking!

Now here are some things I have RECEIVED recently..and I am thankful for & delighted with each one!

This is from Christina over @ Signs of Obsession

This painting goes well with the room we decorated for our granddaughter.
I love old books.  I can't help but wonder about the occasion on which the book was presented as a gift.
                   Whoever owned this book has my same tastes!
       Old keys are one of my favorite things.  I always wonder what   
                                          doors they opened.     

Awhile back I won a giveaway from
Semi-Slacker Mom:

How surprised we both were to find out she is my niece's friend and I
graduated from high school with her daddy.  Talk about a "small world"!

And these precious tags were sent to me by Carol
@The Polka Dot Closet

They remind me of the PAPER DOLLS I played with as a little girl.  I spent hours and hours dressing and undressing them.

As I said:  I love to give & receive gifts and I have been blessed with both.

PS:  I sure wish I could figure out why my typing doesn't look the same once it gets posted!  Blogger can be so confusing, at least to me!
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