Friday, August 20, 2010


First things first...I want to thank those of you who left a comment or sent an email concerning my last post.  Your advice, suggestions, tips, and words of encouragement are so very much appreciated!

Now for the GRANDKIDS....
Summer is almost over and soon school will begin...ours isn't starting until after Labor Day.  I've spent a lot of time with Grandson R & Granddaughter M and although it's been fun I think they are ready to get back to their routine and their friends.  "CHERI" has about exhausted her bag of summer tricks (for keeping them entertained) but hopefully we've made some good memories.  Here are a few more:

"Bubble Blowing Cutie"

Can you catch one?

How about some MAGIC  COOKIES?
(This was a gift from the grandkids' cousin Ashlee: )

It even includes a MAGIC WAND!
(wish I had one...I could really whip up some quick meals then!)

What??? You don't crawl on top of the counter when you're making cookies?

Purple sugar sprinkled on top...yummy!

The finished product!  Wizard's Hats!

And the best part of all!

Do you eat DIRT?
We do!!!

Admit lick the utensils too!

Yummy  Dirt  Pudding...and with a cute flower, too!
(also from cousin Ashlee!)
Who says cooking can't be fun?

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