Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Toy

I have a new toy.....

And it PETRIFIES me!!!! 
Seriously, I am quite intimidated.  My wonderful husband gave me this gorgeous new camera for our 40th anniversary (see earlier post).  I appreciate it so very much BUT I am TERRIFIED I won't figure out how it works.  I mean, I tend to have trouble with a point and shoot.  I have read the manual but still feel clueless.  Who writes these books anyway????  Whoever does (or should that be whomever?) sure doesn't know how to write them for novice photographers like me! 

I think I've made a HUGE error....I tried playing around with the various buttons, etc. and I think I may have pushed something that shouldn't have been pushed.  It just doesn't "sound" right when I take a picture.  Sometimes I have to press really hard to get it to shoot; also about 10-12 seconds after I shoot a picture it sounds like it takes a picture again but doesn't.  If any of you know what I've done wrong, PLEASE feel free to tell me.  In the meantime I guess I'll keep trying to understand this darned informative manual!  I do want to thank that wonderful husband of mine for being so sweet and giving me something he hopes knows will eventually bring me lots of pleasure.  Thanks, Honey!

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