Friday, June 11, 2010


It's been a B*U*S*Y two weeks....and next week doesn't look any slower!  On Saturday the little princess (Granddaughter M) starred in her first dance recital.  I know I'm prejudiced but she was absolutely precious!

This week she had CHEER  CAMP  and  SWIMMING LESSONS.  The little thing can now swim like a fish!

I've kept Grandson R every a.m. this week and he's worn me out playing game after game after game.......
He now loves SORRY  REVENGE  and  GO  FISH!
Last week we tried another recipe:

2 cups cornstarch       1 cup water       2-4 drops food coloring
I really liked this one!  It does some cool stuff!

Another activity they invented themselves....
water play with turkey basters!

FUNNY  PUTTY  was also revisited!

Believe it or not, I DO have a life outside of grandchildren!
We were fortunate to have found a wonderful sitter who is helping out this summer, so hopefully I'll have some time to recuperate!  However, Sunday begins BIBLE SCHOOL
and, of course, I am teaching.  So my "time off" will have to wait!    Besides, the heat here is almost unbearable and whatever I find time to do will probably be inside in the AC!  The heat index today is approximately 110!

I also changed the look of my BLOG somewhat!
Hope you like it!

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