Monday, June 21, 2010


We had a small storm in our neck of the woods late yesterday afternoon.  We had just returned from our yearly family reunion where we had eaten very little
with full stomachs when what we thought would be a small rain shower came up.  In fact I went to sit on the front porch and enjoy that sweet smell of rain when it falls on a parched earth.  A little thunder began to roll, which I tend to like.  There's something peaceful and enjoyable (to me) in an occasional thunderstorm.
I sat listening to the raindrops falling on the roof and thought I almost heard the flowers and plants saying "ahhh" as they drank in every drop. 
Mr. Chatter came to join me and we were enjoying a quiet moment.....
when all of a sudden there was the BIGGEST, LOUDEST clap of thunder I think I have ever heard.
You have never seen two semi-old folks move that fast!
This was followed by watching a somewhat large limb fall from one of our pecan trees and having the electricity go out.  In fact it was out until 12:30 a.m. and by that time we were getting downright warm hot!  We don't really appreciate air conditioning until we don't have it!  Of course, that meant no TV or computer either so we tried to find enough to talk about to while away the rest of the night until dear hubby fell asleep in his recliner.  I played Solitaire on my laptop until the battery died.  What in the world did people do before electricity???  (Went to bed EARLY!)

This morning the world is back to normal and I'm sure it will be another HOT day in the south.  I'm planning on having the grandkids and me get out the golf cart and pick up fallen sticks and branches in the neighborhood. 
Isn't it nice to know the rains will come (hopefully) to quinch the earth's thirst followed by the sun to warm us and remind us of God's love?  That's the way it is with life, too....the storms come, the storms go, and life goes on and we can go on refreshed knowing that we came through once again.

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