Friday, March 5, 2010

We're Being Invaded!

We’re being invaded……in a good way! The grandkids are coming. Well, actually they are already here. Grandson R & Granddaughter M will be spending the night after Papa’s birthday supper. They only live a couple of blocks over and are here often, but they really do enjoy spending the night. Of course, my house will look like 2 tornadoes hit it by in the morning, but a little cleaning up and putting away toys is worth it. We will eat hamburgers & steaks, then send Daddy & Mama home so the real fun can begin. There’s nothing like a little (well, a lot) of spoiling. We’ll play in the tub for awhile, put on warm p.j.’s, play a while longer, then settle down in Cheri’s & Papa’s bed to watch a movie until everyone gets sleepy, then off to their own beds. R has a ritual that he doesn’t like to change! Kids can be such creatures of habit. M is already entertaining us with her non-stop talking, and the floor is already covered with dinosaurs and baby dolls. The toy basket is emptied and M has crawled inside making up her own song and singing about the sunshine coming through the window. (I think she may be a song writer one day). I’m very blessed that they live so near and we all get to spend so much time together. Guess I’d better see if I can make my way through the maze to the kitchen and get started. I’ll definitely be ready for a good night’s sleep in a few hours.

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