Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cleaning Closets

Spring is springing and that means CLEANING OUT CLOSETS!  I've spent almost the whole day sorting through winter clothes to put away for another season and spring clothes to see what still fits!  I have come to a conclusion: 

I have TOO MANY clothes, but I have NOTHING to wear! 

Yes, you read that correctly! Unfortunately I am an "impulse buyer".  Too often I have gotten home with a new pair of pants or a new top and realized I have absolutely nothing to wear with them.  So they sit in my closet with the tags still hanging on them until I either outgrow them or get tired of seeing them hang there!  Another problem I've noticed today is that although I have knit tops, tee shirts, blouses, tank tops, long pants, shorts, capris, jeans, dresses, and skirts (way more than my share), I don't like a whole lot of them!  Now how did that happen?  If I could just win the lottery I would throw most everything away and start over!  Part of my problem is that I have an extremely difficult time finding something that actually fits.  I think God made this body out of various leftover parts and then threw away the mold!  I need petites and there are only so many stores that carry them.  Many look like something a little old lady might wear.  I suppose at my age some might consider me a little old lady but I do NOT want to look like one!  One thing I did enjoy today was swapping out winter shoes for spring/summer ones.  Now my shoes I L-O-V-E!!!!  I won't tell you exactly how many I have....I'll save that topic for another post.  At least God gave me good feet! 

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