Saturday, March 6, 2010

Talk, Talk, Talk

Our granddaughter M is such a beautiful and sweet child but Lordy that girl can sure TALK!  She is only 3 but has talking down to an art form and is quite least until you get to the point where you wish she had an on/off button you could switch off for awhile!  I'm sure there are other kids in this world who can talk as much, but I'm willing to bet big bucks there isn't one that talks any more than our little girl.  She & her brother (almost 7) spent the night last night and M was non-stop chatter.  Some of her conversations went like this:
     "Cheri, I have blonde hair and you have brown hair and Papa has......(pause)....Papa doesn't have ANY hair...and my daddy doesn't have any hair either."
     "Cheri, this is a pretend God Bless You (followed by a tiny 'achoo'), but this is a REAL God Bless You" (followed by a bigger 'achoo').  (Not sure what was the difference between the pretend and the real other than the noise level).
      And at 7:30 this a.m. I open my eyes to see her standing by my bed with this
bit of information:  "Cheri, I went to the beach last night" (meaning she actually went last summer....her understanding of time is still not quite there yet).
                  Little Miss M is a bundle of joy for all of us but as my son said when I told him this a.m. about all her talking:  "Now you know why we need them to spend the night from time to we can get a break."  She also loves to sing and is constantly making up her own tunes & lyrics.  Maybe she will be a famous song writer one day or perhaps a stand-up comic.  Whatever she does, I hope she'll always be as happy and delightful as she is now.  She is one precious little girl!

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