Friday, March 5, 2010

We're Being Invaded!

We’re being invaded……in a good way! The grandkids are coming. Well, actually they are already here. Reid & Mia will be spending the night after Papa’s birthday supper. They only live a couple of blocks over and are here often, but they really do enjoy spending the night. Of course, my house will look like 2 tornadoes hit it by in the morning, but a little cleaning up and putting away toys is worth it. We will eat hamburgers & steaks, then send Daddy & Mama home so the real fun can begin. There’s nothing like a little (well, a lot) of spoiling. We’ll play in the tub for awhile, put on warm p.j.’s, play a while longer, then settle down in Cheri’s & Papa’s bed to watch a movie until everyone gets sleepy, then off to their own beds. Reid has a ritual that he doesn’t like to change! Kids can be such creatures of habit. Mia is already entertaining us with her non-stop talking, and the floor is already covered with dinosaurs and baby dolls. The toy basket is emptied and Mia has crawled inside making up her own song and singing about the sunshine coming through the window. (I think she may be a song writer one day). I’m very blessed that they live so near and we all get to spend so much time together. Guess I’d better see if I can make my way through the maze to the kitchen and get started. I’ll definitely be ready for a good night’s sleep in a few hours.

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