Sunday, December 20, 2020


As is often the case, I’m behind on writing my blog and reading those of others.  Where does the time go?  Thought I’d try to “ketch-up” (that’s how it sounds when we Southern drawl folks say it)!

The pandemic has kept me inside more lately…numbers are up in our small town.  The recent death of  a very special local lady has really hit us.  Granddaughter and all her co-cheerleaders are in quarantine after one of the girls came down with COVID.  She will be “free” in a couple days, so praying no one else has to quarantine.

Grandkids and I need to have our PICKLE HUNT…I will be sure to write a post about that later, but you can go HERE for past hunts.  SO MUCH FUN…and this year there will be a REAL SURPRISE (I’ll tell you about it later!)

Got some reading in recently and I highly recommend these two books.  Gave them to a friend and she has loved them too.  Both have some very sad parts, but the endings are good…one ending in particular will surprise you.  Won’t tell you which one😊

We had the two huge very old pecan trees in our front yard cut down.  I didn’t want to, but hubby (who NEVER frets over anything), has fretted over those trees for about 5 years now.  Every time a big wind comes up, he holds his breath fearing they are going to fall on the house.  It was amazing watching the trees come down.  Would you believe the young man who did all the cutting is afraid of heights???  Hopefully the video will come through...if so, you will see/hear that I got a little distressed!

Soooo sad…my church has now closed down again due to the rise in local COVID cases.  First time in all my (many) years that we have not been able to attend church and sing Christmas carols.  Our school system also shut down a week early for the holidays with kids going virtual.  I am so thankful we will soon have the vaccine.  I have thought and thought and read and read about it trying to decide if I want to take it.  Hubby and I agree that we will.  I heard on the news that 70% of us will have to take it in order to reach “herd immunity”.  I know many are afraid, but I got to thinking back when I was a child and the new polio vaccine came out.  Our parents were thrilled for us to get that vaccine, and so I’m going to look at the COVID vaccine in the same way.  (I absolutely HATE shots, so this is a biggie for me!)

Thankfully, we got to see two Cheer Competitions…wearing masks and mostly social distancing.  They haven’t won yet but they did great the second competition.  Only one mistake that cost them 15 points…those judges really judge VERY harshly!!!

She’s a DADDY’S GIRL for sure!

My last shopping got done this week…stocking stuffers.  And that’s my VERY FAVORITE part of Christmas shopping.  I found some great things at DOLLAR TREE this year.  Here are a few of the items I found there:

          SNUGGADO brand fuzzy socks (got myself a pair too; cute patterns and so soft

          SHOE ERASER…like “Magic Eraser” accept for shoes

          PURE SILK Shaving Cream (for us ladies)…great reviews

          LA GIRLS Lip Balm…comes in several colors in containers that look like macaroon cookies and with cute sayings on top

          Godiva chocolates

          Cute picture frame (for grandson & his girlfriend’s photo)

          Cute note pads

          Miniature screwdriver set (hubby has one and uses it to fix my jewelry)

          Emory boards…cute patterns

          Taco flavored sunflower seeds…son loves these seeds & this is a new flavor I hope he will like

          MOSSY OAK work socks…this is a great brand and for $1 (bargain)

          Bath/Shower Exfoliating glove…different colors; saw same ones at Wal-Mart much more expensive

         E.L.F. makeup brushes...sold at Wal-Mart for more

            Christmas pattern travel mugs (plastic; tall kind with top; I got myself one with gnomes…I adore gnomes

The DOLLAR TREE Website has some great ideas for cute gift baskets!


Got some other things other places so their stockings will be overflowing this year.


And I do hope and pray that your CHRISTMAS will be overflowing with love, hope, joy, and peace.  And may ALL of us be Blessed with a much Happier and Safer NEW YEAR!


  1. You sound like Christmas is all wrapped up in your neck of the woods! I'm sure everyone will love the stocking stuffers. I just love the Dollar Tree. Anyway, we are not gathering with family since Jack is still recouping and we'd rather be safe than sorry. It's hard not to see everyone open their gifts, play silly games, have a wonderful food filled day and even play out in the snow we're suppose to get. But next year we'll party like it's 2019! Have a great week. Your Granddaughter is a real beauty!

    1. Yaya, hope Jack is getting better and stronger each day. I'm so sorry your family won't be many families will be apart. I'm holding my breath each day for son, DIL, and two grands to be here for Christmas a.m. It's just not all that merry this year though. Just too much fear and sadness around. But I'm trying to just remember the most important thing...the real reason for the season:)

  2. I use to do wonderful stocking stuffers before we had GRans. But, don't do that anymore. I do love $$$ Tree and go regularly. Cute granddaughter! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Cmas week!

    1. Thank you, Lea. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas too.

  3. YOur stocking stuffer ideas are great. I may have to make a visit to The Dollar Tree tomorrow. I know how hard it is to watch trees go down, but when they are a danger, it's better to let them go. So sorry about the rise in Covid and the loss of someone dear to all. Praying this thing will die soon. I have mixed emotions about the vaccine. I think I am going to 'wait and see' before I get one. Things are not so terrible here as they are in other places so I guess I don't feel as urgent about it. Have a very merry Christmas.

    1. Pam, I guess when you live in a small town like we do and so many people know each other, things just hit harder. Just so much sadness around here now. But I'm praying for a much better 2021!!! Merry Christmas, sweet lady.

  4. Numbers are up with Covid in our area too. We are watching church on FB though the church is opened also. Our son had the virus but a mild case and is fine now.
    I read Where the Crawdads Sing for my book club a while back and we all loved the book.
    I probably won't get the vaccine because I don't do well with medicine - I'd probably have a reaction.

    1. So thankful your son is doing fine. It's so frightening to know that some get it and do really well while others lose their lives. The vaccine is sure a scary thing and we each have to decide for ourselves. I will be so thankful when all of this is just a very bad memory. Thanks for dropping by:) Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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  6. It's the same here, too, Cheri. I'm behind with posting and visiting, numbers are up again, which is crazy since we're in NY and I can't believe we are confronting such high numbers again. We're trying to focus on the positive and the holiday and the snow. Lots of snow!! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family and wishes for a happy and most importantly, healthy new year!

    1. Kim, snow sounds wonderful:) A white Christmas! Thank you for your sweet wishes for my family and me...right back at ya:)

  7. Oh wow first of all, I didn't even know Dollar Tree had a web site! I will be checking that out for sure. I love DT. You did find some great bargains. I especially can't leave a DT before checking out the book section. It's amazing what you can find. And gift wrap! Simply too good to be true, but it is! Speaking of books, those two that you recommend look really good. Thanks for the tip. xoxo

  8. Jenny, DT site is a little wonky in that you usually have to order a case of I don't use that site hardly ever. But I do love visiting different DTs in different towns. Sometimes there really are treasures to be found!


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