Friday, February 1, 2019

H E L P!!! What is Google+?????

Blogger Friends, I am indeed in need of help.  I had an email explaining that Google+ is going away and along with it will be any photos, comments, and other things (not sure what all).  Well!!!  I have no clue what Google+ is!!!  I have read and read but don’t understand 99% of what I’ve read….yes, I am very technology-deficient! 

I did find somewhere in the SETTINGS of my blog account that it said I am not using Google+ for comments…didn’t even realize I had a lot of unpublished comments (Google+ evidently) that I was supposed to have approved before publishing.  Most of those though were crazy ones from ANONYMOUS that sounded very very fishy!  I am hoping this means that I won’t lose my blog, but I am still very nervous.

I have emailed a couple of my readers for help, but thought I’d post here too.  Can anyone tell me if I am going to wake up one morning and my blog will have disappeared into cyberspace never to be seen again????  I WOULD BE DEVASTATED.  (I know I should perhaps try to back it up someway, but again I don’t know how to do that!!!)

Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

Update on my aunt:  No change, no improvement, still unresponsive.  My heart is breaking…all my cousins are so upset, and my mother is beside herself with worry.  PLEASE continue to say a prayer for her and my uncle when you think of it.  


  1. Hi Cheri, no worries on the blog and missing my comments. I understand. HAHA..things like that happen.

  2. Cheri,
    First, thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting on my post about Blogging. I plan on doing a Follow Up in a week or so highlighting some of the comments....
    When I clicked on your name to go to your blog, it came up under a Blogger ID so I am confident that you do not use Google + If you are unaware of Google+, then I am sure that you are not signed up for it.I am now following you and added your blog to my blog rolls....

  3. Continued prayers for your Aunt and all of her caregivers! I don't use Google+ but created an ID at some point so that I could comment on those blogs who use it. I am with you, I have no clue about most of this. I feel bad for those who will have to make a change in order to keep their stuff. Happy that we don't:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Don't worry, Cheri. You don't have google+ -- you are in Blogger. You'll be fine. It's one of those things that if you don't know what they're talking about, you probably don't have it.

    Sending good wishes your way.

  5. I received the same email and when I went to block it, the email address was NOT google, so very likely a scam. Push delete!! Chy

  6. Not sure about the whole Google thing. I hope it's just a scam. I'm also very nontech! I'll continue to say a prayer for your Aunt and Uncle. Take care Cheri.

  7. Google+ is a platform like Facebook. However they can not achive their goals so they are going to close it 2 months later. You are going to lose your Google+ account, not Blogger or any other Google accounts. Only Google+ will be effected!

    So, don't worry!

  8. Losing Google+ will not affect anything to do with your blog. It's just a Google platform that didn't work well, so they are not investing anything else in it. Hugs!

  9. I think you no need to worry.
    Have a great day


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