Sunday, February 10, 2019

All the Colors of the Rainbow

“I prefer living in color.”  --David Hockney

I agree with David…I love color!  I often see magazine pictures of rooms decorated in all white, and though they are beautiful I know I could never live without color.  As a child, when I would color a picture, I made sure to use every single color in the crayon box😊

(My granddaughter asked me recently what my favorite color is.  I told her I really didn’t think I had a favorite because I just love them all.  She pressed me a little further and so I said, “If I just have to choose, I guess it would be red.)

Did you know that the Color of the Year for 2019 is…..

L I V I N G   C O R A L

at least according to the PANTONE COLOR INSTITUTE.  According to their website:
          “The Pantone Color Institute is the business unit within Pantone that highlights top season runway colors, forecasts global color trends, & advises companies on color for product & brand visual identity.  Through seasonal trend forecasts, color psychology, & color consulting, the Pantone Color Institute partners with global brands to leverage the power, psychology, & emotion of color in their design strategy.”      (Whew!  That’s a mouthful!)

About Living Coral Pantone says it “symbolizes our innate need for optimism & joyful pursuits.”  Well, our society right now sure could use a double dose of optimism!  I’m not sure why they chose to name it “living” coral, but Pantone describes this color as “an animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones.”  Coral is not a color I have often worn (I think I have only one thing in my whole closet that color…a sweater), but if I’m going to be on trend this year I guess I’d better go shopping!  I do think coral is a pretty color, but with my hair and skin tone, I would definitely need one of the darker shades….pastels are not my friend.

So…I decided to look around the internet and see what I could find that might inspire us to add at least some shade of coral to our lives.

I really like these pants from Belk…they would look great for spring with a crisp white shirt.  I do love a skinny-leg pant!

This shirt would look great with a pair of white jeans.

And if your favorite fella is into bright colors (like mine), here's something for him.  My hubby loves this type of shirt.

If you aren’t into wearing such a bold color or perhaps think it’s not a “good color” for you, you might try an accessory like these:

New Balance @ Zappos  (New Balance is so comfy!)

One of my favorite color combinations is coral & turquoise, especially in jewelry.  Here are just a couple I’ve drooled over!

Some other coral jewelry you might prefer:

Although I’m really not ready to think “swimsuit” quite yet, this one is really pretty and would look great with a little suntan on your skin…just be sure to wear plenty of


Now for those of you who really do love the look of those white rooms, think how pretty a splash of coral here & there would look!

I absolutely adore this flamingo pillow!!!  Wouldn't it be soooo cute in a sunroom or a beach-side cabin?

Do you have a Yeti yet?  If not, you definitely need to get one.  They are wonderful for keeping your coffee hot on a cold winter day or your favorite summer drink cool and refreshing…for hours.  I wish I had gotten this one, but since they are so expensive I will probably just stick with the one I have.

And for the person who has everything….or is really into the color of the year…you can even get this Kitchen-Aid mixer.  (I think I’ll just stick to my plain white one!)

I love all colors, and each year I look forward to seeing what color Pantone has chosen to whet our colorful appetites.  What is your favorite color?  Do you think you’ll be into Living Coral?

Update on my aunt:  sadly she is no better, basically worse.  She has still not been responsive and things are looking very grim.  I’m just praying that God will have mercy and take her home to be with Him and with her son, her mother & father, and her many siblings there waiting on her.  It has been a very grueling time for my uncle and cousin.  But God is good and His will is to be done in His time…and I trust Him.  Please continue to pray.  You can read my post about this here 


  1. I love coral and in fact am on the search for the perfect coral to paint my bathroom vanity! We shall see...

    1. I think a coral bathroom would be lovely! If you like turquoise they would make a great color combo. You'll have to share pictures:)

  2. I love coral! I have pants in that color, perhaps just like those you show in this post! I would love to have that purse too:) Enjoy your day dear friend, continued prayers for your Aunt. HUGS!

    1. I love a bright colored pant, especially in the spring/summer. I am hoping to find some in petite. Thank you so much for your's a very difficult time for our family.

  3. Coral is one of my favorite colors...I can easily wear it and it doesn't wash out with my skin tone. I love color but am unable to make it work in my home because we move so much. I stay with neutrals and change out my accessories using pops of color. Also, I don't know that I would know how to pull a room together that was full of color since I've had neutrals for so long! :-) Hope you have a great day! Hugs!

  4. I really wish I could live with neutrals!!! It would be fun to change out the pops of color with the seasons/holidays. Next sofa purchase I'm going to do my best to go with a neutral color:)

  5. I love color too!! your coral is very pretty, I also love to shop at Belks, and tj max.
    Prayers for your dear aunt and her family.

  6. Thank you so much for any and all prayers!!! If it weren't for Belk & TJMaxx I probably would have to go naked!!!

  7. I've always associated the color coral with beach themes. I do think it's so pretty and would use it as an accent color. These days rooms are in various shades of gray and that would spark gray up a bit. My sister has always wanted a white color scheme...not me, give me color! Continued prayers for your family.

    1. Yaya, I love coral & gray together in clothing or decorating:) And thank you so much for continued prayers. My aunt has been placed in hospice so it's just a waiting game now. Breaks my heart.

  8. Oh, I'm a red devotee! I love all tones of it, but my favorite is a traditional crimson. Coral is pretty, but it's not really my style. My mom wore it well, but on me, not so much! Funny, I don't really wear red either...I just decorate with it. Sending prayers for your aunt and your family...

    1. Kim, I seem to have trouble finding red things to wear lately, but I do love to wear it. I've always been told it's "my color"...that and black! Thank you so much for your family could sure use them.


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