Monday, October 11, 2010

GA National Fair

On Sunday Mr. Chatter and I went to the GA National Fair.  It was a beautiful day but way too hot.  Fair season is supposed to be cool!  We had fun though in spite of the heat.  We didn't venture on any of the rides but did enjoy the sites...and the food!  (Mr. C. likes to sample as many of the food vendors as possible.)  Somehow though, much of it never tastes as good as you think it's going to.  But there's just something about fair food that makes you want to gourge yourself  eat your fill. 

There was definitely a wide variety of eateries...Chinese, Mexican...and lots of good old American grilled delicacies...

     People were buying these  TURKEY LEGS like they were going out of style tomorrow!

Mr. Chatter finally decided on a grilled pork sandwich and I got a chicken kabob. 

             Then for dessert we shared an awesome
                                 APPLE DUMPLING

from this very quaint looking place...

The GA NATIONAL FAIR has lots of animal exhibits & shows.  Local 4-Hers & FFA members compete for prizes.  We walked through some of the areas and saw goats, cows, & chickens.  They were all top-of-the-line animals with their owners hoping to walk away with a blue ribbon or two, but the buildings were quite "odorous"!

                                      This goat was ready to strut his stuff.

                        These two looked so happy to be cuddling together.
                                     And this one was enjoying a cool bath.
                          The goat in this stall proudly displayed her name!

                       Some of the cows were this one
                       who was ready to participate in the milking exhibition.

                                 Don't these two make a cute pair?

   Her (or his???) face just melted my heart.  Look at those big brown eyes!

In the Poultry House I held a soft baby chick & even got to see some of them being born, pecking themselves out of their shell.  I remember learning that baby chicks have a special "egg" tooth that they do this with.  I had never seen this before.

The RABBITS were my favorite although their cages kept me from getting good pictures.  The lop-eared ones are absolutely precious.

FALL decorations were everywhere!

There were many, many the SCARECROW contest.  Loved these...

Lots of flowers & arrangements that were judged...

Many exhibits of vintage and handmade items....

Isn't this quilt beautiful?  There are so many
wonderfully talented people out there!

SNOOPY  collection???

We passed this trio...think they had just put on some type of show.  Mr. Chatter was all eyes!!!
As I looked across the waterway & took this picture I couldn't help but remember many fairs of days gone by when you could spend just a few dollars and yet have the time of your life...enjoying the rides, the side shows, the carnival games where you hoped you could win a teddy bear but usually got some dinky prize instead...and where you could fill up on corn dogs, candied apples, cotton candy, & popcorn...then go home happy, tired, and possibly with a belly ache that you figured was well worth it! 

              There's nothing like a day at the FAIR.


  1. Oh man that looks like fun!!! Love the vintage displays and I'd LOVE to know the story behind the "trio" ;-)

  2. I've been twice already!!! :)
    I can't wait to go again!! Maybe today... or Thursday. I gotta take my camera and take pictures like you did cause I sure didn't get any this past weekend!!
    Looks like y'all had fun!!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I especially love the cow - I've been known to just stop my car next to a pasture and talk to one if it's close to the fence! And I agree that it's supposed to be cool for fairs!

  4. i have never been to this fair. looks pretty good. our local fair isn't fair. rose

  5. What a nice relaxing day for you, Cheri! haha. I do love fairs though, and haven't been to one for years. They sure do bring back wonderful memories!

  6. Oh how fun! I love fairs but agree with you that it is supposed to be cool! I just said to my husband that I expected it to be a little cooler here and didn't bring enough shorts! Have a blessed day my friend and many hugs!

  7. Oh I do love a fair! Funny how there is a common theme all over the world. My favorite was the Little River A&P (agricultural and pastoral) on the Banks Peninsular,NZ.
    Cheri, we did retrieve the computer before it reached the bottom of the lake and will get the news on it tomorrow. I think we have decided to buy a new one, v. lightweight that we can take on our travels. I'll keep you posted.

  8. I missed our fair this year, but your tour was just like going to ours! I laughed when I saw the apple dumpling because Jack and I always share one when we go! Some years the fair is hot and dry and some years the kiddos are wearing snow suits! Glad you had a good time!

  9. That is the biggest fair I've ever seen! Our MO State Fair isn't that large and diverse! It looks like a place I'd love to visit.....and I would definitely have to have one of those apple dumplings all to myself! :)

  10. Thank you soooo much for following Boston Bee! You have a great blog and I am your newest follower! I feel like I went to the fair with you! That is theee cutest apple dumpling stand I have ever seen! Looks like you had a GREAT day! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  11. been there once! yay!

    fair food, fun, farm animals -- so much fun.

  12. I do love fairs. We missed ours this year too busy with other things and the first thing we knew, it was over. :(

    You will enjoy working with CSN stores...they are so nice, have good products and FAST on delivery. Very nice online store...

  13. thanks for your sweet comment on my post re listening. i try to be considerate and aware of people's struggles and be a helper. have a good evening. rose

  14. This fair looks like a lot of fun, with interesting exhibits and good food! I like the "eat dessert first" philosophy!

  15. HI Cheri,
    I love the fair pics! We go to the MN. State Fair every summer! It's closer to us than the Wisc. State fair and we make it a tradition!
    I grew up as a 4-H member so I have lots of great memories of the fair!
    Hugs and Great Post!

  16. Coming back by this morning to say HI...and to ask if peanuts are actually put into water and boiled. I've heard of these...just never tried them. Out here, we eat parched peanuts, which is simply...they are put into the oven for about 20 minutes and roasted.:)

  17. Oh I agree! The fair is always so much fun. Your fair looks a lot like our fair - they must be similar the whole nation over. I can almost smell those grilled turkey legs.

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog! That quilt at the fair is beautiful. Looks like you had a great day. Our state fair is in August and it is always so hot it's ridiculous.

  19. How fun was this? We just had our local County Fair. Once again - no time. I just fall in love with all the animals. And you got to see baby chicks peck their way out to this world! How awesome is that?
    My problem is, I fell in love - head over heels in love - with that ADORABLE cow. Her big brown eyes . . . oh my stars. My life would be fabulous if I had a little farm, one of two of those babies to milk by hand every morning and evening (course I've never had to do it before - I think I would like it!) Maybe some chickens . . . I wouldn't want the cow to get lonely or anything.
    OK< I've ventured way off track here. But those EYES!!!! Sigh.
    Have a great day and I so loved this post!
    :) Karen


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