Friday, October 29, 2010

Cigar Box Swap

I'm linking up with Karen @ Some Days are Diamonds for her Cigar Box Swap reveal.  This was my first swap of this kind and I was very nervous because I'm not nearly so creative as many bloggers out there.  But I had fun and met a great new blogger friend:  Cindy @ Applestone Cottage.
Karen's directions were to:
     *decorate the box and fill it with fall items
     *keep it a secret until the big reveal (which is today)

Well.....I didn't exactly follow directions:(  Sorry, Karen!
First of all, I was having difficulty finding any fall things that really "spoke" to me....and the fact that Cindy had mentioned she liked cottage-y things did speak to me!  So instead of doing as I was told to do, I did here.

Secondly, I got sort of mixed up and had my own reveal awhile back!  (as you saw above if you clicked on my link).
Karen, I am sooooo sorry!  I tend to read directions too quickly and carelessly sometimes.  Anyway...everything is just fine and my partner and I made our swap and sweet Cindy sent me this....

I love all things cherry so Cindy covered my box with cherry fabric and topped it off with a cute button that says TEACHERS HAVE CLASS...(yes, we do!)  Then she filled it with some really cute things including scrapbook supplies, a cute kitchen towel, some old postcards, and a pin cushion made from a cute white pitcher, all of which I know I will enjoy.
Next time, I promise to read directions carefully...and follow them.  Thanks, Karen & Cindy, for all the fun!


  1. Cute! What a fun swap to participate in!

  2. And girl you are a

    I love the cherry is so you!! The pin cushion is so unique.

    I saw what you gave Cindy. Awesome shopping you did!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

    Okay..did you get my email today? I am so bad. lol

  3. Cherry you did a great job and I think you're very creative and talented! This was my first swap of this kind and really didn't know if I was doing it right...
    Your Sori Sister is amazing and treated you very well! Enjoy!

  4. What a great box - looks like she got your personality down - how fun!

  5. Hi Cheri!
    Thanks for dropping by!! Cindy is a sweetie! I love how she decorated your box! Also, all your little goodies were wonderful! What fun! Hugs!

  6. Hi Cheri,
    I am sitting in a hotel lobby on their computer so I could come check out some of the swaps!
    I am so happy you like yours and of course the point was we had fun!!!
    I sure do love mine!
    It looks so cute in my little blue bedroom and I have the birdhouse and seashells in there as well!

  7. Well you AND Cindy did a wonderful job on your cigar boxes! I love them both! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday, a little chilly here this morning:) but it feels great! HUGS!

  8. I agree you both did a fabulous job ! ...but to think you didn't follow directions tsk tsk tsk
    You need a time out to play some more.


  9. You are so CUTE! I just had to give you a little bit of hard time! :)
    I just love Cindy - I can't wait to see her in January when she travels out to AZ and I drive over there too.
    You guys did so good! For first time swappers - I think everything is fabulous!I can see you guys doing it again and again. I love the snooping and spying part! And now you have a new friend, which is what it was all about! Friendships!
    have a wonderful weekend! Karen

  10. Well that box is just too cute. and perfect for you! How nice to have someone who hit the mark perfectly!

  11. This is so much fun seeing what everyone has created and swapped! Adorable :)

    Happy Fall ♥

  12. Hi Cheri, nice to meet you, love love love your swap and she did a great job,the best part of swaps is making new friends!Have a great weekend and blessed week ahead..

  13. Hello! You must be a fellow teacher too! What do you teach and how long have you been doing it? I love the cherry design on the box, it's too cute!

  14. Don't fret about the swap directions...cause I just couldn't cover my partner's cigar box! I'm a collage artist and love multi-media art but the box was so darn beautiful and an antique one that I just couldn't do But I filled it full and made the gifts all personal and that is what really counts ;) Thanks for stopping by and saying hi and entering my giveaway. Fondly, Roberta

  15. I thought about participating but I chickened out ~ you did great!!! Maybe next time I'll play too. Give me a shout if you guys to it again.

    p.s. - my mom gave me one of those perms too - it's one of my worst childhood memories......and you're right - I had the same expression on my face in the picture my mom took as Jackson has on his.....:-(

  16. Hello! I found your adorable blog (and followed it!) through the Welcome Wagon. Though I just moved with my husband to MS a few months ago, I grew up on a farm in southern GA! Can't wait to read through your blog some more.



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