Saturday, October 9, 2010

Caught Up...for the moment!

Whew!  I think I am finally caught up on my To Do List
*The wedding shower for my very special friend went really well with a houseful of guests and many lovely gifts. 
*Completed my CIGAR BOX SWAP project.  I was partnered with Cindy from Applestone Cottage.  This is what I sent her...I cheated though.  It was supposed to be a "fall" theme but that just wasn't working for me.  Since Cindy loves the cottage-look I wanted to go more in that direction plus I wanted to send some things for the new grandbaby....

and this is what she sent me.  Don't know how she managed to do all this since her daughter just presented Cindy with her first grandchild...a beautiful little girl named Addison.  Cindy definitely put some thought into this and came up with lots of things I like, including old post cards!  These were mailed in 1933!  Thank you, Cindy, for being my partner...I didn't know a cigar box could be so much fun!

*Finished fall decorating in time for the shower.

*Finished a scrapbook project I was working on, did some mentoring, added a new job for next semester, went to my reunion as well as several parties & showers, baked two cakes...and even managed to get in a little sleep (although not much)!
Whew....I'm tired!  But I love getting things accomplished!  Tomorrow we are going to the fair for the afternoon and take a little R&R (rest & relaxation).  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.   


  1. The cigar boxes both turned out beautifully!
    I LOVE your Fall decor for the shower, I can almost hear the crunch of the fallen leaves and smell the aroma of Pumpkin Pie...
    It's always nice to make progress on the to-do list... off to work on crossing some items off of mine! have a great day!

  2. I love your fall table and hat's off to you to have finished your to do list!!! Mine just keeps getting longer and longer.

    Now here is my question. Do you think men make to do lists? I attended a seminar recently and I notices several women around me making notes. When I got up to go for a beverage, I noticed that two of those writing were making their lists!!! I didn't spot a single man making notes and it got me thinking. I know my husband has a to do list - I make it for him. Neither of my sons make such lists....hmmmm.

  3. Girl, you HAVE been busy! Love your cigar boxes both given and received:) Sweet goodies inside! Your FALL decorations are so beautiful! I hope you get some rest and enjoy this gorgeous Sunday! HUGS!

  4. are getting there. But, I must say, even reading your list fills me with anxiety and instant tiredness. What a gorgeous fall table, Cheri, you are a wiz

  5. Good grief, girl! Slow down!

    Very cute and clever cigar boxes inside and out, and your fall decorations are very eye-catching and in the spirit of things. I can hardly wait to see what you do for Halloween to please the grandkids!

  6. you are mrs speed demon. boy! that's alot of running around. nice items for exchange. i don't now have a problem with holding back tears. in my earlier years, i did. take care. rose

  7. To answer JoJo's, I don't think I've ever seen a man make a list. My principal used to make a few notes but not sure he ever looked back at them!!! Like your husband, my hubby often has a TO DO list....that I make for him!!!!! I even put a little blank space beside each item so he can check them off when completed!!!!

  8. Wow, I thought my weekend was crazy busy, now I feel like a slacker. Beautiful decorating! I'm glad you could accomplish all you planned!

  9. I just adore my box Cheri!
    So pretty, and the sweet things inside!
    I love your awesome decor for Autumn too, the plates are just wonderful!


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