Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Week with the Grands

The grandkids have been with me most all week because the sitter who is helping us this summer has been on vacation.  I try to keep them entertained and help them have some fun when they are here, but it gets challenging at times.  I stayed with my grandmother a lot when I was growing up since my mother worked out of town.  Although I loved my grandmother I really didn't enjoy staying with her that much.  She was a self-imposed shut-in and mostly laid in her daybed each and every day...not much fun for a young child.  I had to find things to entertain myself and I was often quite unhappy.  I want my grandkids to grow up and remember fun times with me and so I'm constantly trying to think of new things to do.  In a small town it can be challenging!  Today we spent the afternoon swimming in a friend's pool but yesterday we went on a picnic to a nearby park.  It's a very small park with a very small playground and a very short nature trail, but the kids had fun so that's what counts.  Here are some pics of our day...enjoy!

Children are a gift from God

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