Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Name is....and I'm Addicted to....


I have a few many....but don't we all?
My favorites are those put out by churches and organizations where the local cooks and bakers share their tried-and-true recipes.  I always wonder if the recipe is a family favorite or one passed down from a grandmother or even great-grand.  I am also constantly amazed at how often the same recipe is added to, subtracted from...ingredients substituted...names changed...which leads to the question:  which one to try?
Show me any church cookbook and I'll show you a dozen different ways to prepare CHICKEN PIE!

A few of my recipes can be found in some of them too!

Another wonderful thing about locally produced cookbooks is that they generally are not expensive at the money goes for a good cause.  I can never resist buying the latest one that's sold by church folks, school band members, or other charitable organizations.

Some are looking rather shabby  well-loved.  Just proves I do use them!
This was my first cookbook...I received it when I first got married.  I don't know what I would have done without it.  Great information in addition to some simple recipes.
I couldn't cook much when we first got married.  Poor J had to eat a lot of hot dogs in those days.

Do you have any of PAULA DEEN's cookbooks?
These are wonderful and full of delicious southern recipes.  However, before you buy you should know that Paula does love her butter.  Her recipes will make you smack your lips, but don't expect not to add a few inches to your waistline if you aren't careful!

These are some of my favorites but I try not to use them too much.  I can gain five pounds just looking through them!

I also love cute recipe cards!  I like to match the graphic to the recipe.  (I know...I'm a little much at times!)  I don't always use these but often write favorite recipes on them to share with friends.

Aren't these cute?  I need to send them to
SWEET  BEE @ Sweet Bee Cottage
(You can find many free & cute cards by searching the internet.)

Awhile back I participated in a KITCHEN SWAP
organized by my good friend Cindy over at 
Rick-Rack and Gingham 
and SWEET BEE was my partner.  She sent me these yummy recipes.
Sweet Bee is so creative!
Can't wait to try this one.  Kaluha and chocolate...what's not to love????

A few months ago I spent hours and hours organizing all my loose recipes (gathered from family, friends, magazines, blogs, etc.)  I had hundreds of them! 
I organized them in photo albums but I'm not really happy with these.  They are lacking the cute factor.  This was a huge task so may have to leave them as is.
Last summer my MIL gave me a special gift...many recipes that had been collected by both J's grandmothers.  I love that some are in their own handwriting.  Unfortunately neither grandmother cared a hoot about organizing them!
After I finished my project I promised myself I wouldn't collect any more recipes!  Oops...guess that promise is broken.  I'm off to do a little lot more filing!  Any recipes you want to share?

By the way:  there's another CSN giveaway over at
But PLEASE don't enter...I want a better chance of winning...just kidding..
well, actually I'm not!

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