Thursday, October 4, 2018


Is it really already OCTOBER???  Where has this year gone?  Seems like only yesterday I was watching that glittery ball drop to welcome in the NEW YEAR!  I honestly don’t know how I made it all those years of working.   RETIREMENT seems to keep me very busy.
So what have I been doing lately?  (Definitely not writing much on my blog…because there just hasn’t been time!)            I have been…

*GOING TO CHEER COMPETITIONS with our granddaughter (3 Saturdays in a row)

*GOING TO THE GYM (I finally lost another 2 lbs. after being stuck at a brick wall for awhile😊

*RUNNING TAXI SERVICE for the two grands!

*TEACHING SUNDAY SCHOOL while our usual teacher is out of town.


*REORGANIZING my CRAFT AREA…that’s been a chore and a half!

*FALL CLEANING…going through every closet, drawer, & cabinet & decluttering. 

*HELPING A FRIEND who is going through a difficult time.


*And for my hubby...COOKING & LAUNDRY...he likes to eat & have clean clothes:) 

Life, please slow down!  My grandbabies are growing up so fast (now 15 and 12)…AND I still have a lot I want to accomplish in this lifetime!!!  Why is it that when you are a child a year seems like an eternity but the older you get the faster time seems to fly by? 

So...what have you been doing with your time?  Hope you are enjoying life!


  1. Oh my goodness I can completely relate! I remember thinking summers were never ending when i was a kid and now they go by in a flash. Summers have always been important to me as I worked in a school district for years and I loved spending time with my kids and we all complained when summer was over. Now I'm retired and I seem to be busier than ever. Your actives are wonderful as there is nothing like being with the grandchildren and they are so lucky to have you involved in their activities and lives, but yes, tell them to slow down and quit growing up so fast. Mine are 5 year old twin boys and they just started kindergarten. The house chores are never ending it seems when the laundry basket fills as fast as you can empty's never really done. You are a very caring lady and your friend is a lucky girl to have you helping out when she needs you. Cleaning and reorganizing seems is one of the things I need to tackle. Not the basic cleaning but the cleaning after the reorganizing...I've got closets that need attention! Good for you for going to the gym! Keep it up!!! I'm so glad I happened upon your blog! Take care and have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you for coming by to chat. I went to your blog and left a comment. Please do come back any time:)

  2. Oh I love decluttering, it makes me feel so accomplished. I try to do it often so that it never gets ahead of me.

    I've had Grandmother duty the past couple of days myself with our 2 Granddaughters, 3 & 9 years old. Sweet times.

    Yes, time is flying by and I try hard to make every day count. Have a great weekend!

    1. It really is amazing how refreshing decluttering can be! When we down-sized my MIL (who had saved literally EVERYTHING) I came to the realization that I didn't want our son to have to deal with that! So I try to keep things pared down. He will still have a LOT to deal with but it's much better than it used to be:) Enjoy every minute with those grandbabies.

  3. Cheri, those are such wonderful things to be keeping you busy! Just look at all the good things you are doing for others. I am busy all the time too. One thing I'm working on is making sure there are days that I don't leave the house. That seems so rare!

    1. Oh I know! The only place I went today was for my morning walk and then rode to post office with hubby (because he asked:) Now that he is retired, it's a little harder to find ME TIME, but he has Hump Night with my son and the guys once a week...yea!!!

  4. I feel the same way about time flying by. My grands are all getting too big AND I have a 3 month old GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTER:) I have SO much more that I want to accomplish in my lifetime too! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Hey!!! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...yes, I think once we realize the value of good girlfriends...we never look back. Mine have saved many a day for me. Sounds like you understand!!

  6. I'm still working so add that along with life's every day activities and I'm bushed by the end of the day! I'm looking forward to ending the work thing, hopefully, at the end of next year. I read somewhere that time seems to fly as we age because we already experienced many of the same day to day things and in our brain the days do seem to go faster. Hmmm...anyway, have a great week!


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