Saturday, September 22, 2018


That’s what F A L L  is made of😊

At least to me, it’s not F A L L without the taste of pumpkin and the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, & cloves.  And how I do love a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!  (Of course, right now in my neck of the woods it’s still in the high 90s and the last thing I’m thinking of is drinking something hot!)

However, I have “visions of sugarplums (pumpkins, colored leaves, scarecrows, long-sleeves, cowboy boots, & plowed-up peanut fields) dancing in my head.  I am SOOOO over summer and wishing I would wake up one morning soon with the smell & feel of 
F A L L in the air!  F A L L is definitely my favorite time of year, even though it doesn’t really get cool here until later.  But the sights & smells and just the feeling of a new FALL season sure can set my heart aflutter. 

Since I can’t really “experience” any of my autumn joys right yet, I thought I would share some things I’ve found around the net that have me drooling.  Plus…all these ideas look so easy that I think even I can pull them off! 

Mums are beginning to pop up on porches and steps around here…although I do fear the awful heat wave we’ve been having will dampen their spirits.  I plan to wait awhile before purchasing mine, but isn’t this plastic hanging-basket makeover just adorable.  It looks rather simple to make but just adds a punch and certainly looks better than plain plastic!

I’m also thinking of FINALLY trying my hand at chalk painting Mason Jars.  And I love, love BURLAP.  Wouldn’t these be so “FALLish” on a mantle or entryway table?

I like to decorate my (big) porch for the seasons, and these pillows would really dress up our swing.  In fact, I have some cheap inexpensive green pillows I bought at Wal-Mart awhile back, already have the burlap ribbon & leaves…so I’m set to go with this one!

I also have most of the makings for this idea…at least as soon as I go to our church and pick up a bunch of acorns.  So easy, but again so FALLish!  And if it’s inspired by POTTERY BARN you know the original was e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e!

And this idea is very similar…you can buy really nice looking glass containers at the DOLLAR TREE.

“Rustic” decorating just seems (to me) to go along with F A L L and this old chair with the pumpkin would be so inviting on my side porch.  There’s nothing that says “Fall Y'all” more than PUMPKINS😊   

I went for my yearly mammo (don’t forget to get yours😊) last week and “just happened” to drop by HOBBY LOBBY.  Their candlesticks and lanterns were on half-price (yes!!!), so of course, I couldn’t pass up a good sale. I plan to use this idea (but my lantern is waaayyy cuter!) It will look great alongside the wooden candlesticks on my mantle.

I could share LOTS more but don’t want this post to get too long.  Hopefully cool weather will grace us very soon and I can use all these ideas I’ve been collecting.  In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the anticipation of things to come….

falling leaves
yellow mums
apple cider
cool, crisp air
fall festivals
simmering spices
the smell of turned-up peanuts
& (of course)...

What is your favorite thing about FALL?


  1. Cheri, we live in Texas and fall is just an idea here. :) No really, we have fall but it's nothing like the idyllic images we all love. Fall just means the days are shorter and a little less hot here. We do love football!!

    1. Here in GA we get FALL "some" years. By the time it's really set in though it seems Winter shows up!!! We do fake it though and decorate to the hilt:)

  2. We are supposedly going to have some fall temps this next week and I can hardly wait. I have my fall decor out but don't do a whole lot anymore, just a few touches here and there. Always fun to stop by.

    1. Thank you SO much for dropping by! I am really itching to decorate, especially my porch, but it's been so danged hot I hate to crawl into the attic to get out the decorations!!! It's even too hot up there now for the squirrels:) But maybe Fall will arrive sooner than later...sure hope so.

  3. Happy Fall to you! You have the spirit now I hope Mother Nature gets on board with you and brings a cool breeze by! Our temps finally fell along with the humidity and I'm a happy gal. I love this time of year and going to the festivals and just all the decorations that are so colorful. I'm getting all ready for the season! Have a good week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Yaya! Hope you have an awesome week too. Enjoy some of that fall weather for me cause looks like it's still going to be awhile for us!!

  4. I have done ZERO Fall decorating, you inspire me:) My tubs are still in the attic and I must get up there to retrieve them. It would be easy to go buy new stuff but that's not gonna happen. I love your pictures and those jars with burlap are too cute:) Enjoy your day my friend, hoping for some cooler weather this week. HUGS!

    1. I crawled into my VERY HOT attic today and pulled down my tubs. Also been cleaning out closets, drawers, & a decluttering frenzy!!! Even with AC I was drenched!! SO READY FOR FALL!!!!!!


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